Saturday, August 28, 2010

Joy through Troubles

Friends are a blessing. I have some who have traveled a loooong road with me and I LOVE them dearly. I have known Ms. J since I was a child. We go WAY back and have all sorts of fun memories together.

Ms. C has known me a shorter time (well actually now, about 7 years) yet she is just such a great friend in every sense of the word. We have silly memories and all sorts of fond recollections of our friendship.

I wish I could say that all of our lives were perfect. Now, really all of our lives are actually very good. Highs and lows of course, but that is just life.

However, a few weeks, goodness maybe even months ago, I noticed something. When I talked or tried to talk to my friends the conversations were not what they used to be. I had two dear friends who had such sad, tired voices (not on the surface, but deeper, where true friends often have to go). I was confused. I just tried to be more cheerful and make them did not work well. Then I sort of backed off a little bit because I knew they needed time.

The other week in my prayer I got specific. I asked God to bring joy back into the lives of two women who mean so much to me. I didn't know how, when, or where but I just knew that I was desperate to get my happy, content friends back. And more importantly, I knew that as people we don't often see God when Satan is busy stealing our joy and tripping us up on obstacles. That place is no good and I did not want them traveling there and feeling alone.

GOOD NEWS! With timing that only God can control, both of my friends had blessed weeks. New job for one!!!!!!!!!!! New perspective for the other!!!!!!!!!!!! Just hearing the joy restored gives me such bright hopes for the future. I love you both SO much and pray that your joy just keep growing and touching all those who are lucky enough to call you friends. Joy is not innate, it, like all of the fruits of the Spirit has to be grown, cared for and harvested. May we all find something, or do something this week to get or give joy!  John 15:11.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

College Fashion Report

This is Sabrina reporting from Athens with the UGA Fashion Report. The report is not very long. Here is what it looks like. These Nike athletic shorts are the HOT item for the girls on this campus! I mean they are everywhere you look. They come in a rainbow of colors (see here). I am assuming they must be comfortable, because they are the IT thing in these parts. 

Also, making her Fall reappearance is Mrs. VB. Vera Bradley continues to grow and sneak up on those who don't even want any of her items. I used to be one, I admit.  Between, her colorful prints and cute designs she really has built up quite a market. VB is alive and well on campus. Below are my personal favorites.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weather Report!

Hi everyone,
 As this is partly supposed to be a blog about a Florida girl adjusting to Georgia life, I wanted to check in. My life in Georgia is going just great. Right now though I am so impressed with the weather.

This morning as I walked to class it was cool. I could not believe it, and you know what? When the sun sets and its been dark for a while it gets cool again. This is not true in Florida. Florida, though I love you are HOT! Sometimes you get a nice ocean breeze but Fall is not coming to Florida anytime soon.

However, I feel like Fall will be here in Georgia before I know it! YAY:) PS- I would love to take a weekend drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway and see the leaves changing.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What if I....?

Today during the Lord's Supper at church we were asked to think What if (fill in the blanks)? are some general What Ifs for me.

What if.....
I had the baking skills to open a bakery

I could be in two places at once (teaching in Tally and schooling in Athens)

I was more laid back

I made fewer mistakes

I could go to Greece for the vacation of a lifetime

I was better at saving money

I was starting a family already

I did not look back at the past so much

It's a nice activity. You can take the serious route, the fun route, or somewhere in between! Do you have any What Ifs....share them if you like, or maybe make a little personal list. Have a wonderful week, especially everyone going back to teaching!!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

My View on: A Mosque

I will admit out front that I am, and never was a History or Political Science major. I am just a 25 year old woman continuing to look for her place in the whole crazy mess called politics.

For sometime now I have been having thoughts about the Mosque near Ground Zero (please notice my wording, this article enlightened me) bounce around in my head. None of them are really clear, so this is not going to be a post for or against the project.

After an intense summer of learning about uneven and unfair power and its effect on all of our lives, I look at the Mosque from a clearer lens.

Like I said, I am not for or against (yet). I am in that place where I am listening. There are not that many people with me, I fear. More and more it seems like we are being asked to pick sides without all the information. In my mind, America in general has this amazing opportunity to show the world and ourselves that we can not do what we always tend to do. Which is look at something different and pass quick and super harsh judgment or be chillingly apathetic.

I still shiver when I think of September 11th. I know there are thousands of families suffering real pain because of the bombings. However, I refuse to paint a whole group of people with the same stinking, horrid brush that was tainted by a few terrorist, extremist.

To build or not to build, that is the question. I do not have the answer, but I am going to continue to gather information. If you have an opinion, please share it (in a respectful way of course). I am going to continue to know that both ends of the spectrum are not the place for me. I am not the Conservative who won't even unbend to listen to others. I am not the Liberal who takes in every idea no matter what the cost. I am growing into more of an Independent...I think. Definite uncharted territory.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I wrote that!

Today some random feeling came over me and I decided to open up my old journal. It is from my FSU days. It is actually pretty cool b/c every page is a different color. That is the sole reason I started journaling faithfully. The colors!

Here are a few tidbits that made me smile:
I am SO should see all of the exclamation marks that I use in my writing

I really was into my "me" time.

My favorite me quote. Referring to an friend who got engaged. " It seems soon, but what do I know....I have never been in love, this I do know."

I enjoyed some fabulous travel experiences back in the day.

Lady Spirithunters, Cawthon Hall, Ashburn Hills and more memories.

My faith has grown and though the situations were messy, scary, humbling, and nerve-wracking the tone of my journal is praise to a wonderful, loving, just, and faithful God.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Love You!

One thing that Melanie is constantly telling me is that overall women don't love themselves. Something like 82% of women do not find themselves beautiful/attractive. This is just crazy to Mel, who I joke has enough self confidence for at least 50 women:)

It does make you think. When you look in the mirror do you build yourself up or put yourself down? Remember it can be very sneaky, this negative self talk. Everyone has things to work on, but are you happy with your overall package? Women are usually SO very busy doing for others, that we do forget to do things for ourselves.

In tribute to my sister, here is my list of things that I LOVE about me. She is right, I do not think about them nearly as much as I should.

my smile and nice sized teeth

silly as it may seem, my hands and beautiful healthy fingernails

my legs

my sometimes mind boggling work ethic

my determenation and LOVE of learning

my laughter and open, friendly personality

Today I vow to say out loud more often I am beautiful and VERY much loved! Because, hey it's true!!!!!

Join me?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

An Athens Update

I am Baaaaaaaack in Athens. My whirlwind vacation was just what I needed to reconnect and relax.

The Fall semester starts up tomorrow. YAY for that!! Here is what I will be up to:

* taking 4 classes. Statistics might be a killer.....

* getting involved and plugged in at church

* working as an academic mentor with all sorts of UGA athletes

* volunteering and mentoring with local I don't lose my edge

* all other random things that I won't even list right now!

Friday, August 13, 2010

I am Learning Lord

Joy fills my heart as I write this. A few weeks ago (here) I had asked you all to pray for a few situations. Mainly it was the one cloud on my UGA I am sure I don't even have to go into how money could cause issues when connected to going back to school.

I needed, wanted, wished, and prayed for an out of state tuition waiver to drop my $11,000 tuition down to about $4,000. This was not promised me when I accepted UGA but I applied anyway. With budget cuts all around I was not surprised to hear that I did not get one for the summer. HOWEVER here is what I learned.....

God knew, he always does! This time I truly humbled myself and waited. The waiting was busy, fun, and sometimes tiring but I did it. Then out of the sky God answered our prayers and provided me with a waiver!!!! I almost broke down and cried because I don't deserve anything. I am still growing, still having bad and good days.

I got teary eyed because God is SOOOO faithful. He is, really, and he showed me again what I know from his word, that he loves me and asks me to love and trust him back.

SO long ago, at the start of this UGA journey (way back in 2007) I prayed that God's will be done and that I learn and grow to accept it. The path has been all kinds of adventures and detours but I held on. Thank You all for your prayers, they worked and were appreciated.

If you are currently waiting this is what I would say. God heard you, he already knows, so continue on doing the best that you can. Be thankful for all things and get closer to our Lord so that you can see him more clearly and hear him. In the end it is all worth it, every sigh, every laugh, every tear and all of the confusion.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Book Bliss

My truly reviving vacation is almost over. It has been AMAZING which I will write about later. However, this is just a quick post to say I am in love.

Yep, I just finished Major Pettigrew's Last Stand and I loved it. YAY, for the NPR website and their book recommendations.

 This book was as refreshing as a mug of hot tea on a cold winter day. was just great. Can't wait to return my copy and buy one to add to my collection! I am not even going to try to tell you what it is about. You can do the research yourself if you are interested:)

Monday, August 2, 2010

I am SO quirky

I will admit...I was getting tired of packing. We two girls sure did know how to live with lots of STUFF.
Bought stuff, given stuff, new stuff, ancient stuff, paper stuff, just STUFF.

However, when I need a little energy boost I go to my secret weapon. Well, one of them. I turn on the Internet and click on my toolbar to my Pandora radio. (If you don't have Pandora and use it,  you have GOT to start!!!). Then I choose my Christmas songs station and I am instantly transported:) Right now I am  humming to "White Christmas" the Bing Crosby version. All Christmas songs instantly swamp me in good memories and just like that my energy returns:)

Good Night!