Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mothers Are.....

In tribute to Mother's Day 2016

From my heart to yours, a special tribute to ALL Mother's, and those we love dearly

Mothers are gracious. Do you notice her? The mother who puts others before herself. She might not have even entered the room yet, because she is making sure all is right for her guests. She might sit down last, because it is in her nature to make sure others are taken care of first. Deep in her heart, she automatically has this way of serving first.

Mothers are lovely. Have you noticed how amazing she looks? She might be covered in drool, flour, or even dirty handprints...but she is lovelier than any model! She smiles and it is a genuine reflection of the light that radiates from her soul. She can dress it up or dress it down, but she is a picture, that sometimes can't even be snapped fast enough to upload to Instagram or Facebook. Her spirit is pretty and her face outshines that because her beauty is timeless.

Mothers are quick! Wait a second, how did she even get that done? Seemingly in two places at once. She is discipline and she is comfort. She cooks and she cleans up the mess that we leave. She schedules and she shuttles us back and forth. She wakes up for late night feedings, and she paces until curfews are met. That special type of energy that is only fueled by unending love, that is one of her superpowers.

Mothers are gentle. I deserve a really good pinch for that crazy mistake, why did she just look at me instead? This world is harsh, so mind numbingly mean sometimes. But she resists that at every turn. She speaks and you listen. She summons and you get there. She shares a better way and you follow her. She is kind and treats all like they are hers, she is amazing, and soft, and not ashamed of that fact.

And, just one least for this year. She is hilarious:) Did you hear what she just said? Sometimes you just shake your head because her jokes are just a bit corny, but you could never tell her that! She brings up funny memories from the past, and she is the one that can make you giggle.

So to all of the mothers out there. The new ones with "arm babies", the mature ones whose babies have their own babies now. To the mothers who can still run around the yard and those who are pushed in a wheelchair from place to place. To mothers who have lost and those who have gained. And especially to two special groups, so near to my heart. To the women who want to be mothers. To the silent struggle, to the desire that is unanswered yet. Have faith my warriors, know you are loved and I am praying for you. And to the women, the aunts, friends, family who are just like my mother. They are the women who assisted my amazing mama and daddy in raising me into who I am today. They are the women who still spoil me now from time to time.....and I appreciate that !  Thank You all!

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