Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saturday Morning with Sabrina

I don't even fight it anymore. No matter what time I go to bed on Friday. I am up before 8 on Saturday. And I mean wide awake, can't stay in bed, "up".

My Winter Saturdays always look a little different, but in general they are peaceful....and I love that!
Waking up early in prayer and meditation, paves the way for the start of an incredible day. Literally, no one but my daddy wants calls or texts, early on Saturday. So prayer, and blogging and writing in my journal allow me to get some communication time. I am a big communicator, I know you probably had not noticed that:)

A cup of tea is great for me! My mama started me on fruit flavored hot tea back in highschool....and years later it is my "thing". I can't get it together every morning...but Saturday...always!

I usually piddle around for a while, try to find the most comfortable outfit in my closet, then head to the grocery store. I fill up the car, and all of those small Saturday errands. And then it's like 10:00 and I am home and ready for a nap! I know, I know! It does not even make sense to people. Why not sleep in and then just power through the day? At this point it is a habit, and my quiet way of starting up for Saturday works for me.

If I am being super productive, I get some housework done. Laundry and such.
I love Saturday mornings, getting to let the mind wander and dream. Do you have any time where it is so quiet and free that your mind can dream? It's glorious! Dreaming is not just for children, and my dreams and hopes and wishes are some beautiful, unique things.
Have a most wonderful Saturday!
Time Stamp: 8:17 (see I told ya!)