Monday, October 21, 2013

Catching Up

I can admit that I have missed blogging. Really, I have missed quiet moments of reflection. And typing and then retyping thoughts and ideas about this life of mine.

Because I hold myself to absolutly no standard of how often I update, I don't feel any stress at all to write just to take up space. I figure the Internet is full of that already.

But this little spot has been my escape hatch. It has seen me at 25 and now at 28. It has gone through life with me. And it is my reminder of how good things always turn out.

Life is going along for yours truly. Working and playing all combined to make me hyper-aware that November is almost here. 2013 you have been quite a year. I'm glad I didn't give up on you. I am glad you came along just in time to help me grow up more and more.

My age group is still settling down, and moving to grand adventures. They are still having babies, and looking for relationships, and getting hitched. And me? I am still here, kinda in a place of working and waiting. Not "there" yet by any means, but also really excited about the future.

My mama read a letter to me the other day. It was from 10 years ago! A freshman Sabrina wrote it as she sat back and completely looked into her future and claimed all of the things that she wanted. She was unstoppable that girl. And surprisingly, that is what my future brother-in-law always calls me. Unstoppable Brina (and I love him for that).The letter is classic Sabrina. In the end, we actually don't change that much in life, and that is surprising. Things have matured, but at my core, that 18 year old, she would recognize me and smile:)

Anyway in that letter I boldly declared that I LOVED my life at Florida State. I also had the realization that I wanted to be a School Counselor, I was 18 people. Out of the mouths of babes and all that. I questioned my parents about traveling abroad. A dream that became a reality a few years later.

That letter got me thinking that soon I am going to write a letter again. And if I live long enough, go back at 38 and see what 28 year old Sabrina was talking about. Should be interesting!!

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