Sunday, August 18, 2013

Some quick blurbs

* The rain has been keeping us cool here in Athens.

* The first 8 days of this school year have been so much better than last year. And that is the power of prayer right there.

*I'm proud of myself for adjusting to a smaller space! I have made compromises in small ways. And that is what I needed so that I would not get stuck in a rut.

*Bridesmaid dress is purchased. Bridal shower gifts are ordered. The wedding is in a little less than 4 months!!!

* I have been thinking ahead about my budget, not just spending, spending, spending.

* I'm looking forward to seeing my dear friend Stacey for Labor Day weekend:)

* My most favorite season of the year is coming....Fall!

* I am seeing and experiencing ways in which God is helping me grow up. And I am thankful.

* I look great in my contacts. I think I was hiding behind the comfort of my glasses, and a little afraid and maybe just uncomfortable with my looks. Anyway, it has been nice, and my friends at work are especially encouraging. They can see that I am making an effort.

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