Sunday, April 13, 2014

The birth-month so far...

If I could have a theme for my idea of celebrating my entire birth-month, I would call it, "Everyday Celebrations".

Each year in April I am just more mindful of saying Yes to fun and lighthearted things. Examples....

Frozen movie night
Me time at the Bontanical Gardens
Calling friends far and near to catch up on life and share
Small splurges....just because I feel like it
Reunion lunches with wonderful Godly women
Skate Night
Cleaning and organizing on purpose
Rising very, very early to work on my fitness....and kinda liking it
Holiday weekends with my family
Writing in a brand new, amazing journal

And we are only 13 days in! I can't wait to see how the rest of the month unfolds. I have high hopes for wonderful things!!


TONI said...

ohhh skate night! I have a pair of $100 skates I've been meaning to use for the past few years. Maybe I'll celebrate my bday with a skate party.

Sabrina said...

You should, I was a little shaky at first. But it was really fun. Something different!