Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Words, feelings, thoughts, actions, public, emotions, personal, safe, and scary. 
Love is all of this and much more.

I'm spending this week studying Love. It is both the beginning, middle, and end of all the things that really matter. It is also infinity tied into all things.
So it probably is important that I continue to know more about it. Knowing full well that I won't ever get every beautiful, fragile nuance, but not letting that hinder me.

At this present time in life I would say that daily I feel loved, and get a chance to show others my love for them.

In some ways love to me has always been a bright thing. I have not had others try to manipulate me to gain my love and in my naive way I open myself up and welcome others into my life. Except on the times when I don't do this. Because there is a catch of course. There are little hidden parts and crevices of this love thing that still allude me.

Loving those who make adult decisions that effect the lives of children. Being open, loving and vulnerable in a romantic relationship. Loving forgiveness that heals and then tries again, and again. These are my mountains. There is only 1 guide who will be able to help me with these particular peaks and cliffs.

However, loving words given to those who are in need of some brightness. Spur of the moment words and questions that let people know that I care. I care so very much. Loving thoughts and prayers lifted for those near and far who still reside in my heart. A genuine smile and listening ear. These are my love accomplishments. At 26 they are the things I know and things I do and practice in love.

At the start of this year I wrote about Positive Growth. It has been a wonderful goal for this year. Full of health and time to be with myself. I hope Love continues to uphold me. That my Positive Growth be illuminated by a growing love, a mature love, and a refreshing love that becomes a vital part of my everyday life.

Monday, February 27, 2012


I keep laughing to myself as my things start falling apart, or not working. Technically, it is not so bad, as much of this stuff is over 5 years old. I have mattresses, a DVD player, and more that I bought when I got my first job in Tallahassee. They are all still plugging along....but I think they are crying out to be replaced.

They are gonna have to wait until later this year after I get a job and a more permanent place to live and thrive.

I did cave in and buy a new hand held blender. No good cook can go too long without one of those. My new one has a clip on container that holds the beaters....fancy;)

I also had to purchase a new crock-pot which I have put to GOOD use! I broke the old one, with my aggressive knob joke.

Here are a few more things on the list that I want to have in my future living space.
I have always found it SO daunting to clean a I think the compact Magic Bullet would be perfect for my smaller cooking and blending needs.

I am also gonna have to find a kitchen table and chairs. Melanie has our old ones. That will definitely be a fun purchase.  Of course I know it's the food and folks who eat at the table that matter. But I think we should give the table and chairs themselves a little credit.

With barely concealed envy I have seen my sister and other friends use their Wii to stream from Netflix. I have got to get that little set-up in my new place. Also, the Wii -Fit especially the Zumba game are must-haves!

Sigh, this list is getting longer and my mind is getting more and more carried away. But reality calls. Cough syrup, class, and ridiculously long online applications are calling my name none too gently. 2 weeks to Spring Break! Can you see my gigantic grin?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cooking Mama

With February wrapping up I have had some peaceful weekends. Time for naps and $2 movies. Time for school work and cooking. Yep, time for cooking!

I have been in the kitchen much more at the start of this 2012 year. Hooray!
Of course, not having a dish washer kinda puts a cramp in things, because I hate to use a whole bunch of dishes when I know I will have to put in the elbow grease to wash every thing. I know, such a complaint from the "modern world" or whatever people call it;)

I thought I would recap here and provide some recipes, because you know, food that comes recommended from someone holds a little more weight than just random recipes.

This veggie lasagna was good. It was too salty to me, so I would cut back on the salt it asks for. Also, I choose to use broccoli and zucchini (you can use whatever veggies you like). The fab part is I made it in my crockpot. Yeah, I know! It's one I would make again, with just a little tweaking.

These cupcakes were nice and dense and delicious. They were not super sweet, but they were tasty. After a day or two, they tasted better if you warmed 'em up in the microwave for 20 seconds.

At this moment (last night now) I am sitting here waiting for these brownies to cool! Easy to make and the addition of mini marshmellows, almonds, and chocolate chips makes them over the top delicious! My sweet tooth is satisfied:)

On a frigid, rainy weekend I made this Mexican Chicken soup. YUM! It has my seal of approval as well as my families and some of the cohort. It's soo very good and easy to make. Another crockpot champ! The only tweaking I did was to substitute one can chicken broth for the one bottle of beer it calls for.

Oh and Melanie made these biscuits on my last visit. SO DELICIOUS! I mean they were fabulous and so easy to make. It feels like cheating because it should not be this easy to make a biscuit. I always feel like biscuits should leave you a flour covered mess, muttering and waving around a rolling pin;)

Now I need to know. What have you been cooking? Please share if you have a winning recipe that you think I should try.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Favorite Things Party!

Crafting was a fun part of hosting the party. This will become the mini centerpiece.
Since it was February and approaching Valentines Day, I made "heart" giftbags for each girl to take her "favorite things" home.
This fun mini banner was made with red sparkly ribbon, pink sparkle clothes pins and hearts made from paint samples. Easy on the wallet.
The "love" wreath was a fun way to showcase some paper flowers and rosettes. As you can tell I was in the crafting mood!
Just some of the amazing snacks!
Even more food!
Yep, the finished product from the first picture.
My food contribution. Brown sugar poundcake cupcakes with brown sugar cream cheese frosting.
And of course allllll of the favorite things.
As you can tell...maybe, my first attempts at a Favorite Things party went fabulously.
18 girl friends. (I know I don't have any photos of them! But they were there...I am making a transition to a new camcorder/camera and well, I'm still learning).
Endless delicious goodies and snacks.
Mountains of gifts and laughter, and delightful fun.
Some of the gifts were: green tea, jewelry, homemade CD's, chocolate, notepads, bubbles, etc. You name it, and we might have had it. Hearing the stories behind the gifts was the best part of all.
It made me so happy to see so many friends together, catching up, chatting, relaxing, and enjoying time together. Why don't we do this more often?
Are you interested in hosting your own Favorite Things party? I know you are;) You can always contact me if you have questions. Or go here for some ideas about having a Favorite Things party of your very own!
Just follow the basic mold, but let the details be centered around you and your special group of friends.
* Thank you to Annie for inspiring me to host my own party and Julie for always sharing your fun stories about being a Favorite Things party guest! *

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Transitions for Sabrina

"If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome."
 Anne Bradstreet

Currently in the life of Sabrina I am entering a transitional phase. The trying thing about it is I don't really have a timeline as to when it will be complete. Of course graduation will be a signal in someways. But really, until I get a job and then start that job and get my feet wet, the transition will continue. If I had to put a time on it, I would say from now until around October. Whew! I get nervous just rereading that.

I want to share this with you all though so that you can pray for me and this time in my life. I am not exactly scared because in many ways I feel prepared. I am kinda anxious, and sometimes worried, and maybe even knit-picky and that does not help anything.

I am going to get my resume out there at a job fair specifically for Teachers and Administrators (that will be me kinda) tomorrow. It's from 10-1 and I would appreciate all prayers and positive thoughts then and throughout the next few months as I have to walk the path of uncertainty. As I know full well, it is not my favorite path. I often try to scurry off of it as soon as possible. However, there is trust and faith on that road. And I need to grow in both. So this time I am going to try and breathe deep, and not plot ways to get through quickly, and maybe even be still and find peace in the fact that I know it will all work out for good.

This time of transition can bring forth a new Sabrina. The one who will be 27 this year. The one who has spent 2 years in graduate school and has learned more about herself than she thought possible. If you want to change, well now is the time to do it, so "they" say. And I want to transition better, I don't want to repeat old patterns. Instead I want to embrace the fact that right now I cannot see my future clearly at all.....and though that is petrifying, if I am 100% transparent, I know with some grace, mercy, strength, and wisdom it can be done. Here's to the journey!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The :) File

One of the best pieces of professional advice I ever received was to create a "smile" or "happy memories" file. As a teacher you work hard and sometimes the days and months and years can begin to flow together. A wise person told me that it would be important to file away little notes, pictures, and small treasures that would remind you that yes you are appreciated, yes you are changing lives, yes the hard work is all worth it.

My :) File is a purple, legal size folder from my 3 years of teaching. It has no real order to it, but sometimes when I miss teaching, and some days when I miss the working family I had created, and some days when I just need a reminder, well I flip open that folder.

It does not take long for the flowery pictures, the bold colors, the childish sentences, and the cards to uplift me. My wise mentor was right....this file was one of the best things I could have done.

Among the many fond and precious memories of children and families is a simple email. It was the first note of appreciation that I received and it means so, so much because the parent who sent it was a father who was a graduate student at FSU. He was raising his daughter in the states while his wife and the rest of his family were still in China. I can only imagine how difficult that had to be. Anyway, at the very start of my teaching journey during my Freshman year I did volunteer work at a local elementary school. I was assigned to V, a precious little girl who spoke very limited and halting English. She was in 3rd grade and yet we worked on handmade vocabulary cards about place words like up, underneath, and over. We would "read" together and sometimes just be together because the language barrier was difficult.

As I was about to leave for the term, so was V. She and her father were moving because her mother was finally going to be able to join the family. I was so excited for her, because without words I knew she missed her mama deeply. Anyway, a few weeks before our last time together her father sent me this.
Hello Sabrina,
How are you? This is J and I am V's dad. V mentions you many times, and she always has a good time to learn English with you. Anyway, I appreciate your gracious help.
Best wishes,
J and V
I will never know how he got my email. I will never know what his family ended up doing and where they settled. Yet, this simple email gave me such encouragement. It literally surprised me and warmed my heart. I was 18 then, I was enjoying my FSU days, and this note helped fan the flame that had been sparked earlier. Teaching was for me. Elementary children were my especial joy. Not everyone is so sure at such a young age that they have entered the right profession. But.... I was. I knew it, just as deeply as I knew my own name. Teaching was for me and I was for it and together, well together we were a force to be reckoned with:)

I hope no matter where you work, you keep some type of "smile" file. Maybe yours is not even work related. Maybe yours is centered around your family, or your spouse, or your friends. But I think the work file is important because we spend so much of our time working, and a part of the big picture of who we are, is who we are at work. Another week is upon us. We are moving right along and Spring will be approaching sooner than we think!

Friday, February 17, 2012

February Friday Tunes

 The only negative thing I can say about this simple, soul-stirring song is that I wish it was longer. Friday, Friday, today is FRIDAY!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why a non-basketball girl really admires J.L.

 * I wrote this post on Saturday morning.....and my guy just keeps on winning!*
 “I just think in order for someone to understand my game, they have to watch me more than once, because I’m not going to do anything that’s extra flashy or freakishly athletic."
Jeremy Lin

I am not a huge, over the top basketball fan. The scoring is too fast paced for me, and just when I get excited for my team.....the other team scores and my enthusiasm gets snatched. Pitiful excuse I know...but there it is.

Anyway, I curiously clicked on a little blurb this morning about Jeremy Lin (J.L. to me). I had not heard of him before, but when I saw that he was a Harvard graduate, well the little academic part of me took sudden interest. I figured it could not be all that common for a top, top notch student to also be working it in the NBA. According to Wikipedia the last Harvard student to play in the NBA was way, way back in 1954.

Though I have only seen a 5 minute video blurb recapping his last game, I admire him. It takes extreme will and determination to be a successful academic athlete. I should know, I have worked with student-athletes here for 2 years now. Their time is not their own. And you know at Harvard he was expected to perform at consistently high level both in and out of the classroom.

 I love that he is Asian American. And let me explain that fully. I think to me it means that he has a persevering spirit. Because let's admit it, the stereotype that pops into my head probably popped into many people's thoughts during his life. Possibly making people doubt his qualifications. The NBA is not exactly a diverse group, when you look outside the black and white of it. I just am happy that he is a reminder that in ALL things it is not what a person looks like that matters. There are people all over the Earth who are ignored or rejected because they don't fit what society is "looking for". J.L. is a reminder for us all to look closer, and look deeper to people's actual skills and talents.

I enjoy his story of working hard. And trying again and again to reach his goals. I think the fact that he knew himself well and seems so poised, makes me like him more. In fact, in America there seems to be this whole new vision, people are tired of super flashy, over-expensive, pampered success. Give us all some hard working, never give-up stories and your "typical" American can jive with that much more than the other. At least I can!
All in all, this non-basketball girl has an admiration crush on J.L. The season is young, and so is he (he was born in 1988) but I wish him the very best of luck in all of his endeavors both on and off the court!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Waiting for fruit

Yesterday, I had a thought that really kind of perfectly sums up life for myself and many around me at the moment. Remember, I am in a real college town...way more so than Tallahassee. And most of my social circle is in their 20's, whether early, late, or mid.

I realized that many people are waiting for some fruit. What does that mean?
Well, I am no farmer, but after a while of planting, tending, and watering.....people are ready for the harvest. We wanna see, and experience, and know the tangible crop.

After times of looking at the earth and having faith that life is still growing, and trying to find patience to not just dig up the seeds, and use whatever we find so that "our way" wins out. After all of this, I feel like the harvest is nearing! What a happy, joyous, and delightful feeling!

Because I think you know, if you are currently in a season where you have harvested. And you are already enjoying the fruit that you waited for. The rewards are great. To finally be able to see what you waited for. Golden. To be able to touch what was once just a dream. Magical. If even for just a while, to have less questions. Especially the big one of "When".... "Oh when?!" Peaceful.

Part of my wait, has been realizing the wait for others. How? Having a prayer group with ladies who I love. Communicating with friends, and neighbors to learn more than just "How are you?" Truly using my God given talent to connect with people. And then not forgetting them and their cares, but doing my best to support, and check back in, and pray for them. My wait is not the most important one anymore. Of course, I still want the sweet fruit that I know is coming my way. But my heart is ready to rejoice with some other farmers.
Here are just a few examples of some of the upcoming harvest (hopefully)
New Jobs
Increased health
Stable relationships leading to marriage
Relaxation and Renewal 

The time is coming. I get a little anxious sometimes. But, in the waiting there are lessons. And I will always remember this time in my life and the life of my friends. Because in waiting you learn to be still. And in planting you learn to hope. And in the eventual harvest you learn praise and thanksgiving.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How did Valentine's Day get such a bad wrap?

Good Morning,
 It's a cold and moist Tuesday where I live. And it's also Valentine's Day!
 I was thinking about what to write, and then life helped me out by bringing me to a fundamental, life changing, epic question;)....
"How did Valentines's Day get such a bad wrap?" or "Why do people dislike Valentine's Day so much?"

From what I can see, there are 3 camps.
Camp 1: This is the Single's Awareness Day camp. Though it is a catchy phrase, I don't find myself here or needing to wear black to let people know how "anti" I am.
Camp 2: This is the "OH it's ONLY a Hallmark holiday!" "Just a day that is overrun with material items that do not equal love." I am not in this camp either, because in my book, when have flowers, candy, or cards ever hurt anyone's relationship?
Camp 3: This is the place for those who enjoy the fun, festivity, and love that encompasses Valentine's Day. And you probably already guessed it, but this is where I fit. I enjoy laughter, light, and fun. I like having a day to tell and show others how much I love them. Just because I am not dating anyone or married to anyone, or friends with benefiting anyone, does that mean I should enjoy Valentines any less. No way! I am surrounded by caring friends and my family is my treasure. I love myself mightily and love God most of all.

No matter where you find yourself on this day. Whether Camp 1,2,3, or someplace completely different. I hope your day ends up being really good. Get in some laughter, get in something sweet (a cupcake perhaps), and take time to use your words and let those around you know for certain that you love them greatly. Because to me, that is what it's all about.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Memories: Whitney Houston

Lots of news comes and goes, and I usually don't mention my reactions or feelings here on the blog.
However, yesterday Whitney Houston died, and I was speechless, shocked, and then just really sad for her family, especially her teenage daughter.

I think everyone has their Whitney memories. Songs of hers that were the soundtrack for different things in our lives. Or maybe not, but I definitely did!

My cousin sang The Greatest Love of All at an elementary school talent show back in the early 90's.

When I was in New York city during my first Spring Break as a teacher, I picked up this FABULOUS 2 disc album with all of Whitney's music, including remixes. And I still jam out to 1 of those CD's often. (I lost the other one...boooo!)

Our family of 4 really enjoyed her in The Preacher's Wife....and Melanie would sing songs from that movie all the time the year it came out.

Then of course you have The Bodyguard. A movie that I have always enjoyed, a soundtrack that is beyond sensational! And I will always remember watching it for the first time during my teens with my daddy. It happened to come on TV and at the end the little hopeless romantic in me turned to my daddy and said..."Wait! That can't be the end. That's not fair, why can't they be together?" And with the straight forwardness of a man, my daddy just replied, "Well they both had jobs to do, and very separate lives." That was it, no other explanation. Of course teenage Sabrina did not understand it, and I definitely was disappointed for the rest of the night.

So many of her songs I know by heart. I personally believe her vocal talent was a gift from God. It was so pure, and perfect, and amazing. It often seemed like she just opened her mouth, and perfect song flowed out. Her family history is full of singers....did you know that her mother was a back up singer for Elvis!?

I was going to be tuned into the Grammy's tonight anyway....because Adele is wonderful and I want to see her sing and hopefully sweep every category in which she is nominated. I will definitely be watching now. As the music world that catapulted Whitney to super stardom, now takes a moment to honor her skills and life.

I am not naive, I know that she made her choices as a grown we all do. But, the "old school" Whitney, the one most of us know and remember. The one who won my heart long before some of her more detrimental life changes. The "old school" Whitney demands my respect and honest appreciation for the music that she graced us with over the many years. Mrs. Whitney Houston you will be missed so much, but thank you for leaving us examples of your gorgeous voice!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

Beast: I want to do something for her... but what? 
Cogsworth: Well, there's the usual things: flowers... chocolates... promises you don't intend to keep...

In September I took myself to see The Lion King in 3D and wrote about it here.
Then yesterday I took myself to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D. I think I see a pattern emerging;)

I guess I will go ahead and admit one thing so that you all can laugh. I didn't realize the story took place in France! Oh, how crazy is that! I was sitting there last night and the lightbulb finally went off, and I was chuckling to myself. How did I miss that? Oh well.

The movie was just as wonderful as I remember. The quote above was just one of the funny moments that got me laughing. Also,the little girl in me sighed and was blatantly envious when the Beast gave Belle a library for her gift!! Oh goodness, that is a gift this girl would appreciate for ever and ever. Lastly, on a random note I decided that my mama is Mrs. Potts, Melanie is Lumiere and I am Cogsworth. Hahahaha, and if you know us then the characters fit pretty well!

Just like in The Lion King, a few things stood out to me during the movie. The first being the importance of watching your temper. I am not known for fits of rage, but I can get moody and sulky with the best of 'em. Anyway, being able to control your temper is a skill that has to be cultivated I think.

I also really enjoyed the reminders about the fact that true love sacrifices. I remember years ago I was talking to an atheist friend on the streets of Prague and he was asking me about the love of God. And I said that if I look to God and Jesus as my examples then real love means sacrifice. Of all the different aspects of love, this is the one I felt was important for my friend to know about. We talked for a few minutes more, and I have not seen that person in about 5 years....but the point still stands. You know how much you love someone when you know how much you would give for them.

I enjoyed my movie date. Have a  great day!  We are supposed to be getting Arctic like temps up my way. Brrrr.

Friday, February 10, 2012

February Friday Tunes

I'm taking it way old school today. But I realized a lot of the romantic songs in my book are classics, from my parents era and beyond. So today you have the amazingly talented Nat King Cole singing LOVE. A fun, beautiful classic.

I am also gonna throw in Unforgettable. Sigh, what a song. Gets me every time! And this blast from the past live version is just so cool to me. Simple, straight gimmicks. Kinda like how love should be.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2 book Reviews

I had quite the reading weekend. It was pretty nice I will admit.

Since I finished The Hunger Games and MWF seeking BFF I figured I would share my opinion with you all. This is what I would share if I was back in Tally with my fabulous bookclub.

So, up first is MWF seeking BFF. I am happy to say that by the end of the book I found the author much more likable and relate-able. At first her honesty was kind of off putting. I kept thinking of course you are not going to make any friends thinking like THAT! But by the last page she had grown and that was obvious to me the reader. Can I just say that one major point I took away from the book is that Chicago has a tremendous amount of things to do. She was cooking, shopping, reading, and improving all over the town. And I wished that I could swap places with her for a week or two. However, I could never, ever take the it could not be permanent.
Reading this book made me look at my own flaws as a friend and pet peeves. I think of myself as a friendly and approachable person, so I mainly gleaned good reminders about the ups and downs of friendships. I have had to move away from friends and her writing reminded me that it can go well sometimes or blow up in your face sometimes. In the end, I enjoyed the book and will be lending it to another friend tomorrow. One note is that in contrast to the author, my friends of common faith are my stronghold. They get me and my purpose on all levels and there is comfort in that fact.

Then we have The Hunger Games. I enjoyed the book much more than I thought I would! I was not exactly overjoyed to be reading it at first. I don't know I just had all of these preconceived notions. However, two things helped break the ice, finally. One was a fabulous description of the book by a friend at work that highlighted the political undertones, which got me intrigued. And, another friend told me to read it, but that it was not my type of book, and that I was not going to love it, because she had not. Wow, her honesty got my attention for sure. She was the first and only person to say that to me, and the surprise of her words tipped me over the edge and got me ready to read.

I am in no way outdoorsy so though the book is fiction I was intrigued about the whole idea of fending for yourself in nature. Of course if you know me then you know I would have lasted maybe one day, max. My skills at making friends and leadership would count for diddly squat in the Hunger Games. Were you like me, comparing yourself to the characters and finding your lack of survival skills abysmal? Also, I wonder how the movie will do the book justice? I will have to wait and see.
The book is entertaining and a swift read. Thank You for all of the people who recommended I give it a try. There are two more books in the series, and though currently I don't have much interest in reading them, that definitely might change.
Grad school beckons and "fun" reading has to be pushed aside in lieu of resumes, portfolios, projects, and planning but I am so glad I got these two books read.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Old Wounds

Whoever said to be very careful about who you let hurt you, well they were extremely wise.

Hurt is an odd thing. It's vast and yet it's tiny. It can make perfect sense in our head but come out as gibberish when we talk. And today I just wanted to say, don't you see I was hurt before and even though that was in the past it has made me cautious. It has made me careful, and it can still make me sad.

For all the positivity and light out there, the growth and shades of hurt are where the rare plants are found. And if you have not been hurt, or don't/can't acknowledge it in your life then this whole post will probably make no sense to you.

But if you have......
Well then you know in some ways it changes you. You know that just like a child who learns an "adult" secret you can't go back to how it was. And in the end I believe it is for the better. Sometimes we would never change if there were not some hurt and disappoint involved. Because let's face it, sadness, grief, hurt, distrust, and the like are some of the best teachers, because their lessons stay with us. Once you have been frozen, even when you thaw, you remember. And once you have been pushed really hard, you still know the place where the bruise was, even after it has faded.

So what then Sabrina? What is the point? I guess none really, or maybe just this one. Try again anyway. Be resilient past what you think is possible for yourself. Look all around, and not just at the small clouded area where hurt reigns. And don't make hurried decisions based solely on hurt. Old wounds will stay old wounds if we just let them be. They become new wounds that have to become old again when we pick at them, and worry them to death, and treat them roughly.

* I really had such a great weekend! And though the tone of this post is more contemplative it does not change the fact that my life is sweet and good and blooming with new life and possibilities.*

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Graduation Nesting- Books

As far I know nesting is the act of collecting items for an upcoming big event like a birth. More formally, Merriam-Webster says a nest is a snug retreat; resting place; or home. So nesting is the verb form of the noun nest, maybe.

Well, however you want to define it, I am doing it. But in my own fashion. I am nesting books for my post graduation life! It is a funny thing. I ordered 2 books from Amazon last week, and have no plans to read them until May.

Many friends have recommended books to me over the years and I am eyeing them to see which I need to get and have ready to devour later this year.

For sure I HAVE to take time and finish Wherever you go there you are. I am savoring it so slowly, but it has changed the way I see nature and still, peaceful moments and a meditative life. I would have never really paid attention to how the sun shines off a puddle as I walk to my car, if not for this book. I can't wait to finish it during a summer beach trip.

Before I start my job (probably in August) I need to read Man's Search for Meaning. I have heard about it in my program left and right and just have not had time to get to it.

There is a copy of  The Happiness Project waiting patiently for my return.

Also, I really want to complete Animal,Vegetable, Miracle.

Last but not least, the cook in me is so eager to finally read Julie and Julia. I loved the movie and it got me all excited to read the book.

Whew, that is a lot of reading to do. But I am more than up to the challenge. I will be back soon with my full opinions on two books from this post last week. Yep, I finished The Hunger Games and MWF seeking BFF. It's been a good weekend for reading.....and party hosting! More on that later too:)

Friday, February 3, 2012

February Friday Tunes

This month for my Friday Tunes posts I will feature four songs that I think are highly romantic. I think this will be a fun one if you have comments, especially those of you who are coupled up out there. What songs are romantic to you?
This is of course highly a matter of personal musical taste and opinions. I wonder do people have a song anymore? I always liked that idea of a song that reminded you of each other. Sigh, I am getting all's this month and the advertsing I tell ya:)

I want to start out with Ms. Adele! I love her, she is wonderful! Her version of Make you Feel my Love is singing gold. Deep, smooth, and just a touch moody. Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thought Dump

The following is a post that will be a thought if you have better things to do, then please go do them;) I do not know if there will even be a common theme. And I am OK with that fact. So let's dive right in.

The beginning of 2012 has been FULL of loss. I mean, right now I am praying for about 6 friends who have lost a family member since the year began. It's quite a lot, and a humbling reminder of the fact that death is the flip side of the life coin, the other side being birth.

Speaking of birth:) Bring on the babies 2012. My heart is so happy for the expanding families that I know. The planner in me looks forward to helping host a baby shower or two this year.

Then there is school, and Athens life in general. The days are filled and the time is flying and I am mostly content. Sometimes, I get to thinking "what if?", and "what next?". But it is not time for the answers to those questions, so I am constantly doing this imagery thing where I picture myself picking up my questions and fears, and nervous thoughts, and then holding them for a bit and then laying them back down. My faith helps me lay them before God and continue on with my day. I have used this imagery and deep breathing outside in cleansing nature, a few times already this year, and it works for me.

It's February (the month I always misspell) and of course love is in the air, or at least on the shelves of every store. I do not have a problem with Valentines day, but I do have a problem with the engagement ring commercials that call your engagement "the most romantic time of your life". WHAT?!? Now, I am not married, dating, or engaged but I sure hope that if it ever happens for me, that the romantic times will not take a hike somewhere between the "Yes, I will marry you" and the "Now we are back from a fabulous honeymoon." A Godly marriage is a gift, and I think it should be the gift that keeps on giving. Not a one or two time gift explosion.

Lastly, I have some really great friends. They add sparkle, zest, and energy to my life. There are too many to ever name, but let me give a shout-out to a few (the ones I talk to each week or day, depending). Melanie is my sister and friend and gets me on the very deepest of levels. Cherika and Julie always get me laughing on the phone (who knew that could come to mean so much to a person) and not seeing them as often is one of the hardest parts of being here. The good part is that I am making more and more friends up here in Georgia. All won't last forever, but I have carefully invested time with people who I need in my life. It's a good thing for sure.

Thought Dump complete.