Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Tunes

It's Friday and I am going to see Melanie today! Here is a  pretty and delicate song for the weekend! Peace! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reads Update

Thanks to Pinterest I have been cooking and crafting more!
This is something I definitely enjoy.

But what about reading? I love to read, and I have not blogged about it here we go.

Over the Christmas break I was bound and determined to finish this book.
I am so, so glad that I did. This tongue in cheek look at straight up Biblical living (mainly Old Testament) in modern times was funny, and interesting all tied up together. I don't think it's a read for everyone....but I thoroughly enjoyed taking this journey along with the author.

I have also committed myself to read The Hunger Games. My friend is obsessed (in a good way) and she is not going to let me off the hook on this one. We shall see how it goes. If you don't know this already, I am a fan of lite reading fare. The escapism of fluff writing makes me smile. The Hunger Games is not fluff. I will report back.

Currently, I am reading this book.

And though I am neither M or W, I am a female so there are some shared perspectives. Now, I hesitate to recommend this book. One minute I am enjoying the research that is presented on friendships etc. Then the next the author will write something that I find strangely off-putting and snobby. But I can't seem to stop reading it, so I guess that is saying something. Maybe I should have one of those DVD disclaimers.....Just because I am reading this book and featuring it on my blog, does not mean that it represents my personal feelings, or experiences. There, I am sure you are just panting to read it now;)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Now is the Time

I remember talking to my grandma back in December. She reminded me in her special way, that you should start now what you wanted to be doing during the New Year. I love that idea, and agreed completely with her!

Now is the Time. For what? Everything.

Of course for some things we must wait.....and I bet you already know what those things are.
*This a post for me....talking to myself. But you just never know when someone else needs to hear the same thing you need to hear. We people are much more alike and inter-related than we believe.

Now is the Time to make healthy choices. If you need to work on some things the doctor said, then today is the time to get to the gym or get outside and out the chair.

Now is the Time to cut back. If you need to look at your finances carefully, then today is the day to spend less, spend wisely....and find a local Dave Ramsey class.

Now is the Time to spend time with friends. Day trips to Atlanta, phone chats, and movies. Friends are a blessing and taking time to be with them is so, so important.

Now is the Time to know what you want from life. Each day we get a little older, and it seems to work out best when we have direction and goals.

Now is the Time to relax. Feeling stressed, lost, and unconnected, find moments and make moments to be still and observe the parts of life that are truly the stars, and the cool breeze.

Now is the Time to laugh. I think not laughing makes you older quicker. So find laughter, and find people who turn the smile into laughter and then hang out with them and let loose.

Now is the Time to write. Maybe you feel stuck, or restless. Writing can take all of those feelings and get them out of your head and onto tangible paper.....which is probably the first step towards getting unstuck.

Now is the Time to end this post. Because it is Sunday evening and I did not get my nap. Have a blessed week!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A little Courage

I have a sweet and wonderful best friend. We met at FSU, and I truly believe God bought us together to be friends. And I am so thankful for that!

Why do I mention my friend? Well this week....well technically in the next 11 days she needs some courage. And really I could say "Don't we all".

But in particular this friend has some questions, and now is the time for some answers. But it takes courage to ask....and courage is like a fleeting bird sometimes.

A little courage can sometimes be a tall order. Websters says that courage is "mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty". In this case, my friend has some fears to face....not danger. Thank Goodness. In Hebrew, courage means "to show oneself strong". I really like the sound of that. The Bible mentions courage 74 times! Pretty cool. 

I think that courage will come when we ask for it in faith. I believe in my friend and know that sooner or later her courage will be rewarded. It is never easy to step outside of our comfort zone. But there is a whole life to be lived out there.....beyond the limits that we place on ourselves.

My friend have courage. My friend be bold. It's all for a good there really is no reason to fear.
And if for some reason something bad happens or you receive news that is not encouraging...well I will make a friendship pledge to support you through a towering Ghirardelli ice cream concoction the next time I am in your town;) Why? Because I love you that much....and ice cream shared among friends minimizes troubles!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Tunes

Thank Goodness for Pandora.....which continues to expose me to new music that I end up liking!

Here is 2 Cello's version of Use Somebody. Sigh....makes me wish I could play an instrument. I guess it's never too late to start....maybe. Have a blessed Friday!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Memories on my Desk

The plethora of people in my life are represented on my desk. It's kinda amazing that in the clutter there are reminders of years and people and places.

A note taped to the upper ledge shows me baby names I enjoy (I have no use at all for them at this time...but there they remain). You wanna know a few?...OK! Shea, Harmony, Davis, William, and Ruby are on my list.

I also have my 2011 goals staring me in the face. Yep, I need to update them....right now my 2012 goals and prayer requests are in my prayer journal (a birthday gift from Julie)

Back in the right corner is a Vera Bradley note cube from one of my former students.

There is the eclectic, 4 seasons charger that I made with Stacey. Next to it is a beautiful, free lamp from Marian.

There is also a pouch of my favorite game (Bananagrams) laying next to a camera of undeveloped memories.

I have blank cards and flash drives, and digital voice recorders all scattered around.

There is this laptop that I purchased out of money from my summer camp job.

Goodness, just by writing this I realize that this desk has some serious character. In fact the desk itself was given to me by Katy and Chris as they got ready to leave for NYC.

Of course there are books....mostly graduate textbooks, but not all.

There are stamps for letters to those I love. And a birthday gift from Annie that reminds me to "Choose Joy".

I kinda love how without trying I was reminded how connected my life is to others. No matter where I go or end up....I can carry memories with me!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Joy of Books

Happy weekend!!!

Have you seen The Joy of Books video? No, well please see it below. You know I love to read. And this quaint little homemade gem made me smile:) It's a looooong weekend and I am plenty thankful for that! Happy reading. (Right now I am reading MWF seeking BFF it's just OK and Lady in Waiting which is awesome!).

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Tunes

I fell in love with this song during a 4th of July trip to our nations's capital. That was in 2009. Then when I saw this video of Coldplay's AOL live session I see that the song came out back in 2003. That is the year I graduated from high school! Good grief, how I missed this song I will never know, but I am happy to have discovered it years later and now to share it even more years later;)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Beep, Beep, Beep.....have you ever heard the sound of a large truck backing up? Usually it is ear piercing, so that no one gets run over or some other accident.

Well today I gave myself permission to unload (see earlier truck reference) my schedule a bit. Yeah, even though I had some plans made and a kind of vision for this term. I needed to unload. And instead of just working ahead like a steam engine and then wearily returning home each night...I decided to purposefully take a break. Amen for that.

I am not talking about anything drastic. I just dropped one class, that was an elective. But do you know I still struggled with that choice? Like my Internship supervisor told me, my real struggle was what I was going to think about myself because I dropped the class. She was right, and that right there is some deep stuff.

This is the semester of graduation.....and one of the best things I can do for myself, besides getting healthier, is learning how to have a manageable schedule. And that is my job, because as a member of the "Yes I Can Club" I am the one who makes choices to overextend myself. Another pearl of wisdom from my supervisor is that when you do things well and they look like they come easy to you, well others are not going to know when to help you, or give you a break. So for my personality type I have to be able to ask for help and say No. That is going to play a major part in sustaining me through the years.

Unloading: A poem of sorts by a non-poet (me)
hectic, busy, frustrated, intense
swirling feelings crop up as day in and out
she works, and works, and works even more.
It is not a bad thing. Well, maybe, just maybe it is.
Listen to the others in your life. Look at their examples and then select carefully.
Turn down the noise. Slow down the steps. Think clearly.
Unloading.....she drops a few packages here and there
the very best part
She is better for her efforts.
She is better for her efforts.

Monday, January 9, 2012

I need to dream office

Here is one thing I am finding out. I can't get too much schoolwork done in my apartment.
Could it be the fact that my desk is literally inches from my TV?
Maybe it's the limited natural light that peeks through the blinds?
I wonder if it's my cramped desk a.k.a dining room table for 1?

Whatever it might be, this I know. I can't do too much school related thinking at my place. Thank goodness for 2 Story coffee shop, and the Miller Learning Center, and my jobs.
Otherwise yours truly might be having to add an extra semester on to her graduate degree;)

When I get a larger space here are some things I want to have in my home office. Because right now I lack them and I want to be able to be more productive at home:

I want a bookcase. Papers tumbling and perched on top of binders and books just won't cut it.

I want a roomy desk, and a new office chair. Mine have passed the test of time. And they are begging to be replaced. I hear their pleas!

I want better speakers. I can get a lot done through the power of Pandora radio.....and better speakers would spread the music I love more equally throughout my space.

Some personal touches would help. They might get me to want to spend more time in the office.

That's about it. I think my list is manageable and efficient, kinda like me!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

In 2012.....

In December 2010 I wrote this about what I thought might happen in 2011. Like all predictions, some things occurred (new babies and new relationships to name a few) and some things didn't (getting more in shape and better financial responsibility to name a few more).

Since, it's still the start of this new year, I wanted to take some moments and think about some of the things that might and hopefully will happen in 2012 for myself and those I love.

* Graduation with my Masters degree in Professional School Counseling; and certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy
*Finding a permanent/full time job (in an elementary school) in Metro Atlanta (I hope!)
*Getting started on my personal goal of settling down and all that this goal encompasses
*Friends and family I know will have babies, and begin new relationships, and get engaged, and maybe get married,and some might beak-up
*Family time in March including a new member on the scene, Melanie's boyfriend!
*Moving out of this temporary place, that has become my Athens home
*Conquering some health struggles, and getting fit
*Living out my 2012 goal of Positive Growth, and Helping More (just a note: When you ask to find ways to help more....well just be prepared because you will start to notice a plethora of things)
*People that I know and love will pass away or suffer through illness
*My first cruise
*Other assorted trips and travels and general good times with those I love
*Turning 27 and continued growth into the Godly woman I want to be (with all of it's ups and downs)

I'll end this up with the same words I used last year.
Now with all of that said I will say this.....2012 is a completely unknown entity. Sure, I know some things but they are so tiny compared to what I have no idea about. The key is to hold fast to God, have faith and grace, love my family and friends, and be the very best Sabrina Maude Stewart that I can be.....that should not be too hard ( I am kidding) it will probably take me 365 days to kind of get it right!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Tunes: Melanie

A new year, and a whole bunch of Fridays in which to share more tunes!

My dear sister Ms. Melanie recommended this song. She loves Christina Perri and I admit I like her "moody" voice.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Not this Time

When I left Tallahassee back in 2010 there is one thing that I look back on now and notice. In fact it kind of hits me right between the eyes and reminds me that life and change happens to us all.

In the midst of a move, and starting and endings, I realize now that in one area I was very naive. Let's see...I was 25 at the time. But I still know now that I had completely unrealistic expectations for my long distance friendships. Thank Goodness I can get that huge rock off of my chest.

I really just did not keep it in my mind that my relationships with many of my Tallahassee friends would change. That they would have to. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, I did not even think about this fact. And in the end I let myself (me taking full ownership for my actions and reactions) be hurt more than a few times. I have grown from it however, and learned, and things are better in the end it all worked out, as it always does.


This year another change is coming. I am pretty sure another move is coming as well.....and I am not going to repeat history. I just don't think I and my heart can let it happen again. I am human and I don't handle hurt and disappointment well at all. Shocking surprise I know;)  This time around I am going to carefully and I pray wisely acknowledge both the strengths and weaknesses between my GA friends and myself. I won't wait until I am sitting at graduation to realize that the cohort I love is disbanding. That the wave of life is taking me and my friends farther apart both in distance and experiences. No, not this time.

It can be different if I will just give myself time. There does not have to be a burden attached to times of transition. I can own up to my clingy flaws and try to look at the reality of the situation. In these days of media, and quick everything, most people my age don't call. They text, or email, or whatever. I will have to decide if I will be the friend who continues to keep in touch, because after a while that gets to be too hard. And people begin to rely on it and one day you jolt to the realization that for every 8 attempts at communication you only get 2 or 3 responses. (Is that pitiful? Does it hint at even deeper problems? No time to go into all of that at the moment.) Or if I will just bloom wherever I am planted next, and always look back fondly at the two years I have spent here in Athens.

Lots of things to think about as the months progress. Where do you draw the line between safety and rejection? What does friendship look and sound like for a single girl in her late 20's who is living sort of far from her home? Am I more resilient than I give myself credit for? I am placing two feet very shakily on this path that encompasses hundreds of steps. We shall see how it turns out.

Monday, January 2, 2012


It's one of the first evenings of this year 2012 and I am back in Athens. I really love this town when it is know the peace of things when the students are not back in full force.

After a loud, full, and fabulous vacation.....I am back to my quiet, small, graduate student apartment. I think it will take me a bit to adjust. I don't hear any "house" sounds, like my daddy watching old westerns. Or my mama chopping veggies in the kitchen, or Melanie reading me funny text messages and Facebook updates.


All good things must come to an end, or they would become normal, and we would not appreciate them so much. But I am a little sad to see my time in Florida go bye-bye. The plan is to visit again in March so that makes me smile.

This evening, well this evening is the perfect  time for unpacking, comfort food, making plans and a smidgen of wishing:) It's a good evening to be with myself and meditate on a New Year and the things I need versus the things I want. Night!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Undiscovered Places

What a mysterious title. I wonder just what will I delve into, when I bring up the idea of undiscovered places?

I was sitting around with my family, just spending time together, not doing much. And it made me think as I sat and giggled at my mama's pantomime poem about a tree......there are undiscovered dynamics even within the family that I love so much. As I grow up I see, hear, and experience even more with my family of four. It is interesting and overall a good thing. Signs of growth and change if you will.

Then my mind jumped to what undiscovered places are there within me? Really, what is there that resides in me that has yet to be tested or displayed? I am only 26. I have a lot of life left, hopefully. What traits and characteristics are laying dormant in my life? That really is an intriguing thought.

I am sure there are both positive and not so positive undiscovered places in myself. I guess, at this start of a new year I am thinking about what might occur in 2012 that might show me more of myself.  I am sure that I will share some of that here with you long as I am aware of the changes myself.