Monday, November 14, 2011

Grad School Update

Because my blog sometimes becomes a place where all things random land;)

I wanted to put out an update on life in grad school. That is the main reason I started my little blog anyway. So that I could have a log of this experience. And try to capture in words and a few, spaced out pictures what my life contains.

You already know that my super stressful comp exams have come and gone. Scores will come out around Thanksgiving. I am unsure of how I did....and I will just leave that right there and wait.

Spring 2012 is my last semester at the University of Georgia. I will be a full time student again with 12 hours of classes to keep me going. I will have my great Internship at a local elementary school. Running small groups, doing classroom guidance, and seeing individual students, and all sorts of school counselor things. I will still work away at the Disability Resource Center on campus as well. At some point I will begin the job search (exciting yet scary!). There will also be Prayer group to stabilize me and also a new Bible study to help me grow in knowledge and wisdom.

2012 promises to be a full year! I will need your prayers and thoughts even more as my future begins to unfold.

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