Saturday, July 27, 2013

Back to School!

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I absolutely love working for school systems. I have worked for two so far, and had two very different experiences. I prefer a small/medium district. Huge ones, scare me a little. I think because I know that schools are a system, just like all institutions. And you can keep the illusion and down home feeling in smaller school districts. To me, sometimes the extra large ones begin to feel like a machine. (Oooops, I'm starting this thing, off track)

It's back to school time up here in North Georgia. I always start singing "Back to school, Back to school. To show my mama, I'm no fool" from Billy Madison around this time of year;) The commercials are bombarding my TV and radio. The kiddies are ready to head back to new teachers and their friends. And I bet that secretly or not so secretly, parents are ready for the school bell to ring.

We forget that many of our life milestones are related to school experiences. Even important moments like weddings, are often full of the friends we met in school. On a random note. I enjoy seeing so many of my friends flaunt the 1st day of school pictures of their babies. It is just another marker of life moving on along.

This year my own personal baby boom are entering Kindergarten. I know 4 Kindergarten babies and that floors me! I can't believe how much time has passed since I held most those these little ladies in my arms. Now, they have each developed their own personality! It has been a privilege to see them grow up, and I know that the growing up is just really beginning.

There is HUGE change at my current school. A brand new tidal wave of staff. I see it as a good thing. I am waiting to see, how it actually all plays out. I get the bonus job of helping establish the positive and encouraging learning environment that is necessary in any amazing school! There is work to be done at my school. I won't go into it here, but when you picture me, think of me working harder than I have ever had to in my entire life. And if you are a believer, like me, in the amazing power of prayer, don't forget to say a little extra one for me, and most importantly for the kids. The kids from poverty who don't ever deserve to pay the consequences for their parents unwise choices. And also for the community and society who so often looks right over the need in their own streets and neighborhoods. For until you actually "see" what is really going on, can change ever happen. Last year I saw, and now I come back, to do my small part, to show that I care, and that change is absolutely possible. It's a daunting task, I will admit it scares me sometimes, but it is what I have been called to do. And there is infinite strength in that knowledge. Also, I have to remember, we are not given good things to hoard them up for ourselves. We are given, so that we can give to others. And this is definitely my season of learning the lessons of giving. It's not unselfish yet, but I am working on it, for sure!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Courage Counts

Lately I have been looking around and noticing the everyday courage of my friends.
I think it's because I have come out of a season of being less than courageous.
So it's been a refreshing reminder to see this "courage". To live among these people who are refusing to give up.

I think about my friend who is trying for a 3rd time to enter a VERY high demand graduate program.
When I think about my whiny, tearful, and slightly bitter reaction to not getting either of the 2 jobs I wanted, her courage just floors me. I think it is that depth of life when you truly believe in your dreams. That determination, and the attitude of being unwilling to give up.

I also have a friend who is the MOST amazing mother! Really, I see God working in her life all of the time. She is wise, mature, and willing to share the journey of parenting her sweet boy who continues to have health struggles.

 I think that courage mixed with time is a mighty weapon. Because if you don't give it time, then your courage can be kinda shaky. But courage placed at the correct time, well just watch out world!

So, back to my life. When I drove through this this little city outside Atlanta on Friday, I felt my courage coming back to me. I want to live and work in a certain place, and actually being there reminded me to keep on trying!! It was such a gorgeous day and my spirit was uplifted and my mind was relaxed and open. And during that little drive I saw it clear as crystal. I need to try again. If I am a woman made of  anything, If I am the strong Sabrina, who is constantly telling others to go for the gusto. Then maybe, I need to listen to myself. I need to have the courage to try again, even after rejection tried to ruffle my pride.

SO, I have plenty on my plate for right now. But in the back of my head, I am getting back in the saddle. As I look to a new school year, I am also going to walk in peace and courage:)

Monday, July 15, 2013


If there is ever a time to refresh your life. Well, summer is it.
Long days, family time, vacations, moves, warm nights, space, and time.

Before I head back to "real life". I wanted to share the things that have refreshed my spirit and gotten me (I pray) ready to tackle back-to-school and more of whatever life will bring.

Reading, hearing, absorbing, and applying God's word in my life. It all starts here for me. Got to have that foundation strong or else all the efforts built on top of it will crumble.
(Bible app on my phone, worship and praise songs online, attending church services, making time to see God in his natural creation...and be awed and thankful)

Making quality time for family and friends. I have been deeply blessed, over and over with amazing people in my life. Being around them encourages me to keep on trying, and giving. I want to bless others, as I feel blessed by them.
(going home to Florida, phone calls with long distance family/friends, laughing and listening to those I love, sharing life (both ups and downs) and allowing others to know my struggles and needs) 

Finding what I enjoy....and then actually doing it! Not being afraid or ashamed of my happy positivity.
(Movies, good naps, escape readings (light, fluffy, and self-help), baking, traveling, and planning events) 

And finally, after a time of hiding behind disappointments, a distorted view of beauty, and hectic busy days that flow to months. Stepping out, accepting the compliments and not dismissing them, holding my head up high, shushing the negative self-talk. Letting my confidence shine in the areas where before I have been most fearful to even enter in.

*With over 1/2 of 2013 being completed, I am feeling revived for what lies ahead. Already knowing it will be surprising, joyous, new, and revitalizing!*

Monday, July 8, 2013

Blue & Gray & Blue

Ya'll know that I enjoy observing nature and then drawing comparisons to life, right?
It's a habit I picked up during the long and slightly boring rides between Athens and Macon. There is a lot of country and fields in that 2 hour span, in case you were wondering.

A few days ago I was going along, heading towards some vacation time in Jacksonville. And on this one particular part of the road, I was driving right in the exact spot to see a pretty interesting piece of the sky. On my far left it was bright blue with large, puffy, billowing, white clouds. Then it transformed into a dark and gloomy gray towards the middle of my line of sight. And when I turned my head to the far right, the sky was amazingly blue and full of white clouds again. It was quite cool to see, and I was thankful that I took notice.

All of that to say, isn't life just like that sometimes? Blue, Gray, and Blue again. Good, Difficult, and Good again. Smiles, Tears, and Smiles again. Yeah, it is a pattern that I have noticed being played out in my life. A theme in the life of Sabrina.

When I look back over my life. There are the hard times, sandwiched between the good times. And I am thankful for that. Grateful that there are times of peace and relief. Because constant struggles make for a weary soul. I also am thankful for this reminder in nature because it keeps me grounded. When things are going great and there is no trouble on the horizon. Be thankful and appreciative. And when times are trying and hard to bear. Be flexible, because good times are coming back again. Of course I have learned that in the gray cloudy sections of life it can be oh so hard to remember the past and future bright blue skies. But, it is a key to growth and maturity to keep those times in mind.

The trials of life come quickly. Sometimes we are prepared and often we are not. They leave you wondering and nervous. But, they are a part of life, and no one escapes them. And if you try, they will only come back again.

The gifts of life are plentiful. They are everywhere around us, if we will slow down and look. Homes and people that we love. Transportation and frivolous travels, just because we can. Numerous clothes, things, and plans to acquire more things. Health and life and faith and wisdom. Love and forgiveness and sweet memories.

Yep, life is just like that cloudy day on Saturday! I'm always thankful to get time to wonder and praise this unique life.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Reduction of Things

That's a fancy title that actually means...I am moving.
Now thankfully, it is just across town. Nothing major.

But, I am going from a 2 bed x 2 bath that I had all to my sweet self. To a bedroom in a friend's house.
So, yeah I am having to downsize my stuff. Most will go into storage for a year.

I just shake my head, as I enter another time of life that is not the "settled" life that I want most. But, this way is what God wanted for me, and I continue to grow in trusting him for all things.

My oasis was wonderful for one year. Spacious, quiet, peaceful. This apartment was a blessing and I also was able to use it to bless others. I have some great memories of laughter and many new friendships were created within my home. That makes my spirit happy!

I have been keenly aware of the season's changes as I looked out my windows. Seeing the trees go through summer, fall, winter, and spring, reminded me that my life also is seasonal. So, go with the flow, because no one season will last forever. AND I need all 4 seasons to complete a growing life.

Even though this apartment caught me, on many of an exhausted and worrisome day at work. I soon realized that I did need some companionship. So, now I am getting 2 roommates! I think that will help me work on leaving school at school. I also think it will help me continue to grow in compromise and flexibility. Two areas that are not my strengths.

When I moved into my apartment I prayed for the space and friends who would share life with me. And I look back and see that I really did NOT know what was about to happen in my life. Now, as I move on, I pray for the relationships that I will grow with my roommates. And the community of friends who are my supports. And the Sabrina that I will become through this year of sharing and returning to try this whole "work" thing again.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Tunes-Emeli Sande

Love. Yep, that's it. I love this song! And I could not wait until Friday to share it:)