Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Tunes

Jennifer Hudson has an amazing story. I feel like it would be inspirational to get a chance to talk to her.
Beautiful voice, family tragedy, triumphant rise to stardom. So here's a little Jennifer for your weekend. I'm off to visit the school counselors at a local middle school. Anything could happen....literally, anything;)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


In one month I will celebrate a birthday!! My excitement abounds as you probably could guess.
The thing about it is, this 26th year I kept finding myself either referring to myself as 25 or 27. But rarely did I say 26. What is that all about?

I can kinda see why I would cling to one really wants to get older. So why the rush for me to be 27? Does my mind know something I am not aware of yet? Like maybe the fact that 27 has the opportunity to be a fantastic time in my life. I am not really sure.

A friend reminded me that I am in my mid 20's. Whew! Because in my head 27 was ushering in my late 20's and I do not feel old enough or ready for that just yet.

Unlike other years I see this 27th birthday as being more calm. I will be sprinkling my celebrations throughout April and all the way into the Fall. There are trips to take and places to see and along the way I will get to celebrate another year of life!

With more friends and family settling down, or approaching it, I have been contemplating my single status recently. While I do not have a deep longing to be in a relationship....I do think it would be nice and fun and enjoyable. But I can't focus on too much at one time, so I think the current job search will probably distract me from thoughts of dating etc. However, I can admit that for a 26 year old woman I have about no radar for knowing if someone is interested in me. Boo! It comes naturally to some folks, but me not so much. You are going to have to look me in the face and tell me for me to get it. That does not make things any easier I tell ya.

Anyway, there is one month until the big 2-7. And Sunday begins my birth-month....I love it!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Recommendations

Here are some of my tried and true recommendations that I hear myself sharing over and over again.

If you have a cold with the accompanying congestion (chest, or nasal) I recommend Mucinex. Boy does that stuff dry up the mucus (yeah kinda gross). No matter what level of sickness I always take the Maximum Strength;) And since I can't swallow many pills, I take the liquid form.

If you are looking for a new nail polish color that will garner you some compliments....and is a fabulous shade of gray, try OPI's Suzi take the wheel. I LOVE this color and had been searching for it for months. Well worth the $$$. Because in my book 8-9 bucks is pretty steep for nail polish. I giggled when I found this blogger who enjoys it just as much as me! Those are her nails below sporting this fabulous color!

If you are a woman looking around and seeing your friendships shift, change, and in some cases disappear, I would recommend MWF seeking BFF for some insight into friendships as a grown-up. I have mentioned this book to 3 ladies in the recent weeks.

If you are needing the BEST pedicure of your entire life, then head up to Atlanta. Then go to this 10 Spa. I cannot rave about it enough. An eclectic atmosphere, excellent treatment and total relaxation. I will be going again:)

If you need a healthy breakfast on the go for a cold morning, try the oatmeal at Chik-fil-a. I'm too lazy to make and eat oatmeal by my 7:15 reporting time at I pick up this treat. Keeps me full and you can add your own toppings (provided). Yum!

If you need a free way to get a little escape and get some nature in, then find when the next full moon is coming around. Plop down on the grass or in a chair and just enjoy some night time meditation and reflection by moonlight. A favorite of mine. And no matter what your schedule, this night time treat is a great way to calm down from a busy day.

There you have it, just a few of my random recommendations!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Tunes- The one that Saved my Week

I have had a hard week. Burning the candle at both ends and feeling pretty unappreciated. However, that's life and this little video bought my smile back when it had fled. And it reminded me again and again that the world is SO much bigger than the stressball of life that I inhabit. I won't even admit how many times I watched it this week;) It's Friday and I really need the weekend to get here.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A need to talk

And maybe someday we will meet and maybe talk and not just speak...
-James Blunt

A few words from one song, from one album, from one artist, in one country in this great big world.
And yet, it moves me powerfully every time I hear it. It gets in my head and circles around and around. This idea of talking and not just speaking. Because I love verbal communication and I crave time to talk with those I love. That's just the plain truth of the matter.

And I am not alone in that either. I used to think that I was, that I was wanting too much from people. Then I realized that actually I was just brave enough to ask for what I need. There are so many silent people, who won't talk. They don't like it, they can't stand it, they are too busy for it, whichever.

And yet, I am finding that when you ask the right questions. People talk, they talk like no one has ever given them the time to share. They talk of feast and famine, of success and fear, of this and that and everything. And I am no different. I want to talk and share because I want you to know me. I want you to know my dreams and concerns and my spirit.

My voice is loud at times, and excited at times. My voice smiles, and it worries way to much. My voice is alive! My voice is alive! And in order to be known as the multi-faceted Sabrina, who is ever growing and changing and having "ah ha" moments. Well then, you will have to be with me for a bit. You will have to talk and I will have to talk and the complicated symphony of our conversations will become this thing of radiant beauty. And then, because I really care and you really care for me, we will talk again and again and the topics will change and the length will change and we will change. And to me, each conversation will be important because it's another chance to know one another.

It all boils down to the fact that I want people in my life that I can know. I guess we all do. It's not about numbers anymore, or location, or years shared together. It's becoming about quality and real honest to goodness sincerity. I am at a life space where I want to be known and loved. And I want to attract that same energy. And I want to be able, without bitterness, to let others be in their own different life spaces. Even when that means we no longer are in each others lives. Even when that means saying goodbye, to free up room to actually talk to others. It is not an easy thing, but it is healthy for me I am coming to realize.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Daily Affirmations

Here I wrote a rather deep post about my life and how I was realizing how caught up I was becoming in the lives of others....and not in a good and healthy way either. It was based in envy, and I was not happy with what was going on. At the end of the post I mentioned that I was not through with the thoughts that I shared. Anyway, since then I have been working on a few things.

First I took off of my Favorites bar. This probably means less than nothing to you, but it was a HUGE distraction to me. I don't miss it too much anyway.

I'm also scaling back on reading blogs. Gonna aim for quality and enrichment and take breaks as needed.

Lastly, and probably my favorite because it is an addition, not taking something away.
Daily Affirmations. Every day now, I try to write a short little positive affirmation about my life. To help me stay grounded in the daily dealings of yours truly. I will share the first weeks with you...a little sneak peek.

1) Less Comparisons
2) Smile more! Your smile is beautiful and a gift.
3) Life is ALWAYS changing. Don't fight it. (please)
4) Refresh, Renew, Revitialize
5) There is happiness at home!
6) Just get outside and go......
7) Find the celebrations along the journey!

So yeah, I am really loving the daily affirmations. I have a bright and vibrant mini journal that I am recording them in. It feels good to be actively working on an area of personal weakness, and I think the results are going to bring strength and more happiness.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Believe in Yourself

About 3 times a year I look on You Tube and rewatch this clip from Susan Boyle.

I can't explain it, but it always gets me right know, right there at the place where I need to see a little something that is not what it appears.

In this life we are not looking for surprises, or miracles. Now a days if you can't show it to someone or have a picture of it happening, well most people just are not that interested.

But sometimes I need a little extra dose of belief in myself. One of the best gifts that we can give. Sometimes I go nice and quietly into the little box society has "given" me. And sometimes I just need a reminder that I too am much more than I may seem. We all are. Everyone has hidden depths and inner strength that does not come to light very often.Our creativity and imagination are pushed aside for profit and normality. And after a while we need someone, like Susan Boyle for instance, to remind us, to shake us up a little and say...."Sabrina, girl don't forget how amazing you are! Remember what you excel at, go out there and shine. Believe in yourself!" Just writing this I felt my empowerment rise and I like that feeling.

*I'm back from a fantastic Disney vacation! More details and photos to come.*

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I see it Now

It is a truth that is well known that Type A people sometimes don't transition well. Now if you get us into something new, then we are ready to organize and plan. But the actual change process....this Type A girl has never been any good at it. And that's ok:)

As I have recently been carefully examining my life and desires and goals; I have seen some things that need to be thrown out, cleaned up, and washed clean. And now I see that in this time of uncertainty, I have some new groups that are keeping me grounded on a variety of necessary levels. My life in groups is rich currently. And I am thankful!

Here is the lesson I won't ever forget. We were never meant to do this alone. We are built to form groups, and then split from groups and make new groups. It's a part of our nature. Thankfully we can dictate how many people and how often we see them....sometimes. But the life and marrow of this existence is highlighted by being with other people.

I see it Now. The women in my workout group. True gems that inspire me and get me laughing even when the scale tells the truth that I know is a lie (I did NOT gain weight this week).

I see it Now. The girls of my Social Work small group. A true answer to my need to discuss life and this phase of it, with others who are like me......but then not like me. These complete strangers are now a necessary niche in my life. Just goes to show I must have been needing this type of group in my life.

I see it Now. Actually, this one I have known in my soul. It has been a blessing to me for quite a while now. Prayer group and the friends who lift me up, remind me, and humble me beyond compare. One of the best things to happen for my spiritual health. I just can't even describe it:)

I see it Now. My cohort. Besides my degree, the 2nd ranked amazing thing about this Athens experience. All I can do is be grateful for them. We are changing, and getting to share this time with these special people is a joy!

All of these groups. I care about each one and each one fulfills different needs. It's kinda wonderful. And I just wanted to write about them all because when I see and reread this post it is even more clear that my life is good. It's changing, but it's good.

*Yours truly is on Spring Break this week and it's been magnificent! See ya on the flip side!*

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Tunes

Oh, oh, oh I am heading to Florida for Spring Break!!
Here's a little song to start off the weekend. And the very end is kinda sweet:)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A glimpse into Grad school

Part of my Social Work and Groups class in an online discussion board. I figured I would share a glimpse with you all since this week's topic was more "out of the box" if you will. No discussion on our thoughts on academic articles, but instead this was our prompt. Oh yeah, I didn't come up with it, but my response is below. 

I was thinking that we would do something a little different this week for our online discussion....something a little more personal instead of academic. 
Here is the task: Either do something new or reflect on an activity you did or will do this week that somehow helps you define part of your identity. What is it and how does this activity "define" you (in part)?

When I think of something new in my life that also has a part in defining me, my new weekend "lack of routine" comes to mind. I really enjoy people and doing things. Lunch dates, shopping, walking, phone calls, movies, etc. So, usually I pack my weekends with these things and being with people. However, 2012 has been different. I have tried booking myself for less. I have not been rip running from Friday to Sunday.....and I find I really like it! It's new in a way to have free time and want to spend it slowing down and unwinding. But it is such a great way to refresh, and enjoy being with myself. In some ways it is also just good to affirm myself that just because I don't have a busy social life on the weekends does not make me a boring, dud;) Instead I am reframing it like this. As I get ready to turn 27 I keep looking deeper into who I really am, how I really want to be, and finding refreshing rest. So far it has been so very good!

So my question for any readers who have a moment to share. How would you have answered this topic? What's new in your life as we enter the 3rd month of 2012? Or how are you defining yourself lately?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Break 2012

On Thursday, after work I hit the road for Spring Break! I AM SO EXCITED!!!
Ooooops, sorry about that;)

Heading to Florida makes my tired soul smile.
Home with my parents
Disney World

All of this and more is in store for me during my 10 days off.
I feel like Spring Break has been a mirage in this desert of a Spring semester. And now it is almost here.
I am so happy I could shout. And I just might!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wake up Call

Are you like me? Do you ever just get these huge realizations about your life and how you are living it?
Goodness, it seems like lately (and it could be because I am looking and listening) I am just getting some more clear understandings about my life. Where it is now, where it has been, and what it could be in the future.
I am talking vast stuff here. Not tiny things at all.

Like today, actually just a few moments ago. I had a wake up call thought. Here it is. And maybe you can understand it because you have been there, or are right there with me.

I have gotten into a pattern of wanting and wishing to be like everyone else. And to clarify that, everyone else to me is the majority of people in my peer group. I think seeing the things and life events of others has had more of an effect on me than I thought. Instead of being thankful for being unique Sabrina. I have glossed over that and trained my eyes on others and what they have going on. Sigh, I wish I could tell you when this started. But I am afraid like most things, it creeped up on my blind side.

There was a time when I was saying prayers of thanks all the time for my current season in life. I was glancing at others but then coming back and being so thankful for me, and what was uniquely mine. If I look back lately and examine my thoughts I see a shift. I have been looking, really peering into the lives of others and wanting more and more of what I see. I won't name "it" here but it is quite possible that you can guess. Then looking within myself and trying to figure out why I don't have it.
What is that? Part envy, part discontent, part frustration, part boredom. I don't really know. But I don't like it. Not one bit.

Do you know what is the best thing going on in my life right now? Exactly the things that are happening. No more and no less. I need to remember to be thankful for what is mine already. Because the truth is that if I got what others had right now, I might not be ready for it. It is possible that I could mishandle it. Maybe I could take what looks like a gift and make it a modern day idol, something that would take all of my focus and disconnect me, from who I am and how special I am already. Just as I am.

I am thankful for this wake up call. I am definitely not finished processing it and spending some time reflecting on it.
It's the start of a brand new week. I have some inner work to do, obviously. Some sweeping up and some stuck windows to open. The result I think might not even be noticeable to anyone else (and since I have been focusing on others too much....that is a good thing). But I hope that I will be able to see some bountiful changes within myself before I start another birth year (in about 2 months).
Ahhhhh 20's, you never stop throwing me curve balls do ya;)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Facebook-For me it Works

Just thinking about all the ways that Facebook has changed our lives is staggering. Of course with any idea that is ravenously popular you take the good with the bad or choose to not take it at all. Of course I think the simple, original Facebook was wonderful. However, with all of the changes there are still many reasons why I enjoy Facebook as a form of communication and entertainment. Like movies and TV knowing about the lives of others brings laughter, hope, confusion, and sometimes grief. This might be an odd way of thinking of Facebook....but it works for me:)

Keeping up with my FL family is a large perk of Facebook. I get to talk and share with my cousins which I always enjoy. Even though Melanie and I have a fabulous relationship independent of Facebook, we still use it to share with each other. Then of course there are the friends, and I don't mean every single person that Facebook would consider my "friend". I mean the ones who make the effort for me and the ones I make the effort for. There was beginning to be a gap here....too many Facebook friends that I knew I would never talk to again. So I did a purge and about 150 people later I feel more in control of who I interact with online. It's nice to check in with my closet pals (though not the only way thankfully) and let them know that I care and just in general for keeping up with those I want to keep up with.

The unwavering support and encouragement that has been shown me through Facebook is humbling. There are so many people who care about how I am doing up here in GA. It might seem simple, but seeing the names and faces of those people is rewarding. They have definitely given me that needed "push" some days!

Of course there are the laughs!! I have seen, read, and watched some hilarious things via Facebook. Some meant to be funny and some not. My sense of the ridiculous finds Facebook a place to laugh for a while.

Most importantly is how Facebook has changed my prayer life in a positive way. I can be so much more detailed with God now, as I pray for certain situations. Also, I can pray for others as they ask for help, more in the moment. I try not to take the prayer requests put out on Facebook lightly, and try and take time to stop and pray for those both far and near.

With all that being said I feel like in our media drenched society, everybody picks their poison. I don't get Twitter but millions of folks do. I don't know if I am using all the parts of Pinterest, but it works for my needs. Like all things, technology can be used for good and harm. Overall the sometimes faceless anonymity that has let people spew their "opinions" which some call "comments" which to me sometimes read like "hate speech" left and right is a harmful side effect of modern technology. But then I think about how people have been able to meet and connect and share online and I know that has produced a lot of positivity and creativity which I love.

For now I am still on team Facebook. The beauty of it, is that it is not for everyone, but many people like me find it a helpful tool. It's a tool that has let me form groups and stay in the loop. It has let me send messages that were pretty imperative and hopefully encouraging. I have grinned, giggled, laughed, and enjoyed many a moment, comment, post, and video that have been shared. Even though I am horrible about uploading pictures, I have better friends who share their photos and share the journeys, weddings, children, and new opportunities that give this life flavor. For this season of my life, I'll just say it like this..Facebook-for me it works.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Tunes

This remix of an old school Destiny's Child song had me dancing in my chair.
It has a Latin beat that makes this uncoordinated girl wanna bust a move.
Happy Friday!!!!! And one more week until Spring Break.....I can hardly wait:)