Sunday, February 9, 2014

Contentment- Botanical Gardens

Today was a blessedly beautiful day! A hint of Spring, even though we are not done with Winter yet.

Soon after I came to Georgia, I came out for some "me time" and nature walks at the state Botanical Gardens. And 4 years later, it still calls me back. It calls me to get outside and walk. It calls me to pray and meditate on the great goodness of this life. I absolutely love the freshness and vitality of this most beautiful spot!

Today was wonderful. Wonderful is not even really enough to describe the beauty of the afternoon. Busy but not overcrowded. The mix of families and couples, and individuals was spot on. I liked how these people, like me, came out to see the gardens before Spring blossoms. Spring is coming for sure. And its obvious that the gardens will be full to the brim of people, wanting to bask in the lush vegetation.

But, there is beauty there now. There is a lot of hope along those winding paths. I kept thinking over and over again. This is the important time, this is the time of growth. The Spring would be nothing without the calm of Winter. The rains and cooler temps that shield and protect life, until the moment is right for emerging growth.

And of course I started thinking on life. I started remembering that though I want the answers now. That though I want the waits to end. It's not time yet. And I need to be thankful that I don't get what I want when I want it, but instead have to grow my character through the seasons of waiting. I have unanswered job questions. Geographic questions about where I should settle down. I have questions of family and friends. I have questions about relationships and friendships. But, the Spring is not here yet. And after walking about, I can be content with that fact.

I know that the internal and external Spring are going to be just glorious:) And so right now I watch over the seeds. I pray and hope over what the answers will be. All the while trying to control less and experience more. Yeah, that's it.... that is just what I need. To control less and experience more!

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