Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It is amazing when we think about all of the relationships in our lives.
I am a daughter, sister, friend, cousin, granddaughter, niece, teacher, student, mentor, and the list goes on.

I put different amounts of me into each relationship. I think the best thing about relationships in our lives is they help us grow. I am not the same Sabrina I was even a year ago, and that is amazing yet kind of odd at the same time. Each day I gently drift farther away from my Tallahassee life and I will admit here, I tried to cling to that life after my move to UGA. Looking back now I see that I was scared and lonely and so I spent a lot of time in Georgia thinking of Tallahassee things. (Note to self....that was pretty much a waste of time....comforting true, but not fulfilling in the end.)

I will also admit that right now I am in flux....caught between two experiences and the multitude of relationships entwined in each one. My family relationships are stable, and after a few years with some tough losses I am so grateful for that. I thank God for it all the time! The teacher/student relationship is awkward at times as the teacher in me yearns to stand up and share.....when at this point I am at a place where I need to sit and listen and learn. And hence the inner struggle! Grrrr....

Oh relationships! I know in my heart that growth and stagnation cannot happen at the same time. I think I was trying to mesh them though. Live with one foot in my past and one foot in today and my mind in the future. That is no good. That leads to stress, and discontent, and it wears you down until you are crying over the small stuff that feels like huge stuff because you are so off balance! (What a vulnerable statement for someone like me who likes to be right.)

My dear friend posted a wonderful, deep post today and it spurred me to share:) She is so courageous and I love her so much and thank God for her all of the time.

I guess I will end with a vow of sorts. To try my best to be in the moments. To not mourn or wonder anymore about what has been broken. To pray for help when I would divide myself. To delight in every new day, every new moment, and every new experience. I love my life and am blessed beyond my imagination....it's time I started claiming that more:)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wish List

Why oh why is it SO easy to make birthday wishlists and not read the book on Play Therapy or Group Counseling that I actually need. Well, I have gotten some work done this weekend and since today is the 1 month countdown to my birthday I wanted to take a few minutes and share some gift ideas:) Since I always buy myself birthday gifts this is also a list for me so I don't forget what I like!

This CD from my fave. Adele! Yeah..I love her music a lot:)

I already bought myself a ticket to a cookbook signing by the Neely's of Food Network fame. I looove Pat and Gina!

Any season of the hilarious 30 Rock!

25th Year photobook from Snapfish.

2 leftover gift ideas from Christmas.....Princess and the Frog DVD and a Flip camera.
                                                  This perfect accordion style journal

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bullet Points

* The pollen has flown into Athens and while I love Spring I do not love clogged nostrils and my throat closing up.

* SURPRISE is the theme of this weekend! It should be STUDYING.....but that is another story.

* Birthday Invites done!

* TOO much excitement about this on my birthday weekend!!! Right up my cooking alley:)

* Working at the high school tomorrow and staying with Atlanta family tonight.

* Looking at my planner I see a lot of school work, mixed with a lot of fun....so I can't complain:)

Happy almost Weekend Friends:)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just 1 More....I promise

Ok, so there were some highlights from last nights premiere of  Dancing with the Stars. I fell in love with the smile of Hines Ward:) Kristie A. and the Karate Kid both surprised me. I did NOT know Kristie is 60....good grief she does not look it:)

But really will this season have a Kyle and Lacey moment like this.....last one I promise!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Dancing with the Stars begins again tonight. I am not too crazy about the new "stars" but I wanted to share my favorite DWTS couple ever. Go Team Kyle and Lacey from last season!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Giving Again

Tough to admit but true....I need to take a HUGE step back from focusing on myself.
Today was a reflective day. I napped, was lazy, and took some time to reread some of my journal from my Tallahassee days. I didn't finish the whole thing...but I read through Freshman and Sophomore year. It is interesting how some common themes have reappeared in the last few weeks.

Blend this with the fact that I have been thinking about 29 Gifts recently. Last year (March 21st actually) I jumped on board this giving movement and found it was great for me. Well, with my current dissatisfaction with certain areas of my life I realized today that giving back is just the refreshing that I need. It's kind of funny how things just kind of find you at times when you need them:)

I hope to replace some disappointment with an outlook that is others focused.
I want to let some things come to their natural conclusion and begin some self-improvement.
I need to wipe my tears of disappointment and look around me and smile about the blessings.

So taking a deep breath, calmly and truthfully assessing current relationships under the microscope of reality, I will get ready to give. With purpose and passion I will give and soon I hope to report back feeling a little stronger, a little better, a little more connected to the Sabrina I want to be as I get ready to turn 26:) 

Friday, March 18, 2011

It's coming around the corner....

One month and 9 days til 26!!! The chorus of this Happy Birthday rendition pretty much screams Sabrina:)

                                 Sing it Stevie:) Loving it!!! Thanks Tracey for having it on your blog;)

Geek Out:)

The term "Geek Out!" makes me giggle. The first time I heard it I am pretty sure it was in relation to Glee. However, I have heard it again and again lately. I still giggle....yep, not laugh but giggle:)

It's Friday and if I had to choose an old-school geek out inducing person it would be.....wait for it because it really is pretty embarrassing.....Clark Howard. Yeah, that's right, Clark Howard! HAHAHA as a young teen and beyond there was something about his voice that made me stop channel surfing. Then add the spiffy financial information broken down into plain speech and I was hooked. If you have any geek out moments, people, etc. please feel free to share;) I know everyone has them buried deep down...or not so deep:)

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random and a Pic!

I am still alive;)
I just went to my home state...Florida...and my hometown ....Jacksonville for a bit.

Thanks to my wonderful friend Stacey who journeyed with me...I loved showing my favorites to a new friend:)
About to head back on the road for Practicum and a 10th grade College Tour in Atlanta! Then a weekend of readjusting and homework is sure to keep me busy.

Before I go I wonder if the blogging world is changing faster than I am (Who am I kidding...I KNOW it is!). All of a sudden blogs are changing into raffle, contest, business central. Like me on Facebook, then repost, then like this post, then get entered in a drawing. It's enough to boggle simple Sabrina's mind. Today I read a blog raffle with 125 comments!!! Hahaha I can't even find how to add a Followers button to know who is reading my blog! I guess I might as well jump in my horse and carriage and watch as everyone else jets off ahead of me:) But really when did I miss the memo? I guess my age is showing because I can't even figure out most blog contests to even enter...let alone win;) And I like winning! If you have ever won something in a blog related contest let me know....I need insight;)

Friday, March 11, 2011


From the small bit I know about Japan I just can't believe the estimates of lives lost in the disaster. From videos seen on news sources like this, I just know the tolls are going to be higher and add even more to this tragedy.
A place in my heart weeps because I know that the devastation is more than we even can fathom.
I know prayers are being lifted all over the world for Japan tonight and I add my voice to the chorus.

                 "When love is deep much can be accomplished."
              Shinichi Suzuki
              from here

                  I enjoyed this video about some Japanese Musical History.
                  I did not know about Shinichi Suzuki until this evening.....
                  I am glad I did the research!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More Planting

Beauty from here
With midterms, work, projects, and planning for Spring Break the week has morphed and zoomed away from me. I will be Jacksonville starting Saturday for my mini Spring Break with my friend and cohort- mate Stacey!! OH I CANNOT WAIT:)

Before that however, I wanted to finish my thoughts from earlier about Planting. It poured today but just like clockwork I can be assured the blooms that will come from today's rain will be breathtaking.

So to finish my thoughts I wanted to finish my garden of Fruits of the Spirit. I mentioned Joy, Self-Control, Peace, and Kindness here.

To me LOVE would be the rain. Love is so vital and if done right (yes, that does mean that it can be done wrong) so refreshing! I can just see Love misting my garden and helping the other plants grow and stay alive.
I also think, what if I rained Love on others like God rains it down on me....what a difference it would make. If I was not selfish with my Love sometimes....only keeping it for those who show me their Love first. Only being Loving to those who do things how I like them to be done....birdwalk....sorry!

Oh the flower of PATIENCE! I see it as a winding, tangling, growing grapevine. In some seasons the grapes it produces are luscious, and sweet. In some seasons the vine is withered and brown. In all seasons however the vine does not let go. It clings to walls and trellises and continues to climb and cling faithfully....just like real Patience needs to do.

GOODNESS would be a deep, rich, purple rose. Purple, besides being my favorite color is/was often the color for royalty. Goodness is needed by all people and all people possess some goodness in them somewhere, though we may never see it. Roses seem like abiding flowers to me and that meshes well with Goodness which is an abiding trait.

A rare blossom is GENTELENESS. It's quiet beauty masks a secret strength. Do not be fooled....it's roots are deep! The flowers of Gentleness comes in all shades. Sometimes in the garden you might look right over Gentleness....but it continues to grow and reach out to brighten the days that seem hectic, too much and hurtful. Gentleness can work with those feelings and many more. And one cool trick about these flowers is that when you lean close and really embrace their presence you will reap the calming benefits. Trust Gentleness more in your life, Ms. Sabrina:)

Don't worry, I did not forget FAITHFULNESS! How could I forget such an elemental and substantial plant. This plant is rare, and sought after by many gardeners just like myself. I often see the sprouts of Faithfulness as I sit back, breathe deep and reflect on my life. I have seen Faithfulness in a hospital waiting room in Jacksonville, and an acceptance letter from UGA. It's kind of everywhere....but we don't usually recognize its many forms.
22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Gal.5:22-23

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Blessed are the seeds waiting in the darkness for the call of Spring. March quote from my calendar.

Spring cleaning does not have to just be confined to the house. Oh no...I want to think a little about my yard as well:)

Planting is the title of this post and Planting has been on my mind recently. You see, the snow has melted long ago and the cold rain has produced some absolutely gorgeous blossoms around GA. They got me thinking about true beauty (God's definition). Then in church recently the talk and discussions have been coming back to the fruits of the Spirit (a personal favorite!).

Picture if you will, if JOY was a plant. I see it being vibrant, glowing, and happily waving in the soft Spring breeze.

What if SELF-CONTROL was a tree? I think it would be tall and majestic and so very sturdy. It would be the perfect tree to climb with a good book in the late Spring evenings. (I would plant these trees all over my yard.)

How about PEACE? I can clearly see a shimmering, ethereal, pale yellow flower that grows alone. It does not want to be right smack dab in the middle of the garden.

KINDNESS would be the most soft, lush, fragrant green grass. Your toes would just sink right in as an inevitable smile graced your face.

To be continued.... (I get happy just rereading and writing this. YAY!)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Room Additions

Keeping up with the Spring cleaning theme, today I want to think about adding a room or two, to the house of Sabrina. At 25 I can readily admit that I am growing up. Looking at the big picture I am more knowledgeable, caring, and calm than I was before. Whew....that is a good thing! I definitely don't want to regress.

However as I figure out this woman/girl thing I am thinking I need to add some rooms to my life. All of the things I want to be and God has planned for me are just not going to fit into my old house. There are many things that I need and want to keep in my life. There are a few things I want to throw out but really there are more things that need to be reupholstered.

 I want to grow, be different in a good way. I need more space for that. Part of this whole cleaning thing is that I am feeling the natural growing pains of life and I need to spread out my "stuff". I need a few more rooms for the following:
love for others and service
true implementation of the fruits of the Spirit
advocacy for those whose voices have been stolen
professional growth as a counselor
support for my family
financial responsibility
the journey of being a 25 year old single woman.....who wants to plant roots and settle someday.

Verse of Note: I Timothy 3:16 "Now may the Lord of peace Himself give you peace always in every way. The Lord be with you all."
Song of Note: Beautiful Things by Gungor