Saturday, April 6, 2013

Beauty Now & Then

 Are you being the best version of YOU?
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In the looks department I have always been low key.
At first it was pure laziness. And natural disinterest. I was the smart, funny girl, and that mattered more to me. Some things just were not on my radar. I can be pretty oblivious when I want to be.
There are many "girlie" things and habits I have picked up along the years.
Using a lot of make-up was not one of them.

I grew up with a younger sister, who very quickly, ran laps around me in this department.
And truth be told, I didn't realize how many people even wore make-up until I was much older.
And by then I was pretty far behind the learning curve. I mean who wants to help a 23 year old learn how to apply make-up.
I guess I was under the illusion, that like me, most girls didn't want to waste valuable sleeping or reading time, putting on make-up. I was wrong;)

Today, on a typical day, my go-to makeup trick is a fresh, clean face (this is huge to me) and lipgloss.
And on very, very slow days, that lipgloss is just plain old Vaseline. (Melanie is cringing I know!)

When I want to dress it up, I go for mascara (Clinique and I are goooood friends) and this pinky/gold eyeshadow (again Clinique). I found this duo back during my Senior year at FSU, and I have held on ever since. I am obviously a creature of habit. And truth be told I don't have the confidence to wear a face full of make-up everyday. I would smudge it, sweat it off, wipe it off, etc. I don't think I have that poise yet. I think I touch my face a lot during a typical day (bad habit alert).

Overall though, when I think of beauty. When I imagine how I want people to see me. I always go back to a sort of natural beauty. I am going to sound like a straight up hippie, and that is OK, but the beauty of a blue sky, and budding tulips, and a sunset. That is the type of beauty I want to be seen in me. And it's more of a way of being and acting than something I could ever buy.

So I think that leaves me somewhere that is hard to define but easy to know. And, that place is a little different, but I like it!

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