Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Wedding and A Funeral

So, it is official. The Lee's are hitched and happily on their honeymoon.
The weekend really was spectacular. The perfect blend of family and friends and faith and love.
I can't even do it justice right now. But Melanie and Rashaan were absolutely glowing. And I look forward to their future as a new family.

Speaking of family, I am SO grateful for mine. It's not often you have a wedding and a funeral with one day in between them. But that is how it worked out. Got Melanie married on Saturday and buried my great-aunt on Monday. The emotions were all over the place of course. But it was faith in God and my family that kept me steady.

My sassy, and spunky great-aunt received a simple and heartfelt funeral service. The memories we shared reminded me that we only get one chance to make this life count. And she used her 99 years well. I got to see family from NYC that I have not seen in forever. And I got to remember that my cousin Teron, is growing into a respectable man. Which is crazy, because I feel like he was just a boy.

At the wedding, the weather was messy, but my family still came out to support my sister. Some had to leave early, but the love was genuine and I again remembered to block out the distractions (pouring down rain) and focus on what matters. Love, hope, and making memories.

As the year draws to a close. The future looks bright and promising. A wedding and a funeral, kinda just how life goes, up and then down. But when you have faith and belief in what truly matters, you can enjoy both parts of this season of life.

*OH, and my friends have been just wonderful, checking in on me, as I get used to having a married sister. Thank You all:)*

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