Saturday, February 2, 2013

Thinking Differently- Peace

For me, this truth I know. My life is far better when I have peace within, to then bring to any situation.
Trying to stop looking for my peace in others and in life in general has set me back on a straight path.
This change was not something that I found out all by myself. It was God that showed me this better way.

One month into 2013 and my peace has been tested. That's not complaining, it's just life.
Difficult conversations with my bosses.
Doubts about my future and career path and other "growing pains".
Concern for the church both near and far.
Another sudden death, this time in the family of a longtime best friend who is like my other little sister.

Through all of these things however I know that prayer is being answered. I know that I am growing up. I know that I am changing. I'm gaining back my life by giving God my trust.

All the things above would normally have thrown me into a "tizzy fit" as my mama calls them. My mind would have been off and racing, trying to figure out my game plan. Piece together bits and pieces, so that my way would end up winning.

In these first parts of 2013 though, I am thinking differently. And thinking is changing how I act.
Less frantic wasted thoughts. More slow and quiet moments.
Less black and white answers. More forgiveness and faith in positive change.
Less strict timelines. More taking it one day at a time.
Less looking ahead with uncertainty  More living in this moment, whether it be uncertain or not.
Less like the old Sabrina. More like a revived, reliant, and regenerated Sabrina.

I can definitly say Amen to that!

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