Saturday, January 31, 2015

Last day of January/Start of new Patterns

Never has the end of January felt so mature.
The 31 days of January 2015 were the soil to plant seeds for this entire year.
I was purposeful....and that is some very good news.

Purposeful in what you might want to know? I will share some areas that were carefully planted in the start of this year. I can't wait to check back in throughout 2015 to see what the harvest yields.

I am SO proud of this one, because it was and will not be easy. For a woman, who has so many things together, I have been unhappy with my financial situation for a while. Knowing you need to change, and actually making changes however are two different things. I knew though, that I did not need to go into 30 with money woes and concerns about debt. So big changes are on the way. Dave Ramsey, and maturity, and future hopes, and prayer are my supports. My taxes are filed, I am ready (on paper) for February's budget, and my mind and spirit are set on changes. My simple prayer is that God change my behavior with money.

I am accepting help along the way at work. I am digging in and working hard. I have a once a week Practicum student, who is actually a friend from my stint at UGA! Small world! I am working with a woman who is getting her Masters online, by providing experience with lesson planning etc. I finished my course to have a school counseling intern one day. A few small clouds have come across the horizon, but my kiddies are always worth it. I have been amazingly humbled by the recommendation letters written about my work. My simple prayer is that God guide me, the many Title 1 schools, my two former schools and really watch out for the state of education in my home-state.

Growing in faith, keeping my inner spiritual light shining. Those things don't happen if you lose focus. I have made mistakes a'plenty, but I have asked for great and wide and deep forgiveness. Praise God for his love and his plan for me! Teaching the Ladies' Wednesday Bible class for 3 weeks was refreshing for my spirit. It was a time to get quiet, study, learn, listen and share. I feel lighter and more focused on "heavenly pursuits". I am meeting more and more truly wonderful people, at my church home of Meridian Woods Church of Christ. Many remind me of the love of my church home back in Jax, and also in Athens. My goal for this entire year and my constant prayer, is to love the Lord with all my heart, mind and strength. And in that comes the idea of constantly becoming a better Sabrina. The sacrifice of my Savior is worth any small changes in me, that is for sure!

30 before 30 list-
Fun, exciting, best idea ever! I love, love my 30 before 30 list. It has added experiences, goals, and vibrancy to this 29th year. I can't even tell you how much I am enjoying this list of mine. Yayyyy!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

This year will bring on 30

Everywhere I look, friends and acquaintances are turning 30, or already have at some point in the last few months.

I think it is a pretty great thing. A life milestone, that is a privilege, a responsibility and yet can still be packed with excitement and fun! 

I have seen the dread, the method of casual ignoring, the despondency, the happiness, and in my case the mounting enthusiasm that turning 30 can bring.

My 20's were very good years. A LOT of things happened to me and for me and around me and near me in my 20's; that shaped me into the woman that I am at this moment. A whirlwind of lessons that have stuck, and have given me backbone and hope, over time. And please know that my 20's showed me great grief and great joy. Both, life is about both. Both will come to you. Be a survivor, it is worth it!

And you know what my secret to 30 is, actually my secret to my 30's? Lean in close, you are not going to want to miss this....My secret is that going into my 30's I have a bold hope for all of the best that life can offer. Why in the world not? I am going into these years with my expectations high, I am going in still believing in dreams, and passion and joy and fulfillment. I am seeing my 30's as a time to share of myself, and also build for myself. That combination should work well.

There is a wisdom that this "old soul" has acquired and so there are some things I know.
I know that my faith is paramount, and no matter what 30 holds, if it does not bring me closer to God and help me be more faithful in my walk, then I don't want it. It is as simple and as difficult as that. Life will bring me back to this point again and again.

I know that feelings are important but that they are transient and fleeting. In my 30's I want a life that builds on my total character, not just one that feels "good". There is more to life than feeling "good" and I want that more, though I am sure it will come at a price.

I know that there is a better Sabrina inside me. In my 30's, if I can continue to be the authentic Sabrina, smiling yet a deep-thinker; quirky yet kind; praying yet pushing ahead. If, I can be those things and so much more, well then my 30's and I should get along just fine. Also, the better Sabrina will have to be honest with herself. If you can't be honest about the true starting line, well then you are not going to win the race. So, seeing my spiritual, familial, financial, health, and personal life as they are right now, and knowing that my 30's will bring growth; I start moving ahead. Baby steps sometimes and maybe leaps sometimes, but progress, I look toward progress.

Enough for now I think, but the well is not dry on this topic of turning 30. Not at all.