Thursday, December 29, 2011

Positive Growth

A while ago I came up with my New Year's goal for 2012. It is simple, and straightforward. And in that I think I will have success. My goal for this next year is Positive Growth.

I am not limiting it to certain areas. Because I really want to celebrate all the positive growth that can occur in my life in one year.

I am also not going to set up bars or ways to measure how I am doing. Instead I am going to walk out into this New Year not encumbered by heavy and hard to keep resolutions.

I am going to free myself to be simply happy. To celebrate positive growth and how it shapes a full life.

Part of my goal is to Help More....please read more about that here, and then leave a comment if you have any ideas for me:)

A brand New Year is coming and I am fully aware of that fact. What a perfect way to begin!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Help More 2012

"Enough is abundance to the wise."

In some ways I want to work on small simplifications in 2012. One that literally popped into my head this evening was the idea of helping more. Help is a very general and broad word. So, let's flesh it out a little bit.

I would love to be able to commit to helping a different charity for each month of 2012.  Whether it be actual volunteering or a cash donation. I would enjoy doing research on needy causes and then using what I have to give to others. Along with this, I would like to send at least one encouraging card each month of 2012. I know that if I keep my eyes open I will have chances to write to others and maybe bring a little sunshine to their day.

So you see, in 2012 I do want to help more. If you have someone who would like or maybe needs a card, please let me know. Also, if there is a charity that you know of who is doing a good work, please let me know that as well. 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Friday Tunes: Christmas Day Edition

Merry Christmas and Ho Ho Ho to you and yours this Christmas Day!  Here is a song to end up my December Friday Tunes selections, you can rehear the magic here, here, and here. I saved one of the best for last. I find this version of O come Emmanuel by The Civil Wars to be one of the most gorgeous pieces that I have heard in a long while. Have a great Christmas filled with fun and family and simple joy:)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Tunes: Christmas Eve Edition

Oh Whitney! I needed to add some more soul to my Christmas music love list. You can't deny the beauty of classic Whitney Houston! Christmas is almost here, have a blessed one!! Oh yeah, this is Who would have Imagined a King from the movie The Preacher's Wife.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I spy

This morning I just sat and soaked in the atmosphere of my hometown bedroom. It's the bedroom that baby Sabrina slept in back in 1985. Of course, it has transformed since the first days of a small white bassinet and buttercup yellow walls.

Some things have remained. A beat up old Snoopy doll that slept next to me many nights. Jewelry boxes stuffed with memories and treasures that I just could not bear to let go of. Photos of moments captured during this 26 years of life. Feminine bedroom set, a wonderful and practical gift from a teenage birthday.

Some things showcase change. Two toned purple walls, hand-painted one Thanksgiving. An almost bare closet that once was bursting with the clothes of two sisters. Two very different in one space:) A junk drawer that held middle school notes, class of '03 memories, European travel stubs, and mementos from weddings and baby showers. A ragtag bookcase that sheltered my most favorite things (my books) throughout the years.

I spy a room that has been a part of a well lived life. A room that feels as natural and comforting as the skin I'm in.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

5 semesters

My mama reminded me that I have been in grad school for 5 semesters! At first I was going to disagree, but then we counted them together....and she was right! (as she almost always is:)
5 semesters.....all I can say is WOW! (well not really all, that would be too short a post!) I am in a relaxed and silly mood if you cannot tell!

Anyway, the summer of 2010 has long passed, and I stand here at the cusp of the Spring semester of 2012. My last part of grad school. I am in awe a little bit, I will just admit that.

This UGA experience has been deep, and full of discovery, it has been new, and honest, and bright, and yet it has been at times a struggle, and a test. Wrap all of that up, and bake it for a while and you pretty much have my experience.

I have had two years to learn a new trade if you will. Morph from 3rd grade teacher to being a school counselor. I am beyond humbled to find that I fit really well into this new roll. It has not been a stretch to take on counseling. Instead it has been more of an uncovering. More like a journey of discovery.

I have plans and goals for my future. I have been praying and asking for a long time now.....about 5 semesters to be honest. And right now I do not know at all what I will be up to after graduation. I want to know, because in that answer lies the answer to many more decisions. But today is enough. And I can wait and work and grow towards my future.

I am glad that I have this blog. I will need its reminders as I enter 2012 and live each day and the changes that come along.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Tunes: Christmas Edition

Oh Boy oh boy! Today is Friday and here is a lovely holiday song. I just love it!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

For baby Asher

Good, good Morning!

There is a little baby out there who just melts my heart every time I get an update on him:) Really, he is just full of so much love, and loved by so many people that it brightens my days.

His name is Asher. His amazing mama Kassy keeps up a blog about his life....and I love it!

His story is not easy to tell. It is not short and sweet. But it is so full of love, and hope, and joy through suffering. To me his story reminds me of miracles. And I needed and still need that reminder.

I encourage you to check out his showcases the highs and lows, the smiles and tears, and the amazing power of our God to hear and help and heal.....and to provide for us through every challenge!

I love Asher for his little life and happy resilient spirit.
I love how Asher has helped me continue to stretch and grow my prayer life.
I love how he reminds me to simplify.....and to be happy.
I love his supportive parents (especially his mama) and how they are sharing his life so that others can have hope.
I love his journey......because it really is  "a journey in hope".
I love how Asher is my reminder to give thanks....and to have strength.

It will be baby Asher's 2nd Christmas! If you have been reading the blog then you can see how much he has grown. At this season of joy, I wanted to share Asher with you because quite simply he brings a lot of joy to my life.....even over the many miles! Merry Christmas baby boy:)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

That's not me!

"I love myself the way I am and still I want to grow...."
Jai Josefs

Who am I? And in asking that question comes, who am I not? (Incorrect sentence structure I am sure;)

I am NOT......
*very flexible
Changes throw me. I really have cultivated a fine appreciation for doing things my way. Schedules and consistency can creep up and become idols.
* adventurous
Sky diving......tasting new and exotic foods.....the rush of adrenaline.....those are not things I all.
Now I think I am funny and I know I can be sarcastic. But that joyful silliness is not inherent in me.
*quick to make decisions (aka spontaneous)
I think about EVERYTHING. My mind is constantly doing risk analysis over situations. When Sabrina commits to something it has been prayed and thought over.
*as forgiving as I need to be
I can hold grudges. I get my very delicate feelings hurt. I can react in anger and fear and worry that all grows from the mistrust of getting hurt again.
* normal and typical
Maybe no one thinks of themselves as "normal" but I certaintly don't. My words, worldview, and passions are all unique to the life that I lead. I think that I stand out and am memorable in a positive way. I am trying to live a life that is not a stale copy of someone else, but instead a fresh blend that shines like me!

It is a blessing to have some personality. Even if it does sometimes illuminate and introduce some struggles in our life. The one major change in me since starting grad school is that I now am much more comfortable with looking inside myself and working with what I find there. Things don't just happen to me anymore. I accept that I am present for everything and responsible for my choices, thoughts, actions and reactions. I am more aware of all of the parts of me, including the parts that are difficult and not so strong. And that is a step in the right direction, I just know it is.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Home Again

"Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing."
Camille Pissarro

I will be heading home soon. I have not been to Jacksonville in many months. I can't wait to be with my family and oldest friends! There is a deep pleasure in going home and reunions, and Florida weather, and old routines, and the ending of 2011, and the starting of 2012.

What will I be doing over the next few weeks? How about....

*visiting my grandma and sharing amused laughter and day long shopping trips
*walking up and down the beach, and reflecting on the harmonious serenity in God's nature
*meeting up with Cherika and Julie for a reunion  (I miss you both a lot!)
*family, family, and more family
*playdates for the kiddies and time to talk for the adults
*no shopping....I have that all done this year!
*worship and hugs at Chaffee Road
*DVR, cleaning, and organizing at the house
*and all the other things that are bound to happen during my time back home

Since, I prayerfully plan to look for jobs in Georgia in 2012, I need to make my time at home count. It is a wonderful thing to be at home. I hope to enjoy and savor it!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


as defined by
pleasantly kind, benevolent, and courteous

Driving away from my busy but rewarding Internship the word graciousness floated gently across my mind.

I couldn't shake it....actually I didn't want to shake it. I drove around thinking about the idea of graciousness.....and I just could not define it. So after a needed nap I looked around online and found the definition above.

How can I be gracious? What are ways to show graciousness to others?

I just get this glowing feeling thinking about the serene beauty of a life that displays graciousness.

What would that woman sound like? Because I know the world needs to hear her voice.

What would she think? Her thoughts have the power to both help and comfort

What would her home be like? Light, and laughter, and wisdom all combined

Who are her friends and what is she passionate about? She loves to love people who inspire her and help her be her personal best, and she fights for oppressed voices and people.

Hmmm, I think there is still much more to unpack here. But the thoughts are not ready I will revisit them again. It's a brand new week, amen for that!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pinterest Quotes

I really like Pinterest. It is huge and yet personal all wrapped up together. Here are some prints and things that I need to print/purchase ASAP. Reminders if you will, of some of the things that are most important to me:) You can find more on my page here.
Even more important as a new year gets ready to come along!

Oh yes, it has been one tiring semester. But the big day is coming in May! 

I actually loved this one so much I printed it and put it in my daily planner:) I love this whole idea of positive growth (my new life theme).

Absolutely gorgeous graphic of the Fruits of the Spirit. I try and keep this idea in my heart as much as I can. 

My constant struggle. Yet this is a great reminder.....I need it about daily;) 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Tunes: Christmas Edition

Can you feel my excitement over the Internet waves (or whatever they are called)!!!!
Michael Buble is my musical love. Then he puts out a Christmas album and I melt like a piece of peppermint bark.

Happy Listening!!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Just....

Oh it is a great morning to be alive:)

Nothing fancy has happened, I just have some unexpected free time in my morning schedule. I just have some quiet time to breathe deep and draw in the peace that surrounds me. I just have all of my needs met by a gracious God and many of my wants. I just laughed so hard last night at a White Elephant game that I almost cried. I just saw a full moon and brilliant stars shining above and reminding me of my true place. I just have a family who I love and cherish. I just have areas of both strength and weakness.

I just am in graduate school during the final exam period. I just was able to purchase gifts for my friends and family for Christmas. I just have time to read my morning Bible study. I just can write on this blog about my life and thoughts. I just have a blooming prayer life, that is my refreshment.

Ok, maybe you get my point by now. But I just had to make sure. Though many people would say the above are "just" part of life. Nothing fancy, nothing amazing. I am growing to disagree with that.....a lot!

 I am seeing over and over again that Joy is a Fruit of the Spirit we shamefully neglect. That it can be snatched away just like any other emotion. But people "just" are not as dedicated to fighting for it. I mean that, I wonder when did we settle on this idea that though we have sooooo much, so ridiculously much, we must suffer. We must suffer in loneliness, we must suffer in fear, we must suffer in ignorance, we must suffer in hurt, we must suffer in stubbornness. Why is that? Why does the bad, and hard, and difficult outweigh the magic, and joy, and the cheerful? Why in the midst of a lush life (and I will just announce that we as Americans have a lush life) must we focus our being on what is just not going right. Our grandparents did not do this. And that is probably why they had greater life satisfaction. I think it had to be. Because, in 2011 I see people who have as much stuff as a king, but are as unsatisfied as the frozen, cold, barren Arctic tundra.

The older generations, now they lived in times of great suffering....and I mean true suffering. War brides, family troubles, blatant racial tensions, economic woes. Yet it is the more current generations that have caught the bug. The "it's deep and mysterious to be unhappy" bug. And I don't even mean over sickness, or complete and total financial ruin, or death and carnage. Oh no, I mean over the "other". The things that our grandparents would scoff at. The things that humans on almost any other continent would be amazed at.

On a morning that for me is happy and full of possibilities, I know way too many others who are working through some pain and confusion. And I worry that being unhappy and dissatisfied for too long, well that it could become permanent much more quickly than we imagine. I worry that unhappiness clouds our judgment. That it changes our words and thoughts without us being totally aware. I worry that if we get led so far down the road of suffering, that the dark and oppressive environment, and the road littered with a multitude of others who are having troubles; I worry that those things keep us stuck. And bewildered because all of a sudden our emotions have gained control over us and we are both out of control and also searching at the same time. And that is never a good combination. Because at the moment of desperately needing to be filled. We can turn to some pretty dangerous things. Things that will chain us to that path for days, months, and years.

Oh, that we all could embrace this "good life". That we all could see the strength through the struggle. That we could wake up anew to our lives, and just cherish them for all that they are. That we could stand strong and proclaim our Joy to others. They say you need to be the change you want to see in the world. So, I will begin with me, by claiming my Joy, by resisting the bold negativity that is shoved down our throats by society, by sharing a smile and words that are coming from a place of deep hope, faith, perseverance, and life.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Disney with Kiddies: 1

Though I do not have kiddies of my own I do LOVE Disney. And I have been going yearly since I was 3. So I think that qualifies me to be able to share a few tips and hints.

You would think Disney and Kiddies would be an easy combination to figure out. Both are cheerful and just so gosh darn cute. However, I have seen my fair share of overtired, sobbing children and stressed parents at the home of the mouse in Orlando. So, the biggest key is that you might not get to do it all. But you can prioritize and see many of the things your kiddie and you want to experience together. And leave feeling like it truly is the "happiest place on Earth".

1. Get there early. We can be honest.....the kids are already up. The Disney trip is not really the time to sleep til 10 and then eat a leisurely breakfast and roll in around noon. That's more of a beach schedule. You will get more done in the first two hours of the park being open than any other period (well besides parades.....but you will want to see those with the fam). Go online and find out what times the parks open and then be there at that time or close to it.

2. Remember there are 4 parks that make up Disney in Orlando. Magic Kingdom (most people mean this when they say they are going to Disney), Animal Kingdom (hidden gem!), Epcot (fabulous during the holidays especially), and Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM....and home of my favorite show ever Fantasmic). Families with young children will want to pick a park and stay there. With older kids you can park hop (for a price) between the parks for a more varied experience.

3. Know before you go. Before you go, do your research. Look online at park maps and for any special events happening during your trip. Know your budget....and then leave room to wiggle. Disney is a theme is a fantastic example of the Disney marketing magic. And you will have to spend some money while you are there. Figure out in advance what ballpark you are aiming for.

4. Enjoy the food. This is a mama and daddy tip. While the kiddies might be fine with juice boxes and cereal, make sure you try some grub. They have it all, and overall it all is good.

5. Remember it is supposed to be fun! Really, I think sometimes people plan their Disney trip down to the T and then get there and feel overwhelmed. The kiddies are going to have fun.....that is a given. Mama and daddy will have fun too if you act more like a kid. Be flexible, be amazed, be relaxed:)

I hope to share more on this topic at another time. Because I have so many more things to discuss. But I have a friend going to Orlando this I need to get finished for now! Enjoy:)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Crafts and Such

I can tell that the end of the semester is nearing (happy dance!). The main indicator is that I have TIME again!!!
Time for rest.
Time for crafting.
Time for cooking and baking.

Thank Goodness! Here are some pics of my latest crafting & cooking adventures. I am in no way a photographer......that is someone else at another blog. But my pics get the idea across;)
So far all the new recipes have been delicious. And the new crafts have turned out cute!
Most of the inspiration to get cooking & crafting again has been through Pinterest. It's a cool site and many friends had recommended that I give it a twirl. Thanks!
Yum, Yum for homemade chicken nuggets. These I will make again. Thanks

 Then there was this yummy squash and zuccini cheese bake! Thanks again

I had seen this idea on Facebook and such around the web. I LOVE it! I am not so great with there were a few little glitches with this crayon wreath.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours! Fun thumbprint reindeer cards! 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Song as Prayer

I am very aware of ways to continue and deepen my prayer life. There are other areas in my Christian walk that are sometimes shallow and changeable......but not this area. Oh no not prayer! Because I am really into communication, and that spills over into how I pray and talk to God. In fact, I communicate well with others because I have found my specially crafted prayer times with the Lord.

I am not tied to one spot. I am not tied to the same words. I am not even tied to a specific length. And in all of that is freedom. Amazing freedom! The freedom to meet God and talk to him right here and now. In the moments, and find the refreshing and thankfulness that makes my soul smile.

Lately though, including this evening at the gorgeous UGA Christmas concert, I realized that songs can be prayer. I mean, take a listen to Angles we have Heard on High, and tell me that is not a prayer of absolute praise to God the Father. Voices lifted in song....including my own warbles, are another way for me to express my prayers. So many songs glorify God much deeper than my mere Thank You. A variety of songs address God in his other names, more than just Father. Songs flow up and down and open my heart and mind to see God differently. To experience him anew. To see prayer differently. Because to me, now I know, that whether I say it or sing it or mix both, it all makes up prayer.

In this season of light and love may I sing and pray and pray and sing often. May I delve deep and worship and pray in ever new ways, as a year wraps up and another one comes knocking:) May God's will be done in my life and the lives of all those I love! Amen.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Twice as Nice

If it's a Friday (which it will be in like 12 minutes) then you can expect some musical delight from your favorite neighborhood blog;) Yeah, I am in a good mood right now. Mix my favorite season with the upcoming weekend and I have a serious case of "perma-smile"!

I started with a holiday/winter song last week. Then my musical world was rocked by a group on The Sing-Off. So I just have to share my Pentatonix love with you all! Below are my 2 favorite performances by this stellar group. The first is ET by Katy P. which actually is a song I can't stand. So I was floored that this version is a personal favorite. Then you get an old school hit with Let's Get it On by Marvin G.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Spoiled Plans

Oh Booooooo! I was really looking forward to a trip to Orlando this December. I am lucky enough to have a lot of friends and friends like family in that area and Tampa.

However, I hear you "forces that be". I asked three different friends for a place to stay and everyone is booked. Sad times......but December is a busy month. So it actually makes a lot of sense. Well, I will just have to try again sometime.

Since those plans fell through I need to think of some other travel ideas to make me happy. Because I really am pretty disappointed that my trip is a no go. When you love traveling, you are always looking forward to the next trip!

Melanie mentioned New Years in Savannah. That could be interesting!
Or maybe I could save up my pennies and finally get to go see Kristin and Boston.
Then again I also have been very interested in taking an off season cruise somewhere beachy and peaceful.

We shall see.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Friday Tunes: Christmas Edition

Ok, here we go! Official holiday music season is here!!!!! And I am in no way afraid to share some of my favorites with you all. This is one day late but here you go. I would suggest listening to it more than watching the "homemade" video.....the video is nothing fancy....but the song is great;)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful: 2

It is a great morning in the life of me. Not much has happened and I am still in my PJ's but I am awake and alive to live another day.....and I appreciate that fact:)
I started a Thankful list last week (see here) and I got to cover the first 15 things that bring thankfulness into my life. Today I want to share 16-20. Enjoy!
16) I am thankful for finally getting some direction in my life as I focus on my future. The prayerful plan is for me to look for School Counseling jobs in the Metro Atlanta area. Though I miss my home state, there could be some great job opportunities up here in GA, and I am thankful for the chance to get to find out what comes next.
17) I PASSED my Comp exams!!!! If you read this or know me then you get what a big deal this was. I am deliriously happy and thankful.
18) This one is going to seem a little odd, but I am thankful for all of the positive, loving, and exemplary older people in my life. I have a varied group of friends and acquaintances and have been shown so much love and good old fashioned hospitality by those who are a little or a lot farther down this road of life. I appreciate it SO much!!!!
19) I am thankful for this positive, glowing feeling I have about 2012. 2011 was a good year. But boy oh boy I get this feeling about what is coming next! I want to end this year and enter the next with my heart in the right place. Whatever 2012 might bring, I pray I find thankfulness in the moments.
20) The friends that grace my life. The friends that uphold me and call on me to share in their lives. The friends who "get me" and still want to stick around anyway;) From huddling in movie theaters, to long overdue chats, to traveling for pure pleasure. From dreaming and wishing and remembering. To all of my friends, I thank God for you and your friendship.
21) I must add that I am thankful for teachers. They work so hard, and sacrifice so much day in and day out. At the end of the day they share their passion and knowledge so that children, and teens, and other adults can grow and thrive. Too many times sadly, the care they show for others does not get shared back with them. Thank goodness for each and every one!
22) My family is the music in my life. And the odd thing is I am not even 100% sure of what I mean by that. I do know that the strength and perseverance, the struggles and overwhelming joy that my family brings into my life daily are something I cherish and give thanks for.
23) I am thankful for the many, many people who will have to work over the upcoming holidays. The job market can seem bleak at times and there are people working because they have to.....their finances give them no choice. There are so many people especially behind the scenes that don't get credit. I mean I never think to be thankful for truck drivers, or air safety control officers, or fire fighters etc.. Well, I want to take that time now....Thank You all!
24) I am thankful for this season in my life. The 20's if you will. I have learned from some hard knocks and the bruises of some life lessons learned are beginning to fade. No one will ever tell you how difficult your 20's can be. A TON of decisions and changes and growing up has to take place. Sometimes it feels overwhelming! However, I am thankful that at age 26 there are some things I have, and some things I don't have, and some things I still want. This time in my life is something to be thankful for.
25) Lastly, I am thankful for the things I cannot name. I am thankful for the things that appear so small that I can't even gather them up together and put a name on them. For split second decisions that have kept me safe. For random people who showed up in my life briefly but in a much needed fashion. I am thankful for things past my explaining and understanding. I am thankful that I am not the center of the universe, that I don't and will never be able to completely understand this thing called life. I guess I am just thankful for being human, and fallible, and oriented toward growth and positive change. 
God bless you this Thanksgiving! And then go out and be a blessing to others:)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Tunes

Today is Friday and the start of my Thanksgiving break! 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Grad School Update

Because my blog sometimes becomes a place where all things random land;)

I wanted to put out an update on life in grad school. That is the main reason I started my little blog anyway. So that I could have a log of this experience. And try to capture in words and a few, spaced out pictures what my life contains.

You already know that my super stressful comp exams have come and gone. Scores will come out around Thanksgiving. I am unsure of how I did....and I will just leave that right there and wait.

Spring 2012 is my last semester at the University of Georgia. I will be a full time student again with 12 hours of classes to keep me going. I will have my great Internship at a local elementary school. Running small groups, doing classroom guidance, and seeing individual students, and all sorts of school counselor things. I will still work away at the Disability Resource Center on campus as well. At some point I will begin the job search (exciting yet scary!). There will also be Prayer group to stabilize me and also a new Bible study to help me grow in knowledge and wisdom.

2012 promises to be a full year! I will need your prayers and thoughts even more as my future begins to unfold.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thankful: 1

It's Thanksgiving month. Sure, most people probably can stretch Thanksgiving out for a few days....but I like to think about it all month long. There are 30 days in November and I know I could list 30 things that I am thankful for.

I want to start that list tonight. While I am calm, and in a very productive mode. So let me share the first 15 things that I am thankful for.....and the second half will join in later this week, or maybe next week.

1) Each and every season in nature and its unique, and majestic beauty.
2) Having my parents still alive and kicking. As I get older I appreciate my parents and their Christian guidance more and more.
3) This blog, that lets me write and decompress and reflect on life as I know it.
4) Focusing on my is a struggle for me, but the days where I stick to it really are worth the work.
5) My safety. I am so blessed and protected and I am thankful for that and prayerful for those who don't share the same blessing.
6) My unique talents and skill set. There is only one me out there and I am thankful for all of the things that I can do. People often give me the credit, but I know it is God working in me daily.
7) Laughter. This life is supposed to be full of laughter and joy. I just know it is! I enjoy laughing and am thankful for a happy spirit!
8) The University of Georgia. My time here has been great. I will be done in May and will always, always be thankful for this Masters program and how it in many ways changed my life and prepared me for my future.
9) Big, grand dreams. When I dream, I dream of the best. For example, Not just being an actress, but my Oscar acceptance speech often pops up in my dreamland. Life has not extinguished my ability to dream, and I am thankful for that.
10) My first real job. I am thankful for Roberts Elementary School and how I still carry it around in my heart. So many wonderful memories. I am thankful and will always be thankful for those precious 3 years in my life.
11) I am overly thankful for communication. In all types and forms I appreciate being able to be with people both far and near. Communication has come to mean even more to me as I have discovered the healing properties of saying something...and saying nothing.
12) My sister! We had a great weekend, and it made me reflect on our great life and bond. God saved her life by providing a kidney for her and I am thankful each and every day for her presence in my life.
13) I try to be aware and thankful for the doctors and nurses, and specialists out there. Especially, those who work with children. They are so needed and each and every child they help has a chance to live a full life. Amen for that.
14) I am thankful for my favorite Bible verse.....well I have many favorites, but I think this one gets to my heart every time. Exodus 14:14 " The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace." So powerful, so strong, and yet so hard because it calls us to let go. And I often tend to hold tight.
15) To end up the first half of this thankful list I want to mention everyone in our military. From rescue divers to receptionists, to ground troops and everyone in between. I could not do it, but I am thankful each day for the hard work, dedication and honor that countless men and women display day in and out to protect our country.

If you made it this far.....I am thankful for you and your interest in my writing;)


Well I can share with you that I was beyond excited today.....about a movie preview.
I guess it's because I didn't have any expectations and then the preview just sort of drew me in completely.
What movie? Well, it's called Snow White and the Huntsman. It comes out next summer so I might as well calm all the way down:)

Anyway here is the preview if you too need a little movie boost!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Recipe for a Sister's Weekend

It is always so nice to have a bonding/relaxing/crafting weekend with my sister. Of course we did it way more often when we were roommates. However, we still try and make time for one every few months. This time around our recipe for a perfect weekend was.....

A trip to the fabulous and addicting Charming Charlie's. It's like Claires but better and for older teens and adults.

There was baking involved. This time we made yummy pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing and dusted with cinnamon. Here they are!

We have holiday music blasting! Michael Buble Holiday station on Pandora.

Of course we are also dabbling in crafting. I made a Thanksgiving centerpeice (see below).....not perfect but the front looks completely finished. I also made thumbprint reindeer Christmas cards. Melanie made some Christmas crafts too.

It has been fun, necessary and relaxing!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Friday Tunes

This cover of Heartless by The Fray was shared with me by one of my best friends. Thanks Cherika!
The original is by Kayne West if you want to do a listening comparison. It's Friday and the weekend has arrived:)

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Here is the perfect post for a Saturday night in the Fall of the year....November to be exact. Everyone needs to unwind daily. Everyone finds totally different ways to slow down and relax. Here are some of mine:)

To unwind is the perfect blend of Pumpkin Spice candle and Pandora (Michael Buble Holiday channel).

Getting my home neat and washing dishes makes me feel accomplished so that it is easier to unwind.

Word games on my iphone are pure fun and therefore help me unwind.

Slipping off my shoes and stomping (I think I walk heavily) around in my socks is basic unwinding 101.

There is also reflection on my life that raises questions, yet has a core of unwinding from the hustle and bustle that I enjoy.

HGTV is mindless unwinding at its finest:)

Getting in "me" time is my most necessary way to unwind.

Ahhhhhhh as One Republic says....."This really is a good life!"

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Tunes

Boy, this song is taking me straight back to freshman year at FSU. One of the funny memories with my roommate was laying around in the dark "fake" mourning with this song blasting in the background. I think she was mourning her dramatic dating life.....I was just there to commiserate;) We did this thing where we would just groan together then burst into giggles. And this song definitely matched our mood that evening!

This is not exactly (or at all) a happy tune, but it is beautiful and poetic.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

For a Free Spirit Hippie

If I could be anywhere this weekend I would be in Jacksonville. Surprise, surprise......well actually the previous statement does show the change of heart that I have gone through lately.

Melanie is taking her boyfriend Lee home to meet my family this weekend. It's a pretty big deal if I must say so! It is going to be a fun filled weekend. Back when she first told me, I was still in an unsure spot and so I was glad that I had obligations that would keep me here in GA. Back then I knew my heart would not be in the right spot, and so I didn't need to take that attitude home. I needed some time to grow. It didn't take too long with many people praying for me and listening to my concerns.

However, time, prayer, and self-reflection are powerful. Now,as I am in a place of growing faith I would like to be at home to see how Lee fits in with the Stewarts. My gut tells me I will get that chance again. I will just have to trust the stories and recaps that I get from my funny and faithful mama; my determined and dedicated daddy; and my beautiful baby sister Melanie.

I have had a change of heart:) It was not exactly easy, and could never have been done alone. I have prayed for this weekend and the relationship that my sister and Lee are building. I have stepped back and let go of the tight grip that I tend to have on those I love the most. It's a good thing! Have fun and be safe M&L.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thoughts Shared

We don't often get to write down our train of thoughts. You know like the raw thoughts that go around in our minds on an hourly basis. I am gonna share some of mine because I need to remember that while I can be illogical....when I do slow it down and reflect with Godly wisdom.....well it all makes perfect sense.

Monday afternoon; as I walked home from a review session

Arghhhhhh I can't believe that I am only ONE class away from getting my MFT certificate!
It is SOOOOO unfair and HARD to get that last class. You would not think getting one class would be so difficult. Why can no one help me? Why is this happening to me this week of all weeks? I can't deal with this now and it is making me mad! I am gonna be so angry if I wasted all of this time for Nothing!

Pause for anger and frustration to zoom around for a bit.

Ok, take a deep breath. Now take another one. You did not come to UGA to get the certificate. You came to get your Masters degree, and you all all set on that route. You really have learned many interesting things in the extra MFT electives. They were not a waste of time. And really, even if the worst possible thing happened you would just have to take 1 more class. That is not so bad really.....just one more class somewhere down the line. Don't forget why you came here, it just so happens that the MFT program was presented as as really I am blessed to even be in this spot. You have worked hard to take the extra classes and they have fit in with your schedule. Be will all work out. And you have Comps to study for, so shelve this until next week.

I think pretty fast.....I guess all people do. So that was my thought process during my 10 minute walk home. I am so thankful for this program because it has made me really focus on my thoughts. Old me would have let my frustration build up for quite a while. Now I am seeing that I am in charge of my thoughts and how they effect my attitude. And our thoughts always effect our attitude. Every day, every hour, and every moment. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Faith works

Accumulated stress is no lie.
Looking around and seeing multiple questions that await answers is difficult.
Having an uncertain future can be challenging.

It is a daily battle sometimes.....but I choose Faith.

Faith acknowledges stress and then reminds me to breathe deeply and repeatedly, and slow my pace, and look for the sunshine through the rain.
Faith holds all the answers to any questions I could possibly its own time.
Faith looks at the past and today and says there is NO reason to be concerned. It will all work out for good.

I need Faith more than ever in this current season of life. I am growing up and as I become a woman of God I see that living and breathing Faith is necessary and also life-saving.

This week and really space of time (now through May and maybe beyond) is part of a pivotal piece of the life of Sabrina. I am present and ready, I am prayerful and thoughtful. I can see that this time is special and I hope to honor the moments.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Comprehensive Exams

In my Professional Counseling (emphasis School setting) Masters program we don't write a thesis. We take a comprehensive exam instead. Yeah, it's a big deal.

I take my comprehensive exam this week.

I have already cried.....but now that is over I should not be going for the extreme dramatics again;)

Friday at 8:00 I would appreciate prayers from friends and strangers. Mainly, I pray that I will be calm and can access all of the information that I have bouncing around in my head.

It's the home stretch and I am going back and restudying material I have been working with for months. It's the home stretch and I wish I had no other commitments except studying.....but that is not the case, so I will need to manage my time wisely.

This test is the last large factor between me and graduation. Sure there will be a few Spring classes and many Internship hours.....but this test is the last real deal.

Here we go!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

In my Journal

Today is unique! It has never occurred before and it will never be repeated. At midnight it will end, quietly, suddenly, totally. Forever. But the hours between now and then are opportunities with eternal possibilities. 
Charles R. Swindoll
* Quote included in my journal from last October.*

I enjoy writing. Mainly I write for myself. One of the things that came out of my FSU experience was discovering the joy of consistent journaling. By consistent I mean a few times a month....nothing fancy. I can honestly say that maybe keeping a journal found me before the storm of life rocked my world. And I hope to never let go.

Going back and reading said journals is always a good thing. Let me say that again....going back and reading the thoughts, prayers, and meditations of my heart is ALWAYS a GOOD thing!

So much has changed and yet so much has stayed the same. I see over and over a faithful God who has established me in a faithful life.

My journal is overflowing with family, personal issues, friends, global issues and more. It is both common and unique. It covers the depths and the heights of this life of Sabrina.

If I did not have these written moments.....snippets from a full life, who knows what things I would actually remember. But having journals makes me see moments in my life for what they were. The questions, the waiting, the tears, the smiling, the hoping, the laughing, the confusion, the problems, and the travels. All of this makes up the journey of a woman growing in faith. A 26 year old who has not been afraid to write down her life so that she can remember from how far she has come.

There are a LOT of things coming 'round the bend. I have this feeling and so I keep writing in my journal about dreams and wishes for myself and the ones I love the most.

Thank you God for community, for growth, new and old, travels, love, faith, hope strength, and the unique qualities that make me.....well me:)
Sabrina Stewart April 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Tunes

It's Friday and this song gets me excited for all that can be accomplished in just one day! Sound familiar......yeah it's from Hercules! I have fond memories of watching Hercules with my 3rd grade babies during our unit on Greece.....happy thoughts:)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Out of nothing

On Sunday my preacher, fresh off of a months long trip to England was refreshed and renewed. His message to us was full of a lot of wonderful and needed reminders. I was deeply engrossed and so thankful for how God used him to speak some simple truths that are always worth repeating.

One of them was something along the lines of.....If we think we know all about God, or understand him completely....we are simply wrong. Amen for that reminder! I often want to know everything, but God is massive and mighty and even though I am made in his likeness.... understanding all of his ways and how he works....this brain just can not even comprehend the great, grand complexities of my amazing God.

I needed to hear that, because as I mature in Christ I think I can sometimes lean back and take this view that is not nearly grateful enough for all that God has doing.....and will continue to do. Not knowing every nook and cranny of God calls me back to him again and again because I can know that there is always something more. That he is always more than I think, more than I can even imagine.

Anyways, as I washed dishes at 5:30am on a typical Wednesday, a thought came to me. It was inspired by the sermon two weeks ago. God is always working, whether we can see or experience the results in our own personal lives or not. I was standing at the sink praying and then it hit me. If I believe that God created the world and life as we know it (which I do) out of nothing. Well, then I need to believe that he can provide, heal, help, restore, give hope, renew, save, reveal and basically do ANYTHING out of nothing as well.

I love that thought! Sabrina, it does not have to look like anything for God to make something out of it. It can be a mess and completely convoluted and God can straighten it out to perfection. It can seem as if something will never ever change...but hold on girlie because God can change it in seconds.

Like the title of this post says.....Out of Nothing. Out of Nothing God shows us even more about who he is. When there seems like nothing, don't discredit the situation because the secret is there is almost always the seed of something growing in this life. Peace is coming sooner than we think for troubled times. Joy is creeping up on those in despair. Hope is knocking at the door and the discouraged just need strength to open that door. Both Great and Small things are getting ready to happen for those who have been playing the waiting game. It makes me smile just thinking about how God can humble us when he produces something out of nothing. I am in awe that God loves me and still is powerful enough to bring change and growth into this life that I bind up in personal limitations and fear. It is a complex puzzle, and I can't admit to having it all worked out.....but the fact that I am willing to grow and be open to new experiences in life is a blessing. If you are seeking more of can find him in that place. At the corner of growth and wisdom. At the places where true faith in the unseen meets times of something being made out of nothing.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tallahassee To Do

I get to visit Tally for a looong weekend in November!! I just love my old stomping grounds. The perks of UGA getting the whole, entire Thanksgiving week off!

Here is what I hope To Do:
walk at Lake Ella
visit Roberts and craft with the classes of my teacher friends (a personal fave!)
FSU football babyyyyyy (Homecoming edition)
Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1......yep I will get a group together to see the movie. I have made it this far....I have to finish them.
Sunday worship at Timberlane and fellowship with good friends
Country Dollar shopping!
visiting Julie at her school and crafting with her babies
seeing friends and their ever expanding families
Downtown Getdown to get in the proper Seminole Spirit!

It already looks like my Friday-Tuesday will be full. But with all of the above activities to look forward to, this grad student is dreaming of Florida and Tally in particular:)
It's a brand new week. Make it wonderful!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Tunes

If this does not get you awake and ready to handle your Friday, I am not sure what will. Beautiful hymn and Carrie just belts it out with so much passion! I LOVE it:) Praise God for Friday.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ladies/Girl's/Women's Prayer Group 3

 This summer I reflected on the blessed ladies' Prayer group experiences that I have had in my life. Thoughts on Prayer group 1 can be found here and Prayer group 2 can be found here.

 This summer I started meeting with my 3rd Prayer group. It was a good thing. I love when I can say that! God bought us together through the summer and gave us a space to share our lives. Because that is what prayer group really is.....a time for women of common faith to share their lives (aka the things closest to their minds and hearts). Each week our numbers would shift but it was truly a beautiful time that gave me perspective, peace and passion. Three things I always need.

Fast forward to today and 3 of the original group still meet to share and pray. It is something that I love and I am quickly learning that these women are friends that I love. Because you see, you can sit in a pew and not get close to anyone (physically, spiritually, or emotionally). But I have learned that you cannot go to prayer group and be "not there". The material for the group is written on our hearts. It is the images and concerns and praises that swirl around in our heads. And here is the secret.....come a little closer so that you don't miss it. Those things on our hearts and minds, they need to be released, and shared, and prayed over with fellow believers.

I am thankful for the abundant ways in which God is working in our lives. I am happy that I have Christian ladies who are open to sharing and caring. Our little group is one newly married, one single, and one who is dating. So in my book the perspective and ratio is perfect. I have come to crave this time with this group and I hope throughout my life I never lose sight of the way that God has shown me that works for gather with women, to be there with friends, to look to God and open our lives and mouths to share, to grow and reach and extend past my selfishness to a greater and better way of living. 

Amen for what God has done. Amen for what God is doing. Amen for what God will do. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011


With life so full here in Athens, I don't want to forget my blog that I love. One day I will look into printing it out and making a book. I hear you can do that! It helps me to remember to blog with my Friday Tunes segment (that I love!). Also, just the random life events that pop in my head and won't leave. But recently my posts on Simple and Beauty have given me new life in my writing. Today I thought I would share what makes Joy in my life.

Joy is God's redeeming love for me and always, always striving for growth.

Fall, and possible river cruises in Chattanooga sound joyful.

May 11th......oh yeah that will be a day bursting with joy and praise!!!!

Smiles, kindness, and courtesy shared with strangers and friends creates joy.

Pictures of the "good times" resonate with the joy in my heart.

Faithfulness, commitment, and perseverance are joy spelled differently!

Ya'll already know, phone calls to my friends are some of the purest moments of joy for me:)

Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Orlando, Atlanta and Athens have each held joyful moments in my life.

Arts and crafts is joy.

My crazy, silly, adorable sister and our relationship brings me joy....most of the time.

My precious, delightful, unique, and loving parents are my joy....whether we be near or far.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Tunes

You don't even have to thank me for this funny little video.

Fall is the time of year when football is in the air and the marching bands of America are in full gear.

I hope you get a laugh out of this like I did. I've got a wedding and cookout this weekend. Congratulations Lauren! GO FSU & UGA.  Yay for no school or work!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


A little while ago I wrote a simple post on Simple things. Well the sister of Simple is here are some ways I see Beauty in life. This kind of thing is a good exercise in remembering all the great things in life.

Beauty is laughter tears welling up in your eyes.

The sun gleaming off of a field of wildflowers is beautiful.

Spur of the moment prayers that are 100% thanks have their root in beauty.

I have to believe that the future is a thing of beauty just waiting to be discovered.

Getting to really know yourself, your motivations, fears, and wishes is contentment wrapped in beauty.

A steadfast, Godly woman who embraces harmony and grace is absolute beauty. (I want this kind of beauty!)

Family, oh family, yeah family is a beautiful gift!

Fresh blueberries and whipped cream tastes beautiful.

Gathering with friends and just taking time to celebrate (thanks for the reminders Annie) is joyous beauty.

Pride and Prejudice is a beautiful, beautiful story and book.

Beauty is everywhere. It lives in our hearts and souls and then radiates forth into the world and connects with the beauty that already exists and is waiting to be discovered.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cooking & Compassion

NPR are my treasure!

This article on the power and purpose of food in forging relationships and healing was wonderful.

The title is Showing Compassion through the Gift of Food.....yeah you know you wanna hop over there and read.


Monday, October 3, 2011


When this old world starts getting you down......oooops excuse my singing;)
Really, though, when grad school is acting like grad school. And the budget is a little tight. And my stress is a tad peaked. Well I need something to help me escape. And since I am tied to Athens, mostly, I have to find small ways to re-energize.
Enter crafting!
Last, last weekend was Pints and Paints. You can see my beautiful painting below! The whole experience was FUN! I am in love with it and hope to go again in October. The owner was this super nice, chatty lady and Stacey and I had a great time chilling together. Painting is pretty relaxing I find.

Then this weekend I went to SC and had a fabulous time crafting. We made Fall cards. AND felt flower pins! I was so proud of the ones I made for myself and my mama. You can see one example below. Two pics in one post....don't start getting spoiled;) I am just finally figuring out how to use more of my iphone!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


It is simply wonderful to have a huge family.

I am the most simple when I spend time walking in the Fall and praying along my journey.

Simple beauty to me is the steadfast person who shows love in many situations.

Cupcakes and cookies are delicious in a simple fashion;)

Simple smiles are heartwarming and truly quite inspirational.

I am a basic and simple texter. Nothing fancy.

A simple home filled with peace, and space, and abundant life is what I want.

Simple faith moves mountains.

Simple resentment keeps you stuck.

The joy of children has got to be one of the most simple ways that God shows himself each day.

I am simply living the dream right now......and leaning to roll with the punches.

I am growing up because I realize that simple is really not all that simple sometimes.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Tunes

This Friday Tunes part of my blog has really become quite fun for me to put together. I always enjoy music and you will often find me warbling off tune to all sorts of tunes. This classic by Fleetwood Mac is a song that I got obsessed with last Fall. Enjoy and have a perfect weekend!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Grief & Prayer

I have come to see that with the sunshine in life comes the rain. It always happens and will continue on in a never ending cycle. It is wisdom and maturity that helps us see how both are needed in a fully growing life.

So many of those that mean so much to me are grieving. Death, loss, disappointments, grief, and sickness. These things make us all sit up and realize how fragile we are. Sure, we have plans and hopes and desires. We go about our lives with this sometimes cocky if nothing would dare happen to us. And yet.....

There are people who are doubled over in grief as I write this. There are those who have been in tears for DAYS over loss in their life. There are people who feel so desperate that they are alone and contemplating taking their own lives just so their pain will end. There are tiny babies and children who have lost the fight with terminal illness. There now are shattered pieces where there once was something whole.

What to do....sometimes my sorrow for others can almost be overwhelming. And I think....what to do? How can I share my heart with those who are mourning. And then I remember what got my family though our own dark nights. I remember that the "...effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." James 5:16

Ah, sweet prayer. It literally is a balm to the weary soul. When my soul was at it's weakest moment in my LIFE, it was prayer that healed me and gave me strength that came only from God above. It was prayer that gave me the most precious gift that can be found in grief. Hope.

Hope for a new day. Hope for change. Hope for laughter and light to return. Hope for miraculous wonders to fill our lives and for the ability to notice them.

For all of those who are ending this day sadder than they were last week. Maybe even sadder than they were just yesterday, I hope you know this. You are in my prayers. You will continue to be in my prayers. God bless you mightily in ways that you cannot even imagine. And for those whose grief is not so obvious. Or maybe those whose grief is still fresh even though their loss it not. Those who are depressed in spirit and struggling to keep it together. I pray for you as well. May God put people in your life so that you can reveal your secret, hidden pain and find "...grace to help in time of need." Hebrews 4:16

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Reading Magic

Thank You USA Today for the important reminder.

The Magic School Bus is celebrating 25 years in publication! Wow!
As a former teacher these videos and books were a class and teacher favorite. Just thinking of them brings back great memories of my precious students and our amazing learning adventures:)

Check out the quick article here.

Now I just need them to update Reading Rainbow and I will be all set for old school reading memories.

Monday, September 26, 2011

A-Z Fun

 Thanks to  Annie for posting this fun A-Z activity on her blog about a month ago. It grabbed my attention, and was a fun read!
 Now, this Annie is a friend of my friend Annie. They both are bloggers. Confused...that's OK:) Enjoy!
a is for age

b is for bed size

c is for chore you hate
Taking out the Trash

d is for dogs
nope....a pet piglet though one day...maybe?

e is for essential start to your day
Washing my face.

f is for favorite color

g is for gold or silver?
white gold or that gorgeous rose gold

h is for height
five fiveish...

i is for instruments you play
none, but I wish I could play the piano

j is for job title
Counseling Intern
Graduate Assistant
Athletic Mentor

k is for kids
0.....but if I get married...then 2 please.

l is for live in
Athens, GA

m is for maiden name

n is for nickname(s)
none really but sometimes Brina, Bree and Meep

o is for overnight hospital stays
0 for me but plenty of hospital sleepovers with Melanie.

p is for pet peeve
most annoying-uncontrolled children in public places
most hurtful- hmmmmm

q is for quote
 almost everything I get on The Happiness Project Listserv but especially this one...
"The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play."
 Arnold Toynbee

r is for righty or lefty?

s is for siblings
yep, my Melanie (younger sister)

t is for time you wake up
Earliest 5:30; Latest 7:30

u is for university
The University of Georgia
Florida State University

v is for vegetables you dislike

w is for what makes you run late
reading, early morning TV, and Facebook

x is for x-rays you've had
0...I lead a safe life:)

y is for yummy food
PIZZA, dessert, and homemade meals...but no salad!

z is for zoo animals
koala bear

what about you? what's your a to z?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lion King: Lessons

You have forgotten who you are and so have forgotten me. Look inside yourself, Simba. You are more than what you have become. You must take your place in the Circle of Life.
Lion King

When I went to go see the Lion King last night I was expecting the same movie going experience that I had as a child, a 4th grader to be exact. I even traveled 45 minutes to my closest AMC to enjoy the film in comfort. I forked over the money for a Friday night, 3D movie....that is a biggie for this little cheapskate;) However, let me tell you one thing. I was WRONG!

The Lion King was SOOOO much better to me last night. The music is beyond beautiful. Matching the moments and emotions in the film perfectly. I don't know how to really describe it, but I was very in tune with the music as the movie flowed along. It was lovely and magical! It just resonated well with my soul, I guess:)

Ok, now on to the actual movie. I know it is because of my maturity and "adult" perspective, but I was gleaning lessons right and left last night. Which only enhanced my moviegoing experience.

One, was just the amazing, power of a strong father. A father who would do anything for you. Who keeps his promises. Who can be stern but also has a sense of humor. And let me just note....when Mufasa died, the sniffles I heard were not coming from the children in the theater!

There was also the concept of jealousy. the movie of course, jealousy led Scar to kill his own brother. Of all of the human emotions jealousy is one of the most unreasonable and therefore more dangerous.  Of course not envying and not being covetous are also Biblical principles, but the movie did a great job of illustrating how jealousy and wanting the life, power, position, and privileges of another can consume your own being.

On a personal note I took some moments to think about my emotional reaction when Nala finds Simba all grown up and Timon and Pumba sing their sad song about the changes in their "trio". They felt like they were going to be left alone; lose the close friendship of a true companion. In general, that their friend was moving along without them. I have struggled with some of these feelings concerning Melanie and her new boyfriend. And I have had to take myself to task a few times about it. Thankfully my friends have listened to me and given me some wise and desperately needed advice. Anyway, it is getting better.....I guess I don't like change all that much. But as Rafiki said in the movie, "Change is good!"

To sum it all up. Go see the Lion King. Take someone else with you so that you can share it with them. I give the movie a roaring (hahahha) A+ and 2 thumbs way up! Hurry it won't be around too much longer! Have a blessed weekend!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Tunes

I am dating myself (again) by putting this old school song out here this morning.....but I don't care!

HAHAHAHA here is some "good" music to start out your Friday. Thank You Boyz II Men!
Warning- The video is a little dramatic and not exactly the polished, stuff we are used to today....but it's still good. And their voices are amazing!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hospitality Please

"Where is the hospitality?"
young Sabrina upon entering a quoted by her dad:)

If you have ever been in someone's home where true hospitality resides you will instantly know.
It does not always have to be sparkling clean.....that is surface level. I am talking about the feeling of a house that exudes hospitality from floor to roof. A home that welcomes you and makes it hard to leave. Hospitality makes you want to go back and visit just as soon as possible....without becoming annoying;)

It will be different depending on your host. Maybe it is flowers that welcome you at the front door. Or laughter as good stories are shared among friends. It can be delicious food and the invitations to "Eat as much as you want!" and "Please help yourself!". It often is pictures and art and the amusing stories that tell of a life well lived!

In a house with hospitality you sleep well at night. All of your needs are taken care of and there is always the offer of getting anything else that you need. Hospitality is sharing space with people who are naturally open, caring and loving. It is not awkward or fake or stiff or too "polite and pretty". It is real, and honest, and genuine to the core. It is the people who come to your house who become your family....when you are not so near your family.

I LOVE hospitality. Though Family and Graduate housing is nice....I have not been able to host people as I have in the past. And I miss that......a lot. Bible studies, Christmas tree decorating parties, birthdays, Wii challenges, dinners, sleepovers and more. I miss it all. You would not even believe how excited I will be to get my own space again after graduation. Until then I am thankful for all of the hospitality that has been shown me since I have been in Georgia. I am grateful for all of the examples of hospitality in the home that have graced my life over these 26 years!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

We shall see

"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves."
 Carl Jung

What a whopper of a quote Mr Jung! I can stand behind his words because I am seeing that they play out very truthfully in my life.

However, I was inspired in worship today to change that.....aka be irritated/hurt less. I took away from the lesson today that I need to look higher than my pet peeves to the God who created us all. 

I think I learned that by letting go I am giving myself room to breathe. And with the stress of grad school being cranked up about 100%...... I need to breathe.

I see around me only few people who seem to grasp this concept....but that does not mean that I have any excuse not to try to live it for myself. 

A new week is here! The past is done and over. Today is here and clear. The future is FULL of possibilities to center my heart on God and let the rest take care of itself.....and that is exactly what I intend to do!

* My Noles lost, but it was SUCH a good game! Can't wait to cheer them on in Doak in November!*