Monday, December 22, 2014

Ending up December

There is a special sort of peaceful feeling, of waking up in the bedroom that housed your childhood.
There is something intangible about resting my head on a bed that was gifted to me when I was in middle school. I feel the soul deep contentment of looking around this place that is a testament to a well lived life. Pictures, art projects, trophies, well read books, dust.....the memories this room has seen!

I have a deep seeded love for stability. It is wrapped up in my own personality, and the stable example of my parents. So, coming home always seems to bring me peace. The trips are sometimes short, but the "feel" of being home is something that I have come to count on.

2014, you have been good to me, and I look forward (with giddy excitement) to ending up this year! And I will admit, I brightly look forward to 2015!

This is the sort of morning for taking it easy. Hot tea, and thankfulness. Maybe I will get back in bed and try to go to sleep. Highly doubtful.

What's on the list for the next week?
*movie date with my daddy
*roaming/lunching/shopping with the 3rd Stewart sister
*daytrip to Daytona Beach to see my lovely grandmother
*3rd or 4th annual Gift-exchange and meal with Cherika and Julie
*Christmas with the Lee's (soooo excited!)
*GCSC reunions
*family time in Atlanta, and maybe seeing some of my cohort
*Gaines/Athens reunions

Good stuff, my life is full of such good stuff:)

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