Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Starting up 2014

This morning I get to sit here and watch the sleet blow outside my window. It has been a true winter this year in North Georgia. Last year was mild, and this one has made up for it by leaps and bounds.

No school today, and I am predicting with the upcoming ice and snow and freezing temps, that we won't go back until Friday. We will see. All I know is that Friday is Valentine's....so you can just imagine what that will be like:) Oh yeah, and I actually have a Valentine this year (insert happy dance and smiles)!  My daddy called me from Florida with sunshine and temperatures in the 70's. I tried to hide my envy. Even though actually it was a beautiful day on Sunday. The weather, just like life, and I do mean exactly like life, is so very full of change.

I don't know where the 31 days of January went. But, here we are. Already in February. When you take it one day at time, the time really just goes on by.

The family is well. Mel & Rashaan are happily married and thriving. Blessing! My parents have stayed busy but also gotten time to relax. Blessing! My grandma is having some health struggles, I pray for her precious spirit and life, a lot. I am working and budgeting and contemplating life in the late 20's. I still am needed at my work, and feel like I go in daily and do my best. I can always do more, but what I am doing, it is good. Blessing! My friendships have continued to deepen and reinforce all of the good things in my life. Blessing! I still have growth and forgiveness to show in my life, but I think time will work things out.

I will be 29 this year! Yeah, always exciting, yet not full of the stability that I would have predicted. And, I think that is OK. It is quite possible that there are better, and different things in store for me. We will see if I have the courage to go after them. And the courage to rewrite and rethink how I have seen my future playing out.

I'm reading Fearless by Max Lucado, and already I am surprised by how much I am pondering. Also, I am rereading Thou Dear God Prayers that Open Hearts and Spirits by Martin Luther King Jr.

So all in all. This start to 2014 has gone well. This year holds the possibility for great change. I pray God lead me and guide me to and through these times and this season of life and growth.

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