Sunday, March 23, 2014

Keys to Rest

One sign of a more grown-up Sabrina, she seeks peace and calm when it is needed.
The other me, she rushed and always said Yes, and volunteered for all sorts of things. She did not use much discretion in weighing what was worthy and what could wait. And so she was busy, and loved being busy.

Now, at almost 29, I still can be busy, but I also can be calm. I know what makes me peaceful and so I add that to my life when times get frantic.

This weekend, I came to one of my favorite places to rest. I packed up my laundry, and some books and a basketball bracket (and highlighters) and went to stay with family that loves me. I came for a mini getaway and the plan was nothing fancy. And I stuck to that plan. And it has felt just perfect!

If I don't take these times, to rest well and bask in the stability of love. Well then, I get tired and it is harder to see the sunny side of life. It gets more difficult to remember what really matters.

Now I know who and what demand things from me and drain me. And it is powerful to be able to tell life, that I have the key to the other side. Life throws me trials at work and I know now that a walk at the Botanical Gardens will clear my head. Life sends me this never-ending loop of sometimes impossible thoughts and cares and I know now I write in my personal journal, or come here to blog.
Life invites sadness and grief both for myself and family and friends and I spend time in prayer and release. Life always requires something of me, whether my gauge is full or empty. And I get it now, that I need to monitor myself. And then act. And this weekend of rest has me ready to start a new week.

*I am going to be leading the Bible study group at my school for these last 9 weeks. As we all learn about the Fruit of the Spirit and practical applications to our calling as educators, may I also see these traits flourish in my spiritual and personal life*

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