Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ebb & Flow

It's been quite the week of highs and lows. Too much to go into here. But the constant realization that life comes at you fast then recedes so that you can catch your breath.

I'm driving a rental car for another week. Feeling kinda antsy about life for some reason. Work is work. Though, the friends I had gained have been taken away. It is the way of life recently.

I am living among this mix of smiles and frowns. And it is nothing major. Each morning I am blessed to open my eyes and try again for a new day. But sometimes the accumulation of small nicks, builds up.

Tonight I walked and talked with a special friend. She is so faithful, and this time spent with her was absolutely what I needed.

This is so disjointed, but I am almost at the weekend!

OH, I am feeling full of purpose as I see again that I am here for much more than work. God is using me in his kingdom, and that is making me very happy!!

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