Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lessons on Growing Up Part 1

1. Embrace change- Change is coming. It is already waiting in the wings. And if you don't handle change well, then you will struggle as a grown-up. This was and in some part, still is, me. But, I am changing for the better. Becoming less surprised when, despite my mind stamping a situation as permanent, it winds up as just a flash in the pan.

2. You determine a lot of how others treat you. As you grow up you get the power to select who gets to be around you. You often decide to stay or leave. So, you can look within and discover your own expectations.....they shape how others will treat you. You are the judge of how much you can put up with. And you also purposefully cultivate the positive relationships that bring joy.

3. Sometimes you will be speechless. And you probably know exactly what I mean;)

4. To grow up, you have to know how you handle pressure. Do you weep, drink, worry, ignore, work too hard, etc? You have to become aware of this in order to handle yourself when difficult times come.

5. Be proactive and less reactionary. This is a personal favorite. I would react to things in a consistent yet unhealthy way. Now, I try to catch some things before they blow up and spiral out of control. I am more aware of me. 

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