Thursday, November 3, 2011

For a Free Spirit Hippie

If I could be anywhere this weekend I would be in Jacksonville. Surprise, surprise......well actually the previous statement does show the change of heart that I have gone through lately.

Melanie is taking her boyfriend Lee home to meet my family this weekend. It's a pretty big deal if I must say so! It is going to be a fun filled weekend. Back when she first told me, I was still in an unsure spot and so I was glad that I had obligations that would keep me here in GA. Back then I knew my heart would not be in the right spot, and so I didn't need to take that attitude home. I needed some time to grow. It didn't take too long with many people praying for me and listening to my concerns.

However, time, prayer, and self-reflection are powerful. Now,as I am in a place of growing faith I would like to be at home to see how Lee fits in with the Stewarts. My gut tells me I will get that chance again. I will just have to trust the stories and recaps that I get from my funny and faithful mama; my determined and dedicated daddy; and my beautiful baby sister Melanie.

I have had a change of heart:) It was not exactly easy, and could never have been done alone. I have prayed for this weekend and the relationship that my sister and Lee are building. I have stepped back and let go of the tight grip that I tend to have on those I love the most. It's a good thing! Have fun and be safe M&L.


Anonymous said...

I hope things went well! I was thinking back to when everything first started and how hesitant you were about the whole thing and wow...look how far everyone has come! ~Cherika

annie said...

is it okay to say that i am proud of you? :) based on emails, i know this is a big deal, and i'm really happy that you sound so happy. :) big steps, by friend. big steps.

Sabrina said...

:) You both are very right. I had breakfast with Mel and Lee this morning. It was a good thing:) He is very personable and cheerful. Keep praying!