Sunday, October 20, 2013


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Aiken, SC; Tampa, FL; Macon & Atlanta, GA; Jekyll Island GA & Jax, FL; Tallahassee, FL; Orlando, FL; AND then back to Jax, FL for the wedding.

Yep, the list above encompasses the next 7 weekends of my life. When this time of travel is over I will be sitting pretty, ready to celebrate a quiet Christmas with my parents. Then ring in a brand New Year.

These weekends all have the common thread, of me, spending time with those people that I love. These weekends are me, going to, and continuing to invest in the friends and family who have supported me through times both fun and frustrating.

I'm blessed to have a full life. I'm grateful that these travels will reunite me with people who are always in my prayers. I am at peace because these weekends are abundant blessings. And I will treat them that way.

I won't take safe travels for granted.
I will take pictures of smiles and sunsets on the beach.

I will try to put my phone away.
I will pack books and my journal, so that I can read and be happy.

I won't focus on what has been lost or limited this year, as far as friendships are concerned.
I will make it known how thankful I am for the people who continue to stick with me, and allow me to stick with them.

I won't waste these good times complaining of "grown-up" things.
I will laugh really hard, and I will gasp in surprise, and I will be oh so content to be with my people.

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