Sunday, October 6, 2013

THE Question that follows a Sister's Engagement

It is a new phenomenon that the Stewart 4 have noticed recently.

Ever since Melanie said YES to Lee. A new question has entered our lives. Last night we all smiled about it together.

All of a sudden, it seems like everyone is wanting to know about me! Am I dating anyone? Is the family ready for me to get married next? The list goes on and on. And the questions are coming from everyone.

It makes me chuckle of course. The questions imply that I have had a ton of date-able options and that I just have been turning down relationships right and left.

The truth is, that once we get one Stewart sister down the aisle. Then maybe, if the person and timing is right, I will put more energy and attention on dating and marriage and family life.

I could write an essay on why I am single. Moving around every few years, being distracted by work and travel, not being aware until the moment had passed that someone even was interested. Whichever the case, I would tell anyone that right now I have never been in love. And I don't think I have met my guy. I would tell everyone to hold on a while and let life just happen:)

Of course people are just curious. Does this older sister feel any increased pressure to be in a relationship? Just a smidge, not from my amazing parents, who raised me with an independent streak and a desire to be loved, valued, and respected wholeheartedly. The future bride, she has been circling the dating wagons lately. Popping in with random questions about my future. I tell her oh so nicely (not) to mind her own business. But, I know that she just wants me to share in all of her happiness in this new stage of life. I was a late bloomer, so in my own time I think I will catch up. For once, the older will be behind the younger.  And it will be something brand new for both of us.

I guess I would just fill everyone in on a secret that I have known since I was about in 11th grade. Even back in high school I had this strong feeling. As I watched couples get together and break up and figure out the heartbreak and joy. I knew that in my spirit I was never going to be that girl who dated a lot. I don't need to personally sample all the selections on the menu to make my choice:) I have been meeting people and learning my likes and dislikes. I have watched carefully the faithful and committed relationships of those exemplary people in my life. I have a gut feeling that the first person I really date, will be the person I marry. I just can't see sharing so much of myself with someone, and not wanting to enter into married life with them. I don't have any timelines or realistic prospects currently. And I am thankful for all of the loving people who just want what is best for me. But, just know this. I am not hiding anything:) If there is ever anything to share, you can bet in my excitement, I might even be that person to over share. Right now my life is full and I'm feeling blessed everyday to have everything that I do. Change is always possible on every horizon. I have a faithful hope in what is yet to come.


Jess said...

Amen, girlfriend. You got so much going for you, and I know as well that God has already made your match.

I guess you know this, but I never dated until I met Alex. Alex never did either, and he said that he could never imagine dating someone he didn't know as a friend first. So, Alex is my first for everything, and I really do believe that God saved him for me. Sometimes, that's just how it works.

So, stick with what you believe. I support you 110%!

Sabrina said...

Thanks Jess! I don't mind blogging about most things, but this one took a little time to write and process. You and Alex are a faithful example to me. Praise God for bringing you together! Have a great week, I'm praying for you!