Friday, September 20, 2013

OH Deer!

In simple words, I was hit by a deer on my way to Target tonight.

Now here is what happened....
I live in North GA, in a more wooded area. I see deer all of the time out here in my city, that is surrounded by country. It's odd because I often see peaceful deer munching grass or gazing out into the road.

Well, tonight I was driving and out of the corner of my eye I saw a deer coming at me full tilt. I didn't panic, but I knew I could not slow down either. So I just gripped the wheel and focused on keeping my car going. It all happened in about 45 seconds. I heard a loud thump near the front left side of my car. Then it was over.

My heart was in my throat. Seriously, I almost could not breathe. My first thoughts, were pure thanks and gratitude to God for saving my life. He kept me calm and in the moment. So I drove a bit more and when no emergency lights came on or anything....I continued on to Target! Sometimes I am a nut.

Anyway, as I drove, I am thinking that nothing was wrong. Until I got to the parking lot and tried to open my door! Whomp, whomp. Yep, the door would only open a crack. So, I huffed and puffed over the seat and out the passenger side.

My Bluebelle was not happy with me. That dang dear dented my hood, cracked my grill, and scraped the paint. Also, it must have thrown something off because the front door still won't open:(

Anyway, that is when I realized just how serious everything could have been. And I started feeling little sore spots. The family Stewart was available by phone and helped me get my mind right. A quote from my dear mother "That is why people in the county stay in at night. To let the deer roam!" Even she laughed at herself on that one. Then State Farm was just amazing! I tell you, don't skimp on car insurance.

Anyway, I had planned for a relaxing weekend. And now I will most certainty get my wish:) Gotta handle all of the "adult" car and insurance issues as well. But, again, God is a protector, and I am grateful!

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