Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pinterest Quotes: 2

*A little post discovered way back in the Drafts folder, on old dusty place with half-finished thoughts and some things that need to be deleted. *
A little while ago I had a blog post of some of my favorite quotes and sayings that I found on Pinterest. You can see them here.
Well, I have even more now and I wanted to share some of them since everyone is not on Pinterest. These gems are like little perfect bites of wisdom. I love them. It's too bad I can't have a house with wall to wall prints;) You can find all of these and more on my page.

At 26 I have lived enough life to know that this one is true. We have to treat this life gently and carefully because it has a surprising frailty to it. And the most fragile pieces I have found are our health and our emotions.

Aside from the fact that I LOVE all things Disney, this quote made me smile. You will never get bored in life as long as you are curious. One of the 3 words I used to describe myself on my resume header is Creative.
One of the things that I need to work on. Life is happening, it's growing, emerging, and evolving. I need to give it and myself time.

I am working on this. I think there is a balance of what I want and what I need to be doing. But the key is to love all of these things! Don't settle for the mundane, the mundane is fine, but you still need to love it.

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