Saturday, May 29, 2010

Apartment Before

 Messy Kitchen! I am thinking gingham curtains!

Bedroom. That is my pallet! I tossed and turned all night!!

AFTER Pictures coming after June 7th!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm Here!

For the last few weeks people have been asking me pretty regulary, "Are you excited about the big move?"
My answer was honest....I was kind of excited but too busy to really feel 100%. Can't end up the school year AND have your mind focused on UGA at the same time.

Now we get to today. I was exhausted, cranky, and too busy! Got in my car and drove 5 hours to beautiful Athens, GA. As I got closer to my new home I started feeling smiley, talkative, and excited. There it was... I found my excitement. It was there all the time! I had just pushed it aside!

UGA was the right choice for me. I think and pray that I love it here. Day 1 has been good. Now off to find my closest Walmart. Cookies and Sparkling Cider to christen my new place. Tomorrow my stuff gets here.

PS- Sleeping on the floor, even on sheets and stuff is not my cup of tea!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Florida you are one sunny place. I mean really, sometimes even the best sunglasses are no help.

We are in for a sunny, bright, wonderful, HOT Florida summer. I have a pretty obvious watch tan just from being outside at recess for 20 minutes every day!

The gorgeous summer days are reminders to me of God's idea of beauty. Then the calming sunsets like above are just like art.

I love this picture. Being able to see the end of the dock is enlightning(and a tad scary). I have been so far from the end for quite a while. My last "end" was FSU graduation, but it really was not the end because I had a job lined up. Really I just stepped off one dock and onto another. But now....
I really am closing the book on a chapter of my life. The chapter has taken me to my saddest and happiest and everywhere in between. Here's to 25 and all the blessings and strength it is bringing me!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tears for Tallahassee

Sniff Sniff....yep the tears have finally been released, and it was healing.

For the last few weeks I have been emotional.

Full of happiness and sadness, laughter and insane nerves.

I had not been able to cry though. I felt it in me but.....just was not happening.

Then comes this weekend, really Saturday to be exact.

And though my emotions are mixed I was able to cry my tears for Tallahassee.

Though I am not an outdoorsman, being in nature helps me see my emotions and thoughts as clear as crystal.

Here is what I saw.....

That I am not the girl who came here 7 years ago.

That I have people here who I LOVE.

That I might never in my life find such fufillment from work (I hope that is not true).

That only God knows his plan for me, yet I am eager to head on my adventure with him.

That there is nothing to fear:)

I don't think I will have any more breakdowns. Now the last day of school I will be sobbing all over my babies....but that does not count:)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Party! (The going away kind)

A Poem for my Team:
Three years we have worked side by side.
You all are the best, better than any guide.
Six of us now though there used to be seven.
I would sometimes be up planning lessons at eleven.

Thank You for the best party ever!
No one will ever replace you all, no never.
Darlene we go waaaay back:)
Frances you always keep me on track!
Angie you are the happy go lucky one.
Terri D. would let me borrow anything under the sun.
Lastly, Terri M. so calm and full of peace.
Our team is the best ever....let's all go to Greece;)


Grad. School Part 2

I'm Back! Well as the time keeps getting closer I figured I would add a few more insights.

Time Management- Going back to school full time or any time is quite the transition. Time is the factor that will make or break you. Trying to find the quiet moments to read and write papers can be hard. Then add in time for church, friends, work, and I think you get the picture. You will feel like the days are stuffed and that sometimes exhaustion will be your best friend....but keep on hanging in there. It will be worth it in the end:)

Reading- OH the reading! I have heard from friends. I have seen it as my sister sat and read and read and READ! Yeah, it is a killer. Thank goodness I enjoy school. Anyway, break the reading up and try not to get behind are the only tips I have.

In two weeks I will have my first class. I will let you all know how it goes. Pray for me:)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Grad. School for Dummies Part 1

Just like those "Dummies" series books I figure I could offer some tips and reminders to anyone who might be heading back to school. These tips are mainly for someone who is going to graduate schoo full time...but anyone might find them helpful.

1. Find a place to live! Everyone's website looks fabulous, but you don't want loud, noisy 19 year olds keeping you up at night. Investigate and ask around. Don't forget that staying on campus might be the right choice for you (it is for me).

2. Books, $$$$, and Meds. In the busy activity of getting back into school don't forget a few expensive things. Those books are a monster. Bargain hunt as much as you can. helped me! Also. budget for the random $$$ expenses. Graduate school is not cheap and you don't want to be blind sided by hidden costs and extra bills. Lastly, make sure your shot records are up to date, that you have been to the doc recently etc. Don't want a hold on your registration based on health stuff.


Friday, May 14, 2010

A-Z (random thoughts)

Here are my A-Z first thoughts, or letter associations...

A= Adam
B= beautiful
C= cat
D= (haha don't know why but a certain expletive popped in my head....bad Sabrina!)
E= energy
F= failure
G= green
H= hot ( It is toasty in here)
I= igloo (ahh that's better)
J= Jasmine
K= keloid (yuck)
L= laugh (reaction to the above)
M= men
N= neighbors
O= oops
Q= quick
R= ransom
S= savory
T= tasty
U= unbearable
V= vacation (Sounds heavenly!)
W= water
X= ??? ( I got nothing)
Y= you
Z= zoo

*Inspired by a magazine article at the hair dresser:)* Have a wonderful weekend!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I am just so tired! Off to bed, but before I go here is a cute little picture that will hopefully give me sweet dreams tonight!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


 For the last few weeks I have been going back and forth in my head about how was I going to replace all of the amazing things about my Tallahassee life. Who would replace the caring friends? Could anything ever replace the blessed work experience? Where would I find a church home to belong like Timberlane?

Then.... it occured to me! I don't want to replace Tallahassee! When I think back, Tallahassee did not replace Jacksonville when I left to start FSU. Actually, now Tally is my second home. I embraced Tallahassee as a whole new experience!

That is the realization that I needed and you can't even know how it comforted me:) There is room in my life for new things. It's not like I have reached my threshold or anything. I fully intend to give Athens my very best! It is my little adventure and I can't wait to get started. And maybe at the end of the road one day I will be able to call Athens my third home. That makes me smile...a lot:)

Friday, May 7, 2010

The I Will List

Goodness Grief the blog has been quiet lately. Guess why;) Team Leader, Sister, Teacher, Daughter, Friend, College's a lot!

Anyway, when I was bowling the other weekend a good friend's husband pointed out that there are a lot of things that I don't do, or don't eat, or don't like. He is right! My nearest and dearest know this about me, but I do need to work on being flexible. So here is an I Will list. Things that I Will try to do in the next year:)

I Will:
enjoy some of the nature around North GA

host a Christmas party for my new GA friends (hinging on the idea that I will make them, friends I mean)

cook for myself (not be a take out queen)

start my mornings in prayer and Bible reading

stay in contact with my FL friends (OH I am going to go through some serious withdrawl!)

use the UGA Health Center .....often

not overtire myself constantly

pray with passion and purpose for others first but also myself

be open to the laughter and the tears (embrace them as natural and keep moving!)

be open to the idea of meeting a nice guy and maybe going on a date or whatever (BIG one for me.....not my area of confidence AT ALL!!!)

What else should I add? You know me, is there an I Will that needs to go here? Or do you have an I Will that you need to do for yourself:) Happy Friday!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


If you have not heard or seen my good news, then let me introduce you to my new baby! Her name is Bluebelle or BB for short. I have had her for only 2 days and I love her:)

Now I have NEVER named a car before. I don't really know where all of these loving emotions are coming from. I do know that I yelled at a stick today that crunched loudly under my tire. And I swerved to avoid carpet that was in the road. I thought I felt someone tap us at a red light too! Am I being a hovering mama;)

I am SUPER excited though. BB and I will be learning all about Athens in a month. And if one of those college youngsters scratches my baby.......j/k all should be fine!