Sunday, September 26, 2010

Woody Weekend

I am smiling as I write this. I just spent a wonderful woodsy weekend with the GCSC (Georgia Christian Student Center) in the N. GA mountains!!!

Being part of a campus ministry again is interesting as I am now "older" haha b/c 25 is older when you are dealing with a college crowd. However, it really is fun and I am learning and reliving a lot. It is another part of this college experience, a very good part.

Nature, time with God, bon- fires, friends, bunk beds, rain, sun, singing, alone time, laughs, deep thoughts, and darkness.

All in all I had a wonderful time. One big thing I took away was I need to be mindful of putting the gifts above the giver because that is modern day idolatry!

 It was SO good to get away from Athens for a bit. It was SO good to be alone with God in nature. It was SO good to sing and discuss God's word with others who are growing in faith. It was SO good to get to meet new friends:) God is SO good to bless me with a weekend filled with SO goods!!

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annie said...

I'm so glad you're having the time of your life (cue Dirty Dancing theme here), and I'm proud of your foray into nature! I sure do miss you around here, and I promise I'm not screening your calls... I've just been absolutely overwhelmed the past couple of weeks. I haven't forgotten your sweet face!!