Thursday, April 25, 2013

Friday Tunes: Luther

I LOVE IT! That is all. It's FRIDAY!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

27 was....

I'll be 28 on the 28th, very very soon! Just like every other year I am excited to see another birthday. I am thankful that I have the type of perspective that appreciates the wonder of growing older and celebrations!

If you are interested, I wrote about 25 here and 26 here.

OK! On, to my ponderings on 27.

27 was....
stressful. I have to start here because this was really kind of the theme of my 27th year. There have been worse times, but this year was difficult, trying, and filled to the brim with stress. Waiting for a job, then adjusting to a job, then getting beat down by a job, then looking for a new job. Yeah, the stress levels had risen mighty high during this year. And that is why I made my New Years Resolution to be a more peaceful Sabrina, because another year like this one, well I just hope that is not in the plans.

27 was ....
eye-opening. I have been shocked and surprised many times this year. Both extremely positive and extremely negative things have grabbed my attention. Positive: Children are resilient, and have this amazing and forgiving love to share. The kiddies have made the 27th year worth it all. And no matter what, it is for the children that I care the most. Negative: True poverty is another world. And I will never look out at this world of have and have-nots the same way, ever again. There are so many dangerous, scary and unfair situations right here in this great and blessed nation of America (nationally, by state, and by city).

27 was ....
a lesson in humility. Was I proud before this year? Yeah, I was. The good things and my God given talents had padded the way for me, and I had begun to find a lot of pride in the way of "Sabrina". It was not out of control, but it could have gotten there. I did not take enough time to look out beyond the scope of my life. I did not have much true understanding or compassion for those who were totally different than me. I think I was more pitying than compassionate. Interested but not compassionate. Grace and mercy were not daily parts of my life. But, as some of you know, I have changed this year. I had to change. And a more careful lady has emerged. I am cautious of broad, sweeping judgements, because I don't know it all. And even if I did, I still would not judge it right. The 27th year has been shared with my family and intimate friends. And I can write and share this now, because all I am doing is admitting something that we all can relate to. I am growing up and I am sometimes a mess;) But, I refuse to give up on the process. And I refuse to walk around blindly acting like I have it all together while it literally is crumbling away on some days and at some moments.

27 was....
unique. There has never been such a year in my life! Travels and friendships, teaching and being taught, counseling and being counseled. I've seen the waves of life rushing and receding all around me. I began to live in the moment and take it day by day. I let myself be surprised again. I choose Joy and with God's help, stared down Fear. I survived. I mean it....because at the very lowest point, when I had a bruise on my arm from being bitten by a child, and a bruise on my heart from that same child calling me a the positive changes of now.....whew! For a while I honestly feared I was not going to make it. And yet I did! That life experience, and many others that I won't share, all culminated in survival. So yeah, now that I've got your imagination working, I'll say it again. This year has been unique.

I needed this 27th year. But, I gladly look forward to what is ahead. Thanks to everyone who took a little time to read this "year in review". Oh, and Happy early Birthday to me:)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Plans for a 28th Birthday!!

Friday- A small group will go to Callaway Gardens to enjoy an evening under the stars with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (something new and different to celebrate the occasion!!)

Saturday- Some pampering and then a Birthday Brunch in Atlanta

Sunday- Church in ATL and a family/friends lunch

Tuesday- Pints and Paints with some of the hilarious women that I work with

One birthday, many celebrations, one very EXCITED Sabrina!!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Tunes- Santana & Rob Thomas

I'm still in a high school music mood. So here is another song that younger Sabrina enjoyed. Lyrics memorized and all (well that is a given for me).

I'm off to work and then a Ladies Retreat with Mel's church. I will be speaking to the teens about Ephesians 6 (the armor of God). Things I need to remember, that I pray they need as well.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Beauty Now & Then

 Are you being the best version of YOU?
                                             (from here)

In the looks department I have always been low key.
At first it was pure laziness. And natural disinterest. I was the smart, funny girl, and that mattered more to me. Some things just were not on my radar. I can be pretty oblivious when I want to be.
There are many "girlie" things and habits I have picked up along the years.
Using a lot of make-up was not one of them.

I grew up with a younger sister, who very quickly, ran laps around me in this department.
And truth be told, I didn't realize how many people even wore make-up until I was much older.
And by then I was pretty far behind the learning curve. I mean who wants to help a 23 year old learn how to apply make-up.
I guess I was under the illusion, that like me, most girls didn't want to waste valuable sleeping or reading time, putting on make-up. I was wrong;)

Today, on a typical day, my go-to makeup trick is a fresh, clean face (this is huge to me) and lipgloss.
And on very, very slow days, that lipgloss is just plain old Vaseline. (Melanie is cringing I know!)

When I want to dress it up, I go for mascara (Clinique and I are goooood friends) and this pinky/gold eyeshadow (again Clinique). I found this duo back during my Senior year at FSU, and I have held on ever since. I am obviously a creature of habit. And truth be told I don't have the confidence to wear a face full of make-up everyday. I would smudge it, sweat it off, wipe it off, etc. I don't think I have that poise yet. I think I touch my face a lot during a typical day (bad habit alert).

Overall though, when I think of beauty. When I imagine how I want people to see me. I always go back to a sort of natural beauty. I am going to sound like a straight up hippie, and that is OK, but the beauty of a blue sky, and budding tulips, and a sunset. That is the type of beauty I want to be seen in me. And it's more of a way of being and acting than something I could ever buy.

So I think that leaves me somewhere that is hard to define but easy to know. And, that place is a little different, but I like it!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Tunes-Gospel

This oldie but goodie gospel song is both poignant and beautiful. I remember hearing this song as I grew up, while visiting my grandma's house. Grown-up Sabrina's soul loves reading and mediating and praying on many of the words. Praise God for who he is and his faithfulness and gracious good will.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Welcome to April Bree!

My birth-month has arrived again, and I am happy to see it:)
In 28ish days, I will be 28 years old! And though, as of now I have nothing big planned, I will hopefully find celebrations throughout the month and year to honor this momentous occasion.

April is the last full month of work for the 2012-2013 school year. April will bring about a gorgeous and amazing Spring. April will maybe be a time of decisions and ponderings. 

This April, I am in a completely different life space than last year. Same girl. The journey has been some sort of intense, there are parts I don't ever want to repeat again. But, it has all culminated in growth, so I will take it.

This April I feel like I am well on my way to living as a more peaceful Sabrina. And God has worked mightily to bring that about. It will probably forever be my struggle, the want to panic, over-plan, stress, and worry. But, I am going to be my own prayer warrior, I really need to be, since I am the one who knows my true needs better than any other person.

By the end of the month, may I still have a smile on my face, God's presence in my life, and the willpower to take life as it comes. 28 can be an amazing year, it can heal what has been broken. And that sounds mighty fine to me!