Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thoughts Shared

We don't often get to write down our train of thoughts. You know like the raw thoughts that go around in our minds on an hourly basis. I am gonna share some of mine because I need to remember that while I can be illogical....when I do slow it down and reflect with Godly wisdom.....well it all makes perfect sense.

Monday afternoon; as I walked home from a review session

Arghhhhhh I can't believe that I am only ONE class away from getting my MFT certificate!
It is SOOOOO unfair and HARD to get that last class. You would not think getting one class would be so difficult. Why can no one help me? Why is this happening to me this week of all weeks? I can't deal with this now and it is making me mad! I am gonna be so angry if I wasted all of this time for Nothing!

Pause for anger and frustration to zoom around for a bit.

Ok, take a deep breath. Now take another one. You did not come to UGA to get the certificate. You came to get your Masters degree, and you all all set on that route. You really have learned many interesting things in the extra MFT electives. They were not a waste of time. And really, even if the worst possible thing happened you would just have to take 1 more class. That is not so bad really.....just one more class somewhere down the line. Don't forget why you came here, it just so happens that the MFT program was presented as as really I am blessed to even be in this spot. You have worked hard to take the extra classes and they have fit in with your schedule. Be will all work out. And you have Comps to study for, so shelve this until next week.

I think pretty fast.....I guess all people do. So that was my thought process during my 10 minute walk home. I am so thankful for this program because it has made me really focus on my thoughts. Old me would have let my frustration build up for quite a while. Now I am seeing that I am in charge of my thoughts and how they effect my attitude. And our thoughts always effect our attitude. Every day, every hour, and every moment. 

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