Saturday, November 29, 2014

More Thanks (Ending up a grand month)

Today is November 29th, and I can't really account for all of the time that has flown by this year! 2015 is getting ready to begin, and I am excited!

November has grown my heart and spirit in gratitude. So, mission accomplished:)
This season will always be special to me. A perfect blend of weather, food, family, and friends. The experiences of Fall and soon Winter seem to be right on point every year.....they never disappoint, or maybe in truth, I refuse to be disappointed during these times.

Looking back over this week.....sigh:) SO much goodness and SO many things to be thankful for.
* Of course, there was Thanksgiving with my parents and the Lee's! It was so wonderful, and the growth of my little family literally warms my heart. Hosting my loved ones in the town I love and my new home was so comfy. The sharing of memories and laughter, was like a light, like sunbeams illuminating a life crammed full of blessings. We are a tight-knit group, bonded by love, and I am thankful for time to spend loving those who love me the most.
* There are those who don't understand it, but I saved so much money on Thanksgiving night and Black Friday. So, I am thankful for being able to purchase gifts for the special people in my life. My primary love language is "Gifts", so I really do connect with trying to get awesome and thoughtful gifts for people, and I am not rich, so the savings allow me to match up what I want to give and what I can afford.
* This week I got to spend some time, quietly sharing in celebrating Kenneth's birthday. It was fun to sprinkle in surprises here and there:) I am big into birthdays.....he is not exactly, but most men are not. And most people are not as high-octane about them, like me anyway! Most importantly, the quality time spent together was (as usual) just wonderful. I am thankful to have Kenneth in my life, we are good for each other:)
* I am thankful for my large extended family. Aunts, uncles, and cousins are always loving. I am thankful to have the family history that I share with so many others. I am thankful for my only living grandparent, my grandma and her life and how much she loves me and how my love for her is limitless! My family is strong, and we are all growing-up, maturing, as we continue to take on new roles and relationships.

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