Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Year 2 Day 1

I'm one smiling, and tired School Counselor!

It was a good day at work. Not being completely surprised by "things", is helping me find my footing. Of course, I don't know from day to day, what will happen. But I have normal expectations this year. Growing up and wisdom, have helped me find the balance I needed.

It was wonderful to see the kiddies. They were sweet, excited, and fresh.
The weather threw us a curve-ball. But we marched ahead.

This 2013-2014 school year has the possibility to be absolutely anything. And I have this idea that it will be better than the past, yet not "there yet". It will be a year of growth, and increased focus on learning, student achievement, and positive school environment.

The combination of staff. We are a big school (600+ students and 70+ staff).
The combination of community. Our families are diverse in every single possible way that you can imagine. And then in every single way that you cannot imagine.
The combination of the "unknown" factors.
All of these things make up my work. It is a worthwhile endevour, this time spent at my school.
As long as God provides, which he will, then I will trust his will. It does not always "feel" good, but there is something deeper there, when we try to be obedient in spite of self and pride.


Anonymous said...

I'm encouraged by your positive attitude :-)Cherika

Sabrina said...

Thank You:) You are always my example of Godly patience, so I appreciate your words! Miss you!!!