Friday, June 7, 2013

Endless Energy and Excitement

Let me just jump right in!
It is a current busy, busy season in this here life. And I am thankful it coincides with my summer vacation from work.

My mama asked me if I planned to grab any little side jobs this summer. I literally gasped, Ummmm mama have you not heard about the last year of work? I won't be officially working until August!

All of this recovery time and all of this rejuvenation is filled with a swirling mass of life events, and I am so dang blasted EXCITED I could probably go spinning off into space:)

Of course my girl is getting married in December. I will be her maid of honor! It's a pretty sweet feeling. The family Stewart is full steam ahead with planning, prepping, and prayer. That same mama, said a beautiful prayer as we ladies found our way to wedding dress fittings yesterday. Thank You God, first of all, before all of the things that you have done. We praise you, for giving us a life that really matters. Amen to that.

Then there is my well-planned and sure to be entertaining and fun class reunion. 10 years since my class of 2003 graduated and went their own ways. Of course with Facebook, I know of some of the surface level things, but it will be grand to get to see old friends and meet new ones. With 10 years under our belts, I'm just interested in the people that we have become, and what we are all hoping for in the next 10 years. The planning committee gets tons of praise because their level of organization was amazing. I've never heard of a reunion, that was so well organized!

Also, one of my oldest, friends asked me to be a bridesmaid in her upcoming wedding! I was so honored that she asked me and thrilled that a friendship started in the pangs of sometimes awkward middle school, has grown and thrived over the years and distance. So, in two weeks, this girl who has never been in a wedding, has been asked to be in 2! Oh life, life.

The weekend is here everyone:) A tropical storm soaked the roads as we traveled yesterday, but this morning the sun was so gorgeous and bright. 2 days, 2 different types of weather. And if I look back, I had my own personal storm of life. But as promised the sun is shining through. And I have this feeling that it's gonna take that rain and grow the most amazing life experiences! And I'm ready for that:)

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