Saturday, November 29, 2014

More Thanks (Ending up a grand month)

Today is November 29th, and I can't really account for all of the time that has flown by this year! 2015 is getting ready to begin, and I am excited!

November has grown my heart and spirit in gratitude. So, mission accomplished:)
This season will always be special to me. A perfect blend of weather, food, family, and friends. The experiences of Fall and soon Winter seem to be right on point every year.....they never disappoint, or maybe in truth, I refuse to be disappointed during these times.

Looking back over this week.....sigh:) SO much goodness and SO many things to be thankful for.
* Of course, there was Thanksgiving with my parents and the Lee's! It was so wonderful, and the growth of my little family literally warms my heart. Hosting my loved ones in the town I love and my new home was so comfy. The sharing of memories and laughter, was like a light, like sunbeams illuminating a life crammed full of blessings. We are a tight-knit group, bonded by love, and I am thankful for time to spend loving those who love me the most.
* There are those who don't understand it, but I saved so much money on Thanksgiving night and Black Friday. So, I am thankful for being able to purchase gifts for the special people in my life. My primary love language is "Gifts", so I really do connect with trying to get awesome and thoughtful gifts for people, and I am not rich, so the savings allow me to match up what I want to give and what I can afford.
* This week I got to spend some time, quietly sharing in celebrating Kenneth's birthday. It was fun to sprinkle in surprises here and there:) I am big into birthdays.....he is not exactly, but most men are not. And most people are not as high-octane about them, like me anyway! Most importantly, the quality time spent together was (as usual) just wonderful. I am thankful to have Kenneth in my life, we are good for each other:)
* I am thankful for my large extended family. Aunts, uncles, and cousins are always loving. I am thankful to have the family history that I share with so many others. I am thankful for my only living grandparent, my grandma and her life and how much she loves me and how my love for her is limitless! My family is strong, and we are all growing-up, maturing, as we continue to take on new roles and relationships.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gratitude this Week

I start trying to write down some of my thanks, knowing that I will never be able to get them all. But that is a marvelous problem to have, abundant thanks:)

This week (and may I just say...where has this year gone?) I have sincere gratitude for...
* All of my friends, both near and far. I know that I have amazing friends. I know that I have people in my corner who love me, and pray for me, and share life with me. We might talk daily or a sprinkle of times a year, but the depth is always there. I can't list all of the sweet and wonderful people who encourage me, and care for me, and I have learned how to be a true friend by surrounding myself with these special people. Thank You is not even enough to express how my heart loves all of my friends! And the inner-circle, the ladies who now are just like my family. They make my cup overflow with thankfulness:)

* This year, I have seen giving and compassionate hearts abound with helpfulness towards my school. We have an AMAZING business partner (Envision Credit Union)! We have had multiple churches adopt our school and some of our families! There is even a local law firm that supports a program to send food home to needy families on the weekend! And though I get to coordinate all of this goodness, please believe me when I say, that God has answered and provided, and has placed me here at just the right time to help. And that humbles me. I prayed for my "new school" even before I even knew where I would be hired, and I am seeing the answers from the prayers that I prayed way back this spring!

* I am thankful for all of the fun entertainment options this season. My DVR is full of Food Network and Hallmark. I have been to the pumpkin patch and the fair, and hosted a Fall party. And as I sit and enjoy a lazy Saturday morning, snuggled up and sipping my hot tea, I am thankful for peace and quiet. This move back to Tallahassee has been wonderful. I am thankful!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

A week of Thanks

November, I love you. I know that in my life the focus on thanks, is the good soil I need in my spiritual garden. I mean really, you don't hear it very often, but we actually don't deserve anything. It is not our efforts alone that have gotten us where we are.

But the life focused on thanks, it is board and deep. To me it is a life of faith in Jesus Christ and his ultimate sacrifice. It is a life lived in this amazing world that God created. It is a life where I try so hard to be led by the Holy Spirit in how I act, think, and speak.

And all of the above, come to perfect culmination during November. A time to reflect on life, family, work, friends, passions, purpose, and more.

This week, here are just a few of the thanks that I have to share.
* I had sweet quality time with my grandma this week. She is out of the hospital, and yes she is changing each time I see her kind face, but she is alive and doing as well as can be expected. I will forever be thankful for all that she has done, is doing, and will do for me and my large family.
* I placed membership at my new church home today! I have moved many times, and it has always been my church family that makes the transition easier, and that accountability piece, for me is so important! I need faithful Christians to encourage me and support me and remind me of the real important pieces of life. I am excited to learn, grow and work at Meridian Woods Church of Christ:) And I already have a week filled with the companionship of new, wonderful people!
* I am thankful that I get to host a Stewart/Lee Thanksgiving here in Tallahassee! The plans are slowly starting to fall into place. It will be a delicious occasion, with family all gathered and being thankful for how much God has done for us this year. It's quite wonderful!
* I am thankful for my work and how we try and do our best to solve problems. The state of education around the country is not exactly that great, but I am working with dedicated people, and precious children, and that is a blessing. Also, my wonderful colleagues, selected me to win the Glen-Howell Minority Educator of the Year for my school:)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Thankful Week

This blog is real and a snapshot of my life at various moments. I appreciate it now, and I know in time, I will enjoy even more, reading back on life in my 20's.

I thought last week, that I would blog everyday. Using each day to write about something different that I was thankful for. However, life had other plans. And I can be "flexi" as my too cool kids say at school.

1, It's getting darker earlier which makes me tired earlier; I have the bedtime of a grandma.
2. Work is picking up, and the Thanksgiving and Christmas season is stacking up to longer days and evenings at work.
3. I am enjoying time with Kenneth, and also new and old friends alike in Tally-town.
4. Sometimes I forget. This mind is like a colander:)

So, this might end up being a weekly entry, as we speed through November. But you know what, that is fine. No one is judging this little piece of the world that I use to share about me. (Any real critics would have stopped reading long ago, due to the randomness of my topics, the spelling errors that I never can seem to catch, though I proofread I promise!, and who knows what else critics pay attention to).

One thing you can know though. I am grateful each day. There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful and also sharing those thanks in prayer with my Heavenly Father. Usually the first thought in my mind, since I am a morning person and wake up pretty cheerful, is "Thank You God for waking me up this day. Thank you for the breathe in my body and the ability to live and do your will." And let me tell you, waking up with that mindset and that kind of spirit is a mark of how God has matured me. He is definitely not done working in me yet!

This week, oh this week, so much to be thankful for. Here are a few things.
* My wonderful, loyal, and amazing daddy turned 60 years old. I love him beyond words and he had a great birthday. Both relaxing and filled with family and friends.
* I  have been coordinating holiday assistance for needy families at my school. This week in particular I have felt so often, like the hands and feet of Jesus, I mean really working to provide and love those in need. And it just makes my soul content, though my mind tired at times.
*I got to visit home and the beach this week. It was short, but you know what? The minute I got on the road, my mind started to chill. I had been at the condo, probably 15 minutes, and I was as relaxed as if I had been there 5 days. Pretty cool!
* The fair with my roomie and our guys, was a fun, fun night of adventure and a double date to remember!
* After years and years, I got a new mattress. What an upgrade! It was a bargain, but still expensive. Yet I already am sleeping better, even after one night.
* I just adore fall. The weather and this time of thankfulness make me such a happy girl.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Thankful- Nov. 2nd

Good Morning world:) Hahaha, or more correctly, Good Morning to the wonderful handful of people who read my blog!

Today, I am thankful for a sweet and compassionate friend from my FSU days. Cherika was my 2nd college roommate (sophomore year). And if I could have known then, how long we would stay friends, and how deep the friendship would grow, well I would have counted myself blessed, even back then, at the age of 19.

I am thankful that Cherika gets to celebrate another birthday, and another year of trying to "figure it out". I am thankful for birthdays past that we have shared, this special 31st birthday, and for the many, many birthdays I pray we get to share in the future.

So, to my wonderful friend. A woman who inspires me to calm it down, to trust the Lord, and to do my work in the service field with commitment. To this gracious friend, I wish the very happiest of birthdays! Always remember that when I count my blessings I count you:)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Thankful 2014

November 1st 2014, a most welcome date on the calendar. Fall is here and November ushers in the start of the end of the year. Hooray!

This  will be the third year that I take moments to blog about the thankfulness that flows from a blessed and genuine life! I hope to write everyday of the things that I have to be thankful for. I know that a thankful spirit is just like medicine for the soul, soothing me and healing places that would be quick to find a complaint.

I am thankful for the cool weather that blew in during the night. On Monday high's of 87, and today, Saturday, high's of 60 degrees. I am thankful because there is a specific time in the year for this cool weather, and it is refreshing and appreciated.

And you know what? I am thankful because nature is exactly like life. Bringing the exact right season and moments into our world. There is time for both summer swimsuits and fall boots. Times in life for both hard work and refreshing. Sitting here listening to the cold wind blow, I am thankful for what the wind brings to life and also for what it blows away. Bringing hope and blowing away stagnant thoughts and self-centered actions.