Saturday, August 18, 2012

Week 1- A Reflection

The first full week of my new job is complete. Even if I wanted to, I could not capture the whole picture of the work that I do, and the kids that I serve.

It's interesting being the same Sabrina in many ways, in a vastly different school setting. Thankfully, some things will always stay the same. The kiddies are adorable, friendly, welcoming, and excitable. Again, I get to work with an admin team that is approachable, and doing their absolute best to do what is best for the students. And as always I find my face lighting up with laughter and smiles throughout the day.

I'm growing up blog, that I can confess. The work has been hard at times and somewhat heartbreaking. There are a LOT of needs both emotional and physical that I come into contact with everyday. And I have been praying for God to help me and give me strength, because helping carry the load for others is tiring. It pretty much takes a nice quiet weekend to restore myself and get ready for another week. I feel like for years I was storing up strength, serenity, knowledge and power, and now I am pouring it out constantly. And sometimes I feel almost empty, but then other times I feel full and ready to give more and help more.

Yet, I know each day that I walk in that school that I am needed. All of the things that make up my personality are necessary for my job and help me with my work. In some ways I start out the mornings, way early by helping foster a positive school environment. Welcoming staff and families, checking in on and encouraging my teachers, etc. Each day the "schedule" is different but so far my afternoons are full of students struggling with making good choices. I work with them to help verbalize their feelings and calm down their bodies so that they can work to get the things that they want. A child with limited emotional vocabulary can get easily frustrated. And a counselor with a dawning recognition of the "different" parenting styles can feel overwhelmed. Some days I literally hurt for the pain that my babies have been dealt at such a young age.

But, here is the best part. Change is possible! I will not give up, because there is endless work to do. I will stay strong because maybe I can be a positive force in a child's life and open doors of hope for them. When I feel disappointed, when I just want to turn tail and run, when I think that it is too much and that I am in the wrong place, I will acknowledge those feelings and then stay the course  And I will rely heavily on my God, my family, and true friends to help encourage me and remind me that in the end everything will work out. I have to believe that everything will work out.

In the midst of this adjustment, that between me and you, is harder than I thought, but not impossible, I have something to ask you. Please pray for my school, the staff, families, and students. Please pray for them as often as you can. I just know that a great cloud of witnesses can help do marvelous things. Things beyond my sometimes limited imagination.

I keep on thinking that by December, we will be seeing the fruits of our labor. I have faith that the hard work now, will produce fruit later on in the school year. I can't wait to experience those moments!

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