Sunday, May 3, 2015

30 before 30 Part1

I am a few days into this 30th year! Yay!!!
I was going to include pictures for my 30 before 30 goals, but if you are my Facebook friend or follow me on Instagram, then you have seen them already. I posted along the way:)

I have loved my 30 before 30 list and the purposeful life of my 29th year.
Over the next few posts, I will reflect over this list, and how it was so much more than a list.
Also, somewhere along the way, the goal morphed not into getting everything done exactly, but savoring the actual experience of these wonderful accomplishments (both small and large). So here we go....

Goals 1-10
1. start the birthyear with the 29 gifts challenge (Day 1- April 28th 2014)
I did not even start this one. But I will say that I highly recommend the book 29 Gifts by Cami Walker. It is a quick read, and the idea of giving to others; giving of our time, talents, resources, etc is inspiring.

2. host a dinner party to welcome in one of the seasons (Fall is my favorite)
As my favorite time of year came to Tallahassee, I had a few friends over one evening for a Fall Party. We had a blast! Snacks, and conversation, and the best part....painting pumpkins! I am a multifaceted type of girl, and I love getting crafty! I would definitely do it again!

3. go on a cruise

I did not get this one done. But, now I have something fun to look forward too in my future! My parent's AARP magazine suggested river cruising through Europe....a girl can dream right?
4. celebrate 30 in a BIG way

I had the BEST time celebrating 30! Movies, getting taken out for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners by wonderful friends and family! There was also shopping for myself, reunions, lazy days, beach trips, gifts, and more. Of course there was my pre-birthday weekend where we painted, enjoyed a fish-fry and bonded more! I would not describe it as glamorous, but my birthday was full of big fun, big laughs, and big contentment all the way around:) 
5. celebrate 30 in a quiet way

I enjoyed treating myself to a birthday gift. It was my way of celebrating 30 in a quiet way. Manicure and pedicure. A few other assorted beauty treats rounded out my day. It was perfect, to sit back and steep myself in quiet and some girly, beauty prep.

6. travel to 5 places that I've never been before

Check, check, and double check! My favorite goal! My travel-bug was satisfied in my 29th year. I am so blessed to have the ability to travel and broaden my horizons, and collect memories along the way. I went to; Niagara Falls, Canada, West Chester, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Falling Waters State Park in Chipley and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.I enjoyed each and every location!

7. sleep under the stars

I really put my mind to this one, but just could not get it done. Especially because in my head, I want to sleep under the stars, but not on the ground!
8. watch a full sunrise and full sunset from the beach

The beauty of this goal makes my soul glow. It was an experience to see the day wake up and then settle in for the night. If you have never done this, I would recommend it as the beauty is untouched and perfect, just as God created it to be.  Also, sharing the sunset and sunrise with Kenneth will always be a special and very fond memory.
9. finish reading Julie and Julia and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

One freeing part of this "project for self" was that I have not been stressed about anything on my list. If I got it done, great, if not, no problem. I am more high strung in real this 29th year has been a sigh of relief as I have used the moments to enjoy. This goal morphed a little, and that is just fine because the spirit of the goal stayed the same...I was reading! I did finish Julie and Julia and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle....but I also finished Outliers. Outliers is so wonderful, one of my favorite books! 

10. cook or bake 24 "new to me" recipes (2 a month hopefully)

This goal is right at the heels of goal 6 above! The new things that I cooked made me happy! I was in the kitchen and loving it! Making myself get out of my comfort zone and trying new recipes was a tasty adventure. I should do it again, just for the plain joy it bought me. 
Here is a list of what I cooked or baked....
Peach beehives (Thanks Connie), oven roasted yellow potatoes, baked peaches served with ice cream, creamy mint Oreo brownies (bake-off at church), apple/pineapple dumpcake (just OK), sweet potato pound-cake (Ah-mazing!), apple pie cookies, copycat Tuscan soup ( boyfriends favorite), cinnamon sugar Chex-Mix (made this one a lot...easy), tortellini lasagna and cheddar biscuits, ham, corn and potato chowder (another favorite), cheesy veggie pasta, hot corn dip, green beans and potatoes (Thanksgiving in Tally), sugar cookies and royal icing (fantastically fun night with my roommate and our guys), Thanksgiving leftover soup, cranberry white chocolate cookies (Christmas in Macon), cinnamon rolls (Christmas in Macon), veggie beef soup, pecan pie cookies, cubed steak (chewy..not my favorite), Mexican chicken bake (feeds an army and delicious), strawberry rice krispies (Valentines 2015), heart inside cupcakes (Valentines 2015, baking with Rhonwyn, awesome!), and brown sugar, bacon little smokies (a fan favorite).

7/10 goals completed....not too shabby!
*Part 2 to come (goals 11-20) *

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