Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Change the World- At Work

Talking with my sister the other day, she posed an interesting question about the world of work.
"Sabrina, do you ever think that with just one more degree, or an amazing mentor, that you could just change the world?" I love this thought and the passionate, ambitious heart it comes from.

My answer to her would be the same I would give to most people. I told my sister, that to me she is already changing the world. To her patients, she is a world changer, because she helps them find resources to continue the battle against organ failure.

Life, and the mundane everyday tedious tasks, would have us forget. It wants us so focused on the next step that we never look up and appreciate the path. And we almost never see how far we have come, and the amazing quality of our work. And, I know that everyone does not want to change the world. I understand that, but all of us with human services jobs.....we have to realize that like it or not we are in the business of doing small world changing things daily.

I run a small group for 4th grade girls who are struggling with self-esteem issues. My group encompasses a range of intellectual and social dynamics. But, here is what my girls have in common. These are quiet girls, but under that they are bright and hilarious. But, teachers and other school staff let me know of the need for a group especially for these girls, because they tend to be overlooked. And already at age 10, they could put themselves down quicker than they could think of ways to praise themselves. So, we meet together and work on positive self-talk. It is good, these times with my group. And grown-up Sabrina can often use the reminders, just as much as the girls. And, I do believe with all of my heart that this group is changing the girls. Right now, their character is being molded, and I am so blessed and privileged to get to be a part in the process.

But, of course there are SO many other things. So many people that I know do the hard work. They supply for the immediate and necessary needs of those who society does not want to hear. The world has already been changed, and so often we forget. We forget that the paths we walk were not always there. The ways we think were silenced and shunned. We forget that the people we work with have often been oppressed, judged, and neglected. But, by some wonderful providence, some of us are helping bring renewal, second chances, and hope. Never discount that fact. Never let anyone tell you that your value is in your pay or, my social-working sister. You are already changing the world just as you are. Many of us are and it's amazingly beautiful. Gloriously wonderful. Fantastically challenging!

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