Friday, September 7, 2012

The right place for me?

At 27, I wonder off and on, where is the right place for me?
Of all the places in the world where is my spot?
Now, of course I know that I would not settle just anywhere.
I might try something exciting, for a year or two, whether it be in the U.S. or abroad.
But I so want there to be a place for me to settle. As of right now, that settling will not be with a significant other, but who knows.

So, even though I can't pinpoint the exact spot, I have some fun ideas floating around in my head. And a little daydreaming never hurt anybody.

The right place for me would have green space. No ultra modern, urban flat. I want a yard one day, and a place to hang a hammock.

My place would feel homey, with a livable kitchen. I'm not looking for pristine and crisp lines. Give me character and scuffs, and memories displayed in items. My kitchen, oh now that will be my splurge!

A place for me would have entertainment. I'm not a clubber, or bar hopper, but having the option of heading to the movies, and going to see local musicians would be fantastic.

I would need to feel safe in this spot, especially if I don't have a husband. I want a neighborhood, and sidewalks, and friendships.

My place would need to have other singles like me. Not a ton, just some. I enjoy couples, but a place where there are no dateable options just would not work. I don't want to settle down in a place where my single status makes me stand out. You stand out enough in the South being single and 27, I don't need it to be an even bigger issue.

Finding this place would bring a smile to my heart. This place is a mixture of where I grew up and what my heart desires for grown-up Sabrina. My gut tells me that this place is not right down the road from my parents, nor is it in my current locale. It's somewhere in the South I bet, and possibly driving distance to the sea.

Getting from here to there, now that should be quite the journey.

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