Sunday, August 4, 2013

End of Summer Enjoyment

I head back to school this week. The summer is officially over for me! But, how thankful am I to have a profession, where I get time off in the summer. Summer time for us educators is a time to recharge, plan and work on the upcoming year, and so much more.

This summer I went up to my school quite a bit. I helped interview new staff, consulted with my administration, and set up a new office.My co-counselor moved districts, and so now I will be the sole counselor. Interesting, oh yeah I am sure it will be!

This summer I spent lazy days, napping, catching up on DVR favorites, and carefully packing and cleaning up my old apartment.

This summer I downsized (not so easy for me, but beneficial I think) and moved in with 2 roommates and 1 cat. Yeah me, living with a cat. Who knew!

This summer I traveled to Florida. At home I enjoyed the Florida life that I am so very blessed with! Family and friends abound, and the summer sun (and rain) where great for my spirit.

This summer is over now. We are back to school, and the kiddies come back on Wednesday:)

To celebrate this summer, I spent time in one of my favorite places, Atlanta.
Family time, amazing food, shopping, and one wonderful, live concert!!! Matchbox Twenty and The Goo Goo Dolls were so good live. And the weather was just right, as day faded into evening. This outdoor amphitheater concert was a new experience for me. I am trying to embrace new experiences lately:)

Listening to some of the music of my youth, was a really wonderful way to spend an evening. When we first arrived, Melanie and I were literally the only black people I could see. But we pressed on, because music calls out the diversity in many of us. No matter though, we had ourselves a rocking time! 

Fall time is approaching. Back to school here we are. Life continues to roll on. 2013 has been quite the journey!

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