Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Consistency of Growth

I am really glad that I have this blog. Writing here is my "thing" and the memories and reflections are a pure joy to me. We can forget so many of the precious details in life, we can forget so many of the answered prayers. This blog aids me in remembering and cherishing my wonderful life.

Tonight I sit, and look out the window at my small attempts at gardening. And you know what? I see growth! It really is the best feeling, to see life and know that you played a part of its development. Some of my plants have grown so much that I have had to repot them. Pretty cool!

The thing I have learned about planting is that the growth lies in the consistency. Now each morning I go out back and water my plants. I take a look at their progress, and then go about my day. But, this morning routine is reaping dividends of beautiful growth! I am enjoying the work of my hands...even when I get sweaty and come in smelling like "outside".

Of course my mind draws a connection to the growth of my plants, and any type of growth that we are aiming for in life. It's the consistency, the day in and day out care, that bring forth the rewards. Get rich schemes...nope. way. You really have to be in it for the daily progress. Ready to each day put your hand to the plow and work.

And you don't see the progress at first, it's happening out of sight. But it is happening! That combination of rain, wind, sun, and consistent care. It has been an utter joy to watch my plants begin to grow taller, and vibrant amazing colors to form. I am a proud gardener!

In my life, as I see areas that need growth (finances, health, work, relationships, faith),  I wonder if I am ready to practice consistency. I want to. The inner me is on the path to growth, though the walk sometimes slows to a crawl. I guess I just need to remember that it is a day to day thing. Better financial choices each day. Increased movement everyday. Care for my babies at work Monday-Friday. Appreciating my family and friends and thinking of them from moment to moment. Praying all the time, and reading my Bible everyday.

These will bring growth in my life. These things will refresh me and stretch me and help me to truly be the absolute best me possible.

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