Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lessons on Growing Up- Intro

We casually ask children all of the time. What do you want to be when you grow up?
And they, full of joy, ramble off a laundry list of ideas and dreams and hopes and wishes. Then we praise them and encourage them to dream big and never give up.

Those same children grow up, but of course life jumps in. It starts to create paths and hills and valleys. And we have to start the journey, hopefully surrounded by our faith and family and friends. When we are young the group seems huge. Everywhere you look, there are supports and help.

And the children grow up. A little bruised and scraped but the journey keeps on going by. The years of life fly by and soon it's time for graduation caps and commencement speeches. And we ask again. Now that you are grown up, what will you be And we look kinda strangely at the brave souls who still dream and hope and wish. We remind them that health insurance and stability are important. We sometimes set limits for them, but allow them to live freely within a beautiful box. But, you see, it is still a box.

And so, the world of work begins. Mix that with growing up. And it is quite the wild ride. In just one year, I have grown up so much. My reactions have changed so drastically, that I can only attribute it to God working on my character.

The lessons on growing up are numerous. I keep mine written here and in my journal. I talk about them with family and friends. And my buddies in their 20's all seem to agree on some things.

I'll be sharing some of them as the spring blooms into summer:)

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