Monday, September 21, 2015

Fall '16 Bucket List

I overenjoy lists and the feeling of accomplishment they bring! So, with my favorite season starting today, I am taking a page out of a high-school friends book, and creating a bucket list of my favorite Fall things, and things to try.

I might even create my own, creative/cute hashtag, and join the tech savvy crowd.  Something like,follow me on Facebook and Instagram at #FallBreeStyle.....hahaha, we shall see.

Anyway, here we go....and I am open to other ideas. So feel free to share!

1. Visit a pumpkin patch and purchase  pumpkins (1 traditional and 1 "modern")
2. Host a Fall crafting party (soooo excited!)
3. Visit a cornmaze
4. Take a hayride
5. Bake a pumpkin dessert
6. Go to a Downtown Getdown (Go Noles!)
7. Go to a jazz concert or festival
8. Can we say, FAIR:)
9. Read 2 books (both recommended by my book loving friends)
10. ???? (I'm open to recommendations)

Fall here I am. Ready for this new season and fun times with family and friends:)