Thursday, February 7, 2013

Taking a Chance on Love

It's a very good thing that we as people believe that love and falling in love is magical and random and life-altering. 

Because....if you really sit back and think about it. Attraction, dating, love, marriage, making a family? The unknowns are huge. And after talking to many friends, there are just so many things that are indescribable about the experience of love.

To me it really is all about taking a chance on Love.
I mean, just finding men that I think that I might click with can be a struggle. And I know I am not alone.
You have personality; too loud, too quiet, beautiful smile, sarcastic humor, faith in things, faith in God, faith in both. Yeah, the list could go on and on forever. Finding the one for you, in some ways is kinda like stumbling upon a buried treasure, or maybe at least for me, it's more like being in the desert looking at a mirage.

There I am going about my daily life. And off in the distance you see something. It does not look menacing, and you have that initial peak of interest, so you start moving forward. As you get to know the person, just on a basic level, the mirage takes shape. The soft lines start to fill in and you don't have to squint anymore. But then, at least in my experience up to this point, a few things can happen. This pretty chill person, that you could see yourself liking, either;A) has a girlfriend, B) does not respond to your clumsy attempts at flirtation, C) kinda just falls off the radar due to life circumstances or D) any combination of these things. Then, you end up back at square one, humming to yourself, "another one bites the dust", while some other girl whose mirage did actually materialize, begins to start cheerfully making her "Perfect Wedding" Pinterest board (sarcasm alert).

You have to take a chance that your personality + their personality = happiness and contentment.
An honest admission, is that I can be strong willed, and yet deeply caring. But, it kinda depends on the day and the events as to which Sabrina you are going to get. I mean, on certain days I would do almost anything to help others, and then catch me at certain moments and I might read you the riot act. So, I mean am I the only one who thinks that it really just boils down to total random luck in love? Example, my sister just walks into Firehouse Subs on a random day at lunch and meets this man who immediately intrigues her and is completely different than anyone else she has ever met. But, if that was me and my luck I would have either A) been too hungry to notice (not even kidding), B) too shy to take him up on his interest (the bane of my existence), or C) I would have gone to another restaurant all together, completely missing this random run in that could have the potential to turn into something more. So, do you see my point yet? Love is all about chance and sporadic life events. I am not going to be able to organize myself into love, and I for sure am not going to be able to plan it; my inner planner and organizer is weeping;)

Oh course with Valentine's Day coming round the bend, my mind is thinking more about relationships and love. I know people who have been dating for YEARS, and there is no engagement. Then you hear of folks who met, and married within MONTHS! What?????
I rest my case, love is crazy sometimes!
And you have to have a mountain of trust and unfailing hope and patience and wisdom and perseverance if you ever want it to work out right for you. So.... cheers to love and life and the amazing chances that we get to be confused and scared and also at the same exact time ecstatic and jubilant.

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