Monday, September 6, 2010

Camp Rock 2

Good Grief how can a 25 year old woman who is back in school getting her Masters get sucked into the Camp Rock 2 madness. I will give Disney HUGE and I mean HUGE props for their marketing. I just got done watching the movie and it was pretty good. Catchy songs and enough fun to make a non-camper like me want to sign right up for next summer!

I mean if you know me you know I do not do camping. I like nature in small, clean amounts;) However, that movie had me missing camp fires and bunk beds. I read online that 8 million people watched the Premiere on Friday and Disney has showed it every night since. Very smart I say. I don't know your taste but who knows you just might like Camp Rock 2!

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Anonymous said...

I watched it was a lot better than the first one. I only watched it once though...and I had something in common with my elementary school clients at least. -Cherika