Thursday, May 15, 2014

Last Day Thoughts

*I had written this at the end....but it might be better at the start*

Here are my wishes and prayers for my students:
I pray that my babies get to live a full life, where they will be protected from harm and danger. I pray my girls would not see the "fun" of having a baby while they are too young. But instead be surrounded by strong, motivated women who will encourage them to plan for their future and family at the right time. I pray that love, and serenity enter the homes of my students. I pray that fathers reunite with their families and bring the special stability that only they can provide. I hope my babies, the ones who are still gentle in spite of harsh surroundings; I pray they don't get jaded, harmed or taken advantage of, for having a quiet and kind spirit. I pray my boys be strong but also smart. I hope in my heart that they learn when to "back-down" and how to turn from certain situations. That they grow-up and not follow but instead lead. I pray for an increase in coping skills, resilcency and just plain, good, ole-fashioned happiness for each and every one of my precious kiddies!

Twas the night before the last day of school. And one School Counselor, in one small city, in one state, in one great nation, took some quiet time to reflect back on 2 years!

Tomorrow, I say good-bye to my kiddies. And I really could not love these babies more if I tried. And that is saying a lot because the times have not always been neat and pretty. In fact, its been pretty hectic and messy. But it has also been some of the most rewarding times of my life. The things that I have shared with these children have made me a better person.

I have been given a gift of connecting and working with young children. Every time I think it's time for a change, it is just reaffirmed to me, to keep on working with the elementary kids.

These two years have seen a school that is right in the difficult, middle of some necessary changes. And it has been an honor to be a part of the process. Oh the things, I have seen, heard, and done. Melanie thinks I should write a book!

Last week, it hit me just how much I will miss this place and these times with these people. I was walking a student home, and I was just reminded that the seeds of growth are in every single situation of life. And though sometimes things are dark, dirty, and downright depressing. Well, it's in those places that even the smallest ray of light is noticed. I have had a chance to stand out in my school. My smile was noticed right away, and my peaceful spirit was tested time and again as I talked kids down from the emotional brink (and a few staff members too). My small efforts counted, because they were something different. There is more light at Gaines now than when I started 2 years ago. And that thought will help me rest well tonight.

I have played a large part in fixing something that I did not break. And you know what? I am proud. I am proud of the Sabrina Maude Stewart who is getting ready to make a new and exciting transition. I am humbled that God called me to stay last year, and that his faithfulness has literally covered each and every moment of this journey. I am hopeful for my babies. I want the best for them, I want them to dream BIG, just like I do. I want these children to get chances to step out of the cycle of crippling poverty and get to experience all that this life has to offer.

And I got to be a part of the start of that. There are hundreds of kids now, who expect a wave and warm hug from at least one adult in their lives. There are kids now who know that even though sometimes our feelings get SO big, that we can still be in control. There are students now who can use their words to say, "I'm hungry, or I'm tired." instead of lashing out at everyone they come in contact with. There are adults who will keep up the good work because I took time to love and support them, both at school and in their personal lives. There is at least one Principal who knows that I will pray for her until we see the start of a new and shining era of education at our school!

It's almost my bedtime. But as always, writing has helped me organize my feelings. Tomorrow will be a bittersweet day, but it feels oh so good to know I am leaving a part of myself at this school. And taking a part of this school with me on the next leg of this adventure called life!


Jess said...

I did not know that your middle name was Maude. Or maybe I did...

I am gonna miss you so much! You are quite an inspiration to me. God empowered you with so much strength to work at Gaines, and I am sure that strength will follow you where you are going.

Waaaaahhhh! :( GO. You are destined for great things.

Jessie Daniels said...

I know you have been a beautiful blessing to this children. I hope they all love you as much as I do! (Which is a lot!!!) You spread beauty wherever you go, so I know the next place will be better for having you, just like Athens is better for having you. I hope all children get the chance to have a Sabrina in their life.

Sabrina said...

Jessica, Yes I think you did know it was Maude, but I don't mention it much, so I am sure you forgot:) God has for sure given me strength that I could not have had on my own. He changed me for the better at Gaines! I will miss you too....can't even start to dwell on that too much.

Jessie:) Thank You, your kind words, just remind me to be humble. I will miss you too!!