Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Thoughts

It's interesting that as I blog more I write in my journal less. I did not start my blog in place of my journal though. Both help me remember important pieces of me. And remembering is a goood thing to do.

I love my Sundays, they pretty much always follow a certain pace and if that pace gets too hectic with other stuff I just stop. So far God has blessed me with like, a little gauge to help me rein in, when "other things" try to crowd my Sunday like they do other days of the week. But I don't really need that gauge too much, b/c believe it or not my vision is better on Sunday and I don't even see too many of the things that would pull me from what my soul desires, which is time with other Christians, time with God, and time with myself.

I seem to think clearer on Sunday, and I think it's because it's the Lord's Day and I try as much as possible to meet with other followers in spirit and in truth. I try to go and learn and soak in what I need to help me through this life.

As I think clearer it has some results. I often come across thoughts that are not surface level on Sunday. I usually take a fake mirror and look inside to see how Sabrina is really doing on Sunday. I always seem to appreciate nature more on the set aside day to go worship the Father. I usually enjoy a peaceful, renewing nap on Sunday too:)

Too many things want my attention sometimes. I freely give myself to too much many times. On Sunday I am at my best balance and that is because it is the day above others when I reaffirm my relationship with my God. I love my life. I am in a different place than I was a year ago, and I will be in a new place this time next year. With all the change that a life brings, I am joyful in my soul that I have my Sundays. And in truth I am joyful and peaceful because it's not really my Sunday at all but God's Day, the Lord's Day and I am just a small piece of the magic!

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