Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Waiting- A Seasonal Tale

 I am in the season of my life that is exemplified by waiting.
Outside it looks and feels like a beautiful and blooming Spring.

But, personally, the season is Waiting. And it has lasted longer than I had imagined. But then again, waiting always does.

I am better prepared for it this time around. I have been growing in peace. It is been my goal since the start of 2013. And that helps with the wait. Also, truly trusting my life to God, makes the wait less scary. The scariest thing would be to try to do all of "this" alone or guided by the supreme will of Sabrina. But, I have already learned that lesson and been burned. I pray I don't need to learn it again.

Just like in each real season, we see changes and often need a new wardrobe.....I can apply that to this time of waiting.

During the season of Waiting, you often get excited about phone calls from unknown numbers ( 2nd interview maybe??)
During the season of Waiting, you need to get your rest. It is tiring to be in limbo. And I for one can get cranky, if I don't let my body rest.
During the season on Waiting, you have to be mindful of envy. It always seems like the season of waiting always catches you, when others are in the season of stability.
During the season of Waiting you need your family and friends. You need people to ground you, before you get too focused on the inside and the teeny, tiny details that can drive you nuts, but actually don't mean very much.

*Update, my BIG wait is over. It was not the answer I wanted, but I do believe it was what was needed. We shall see.* 


Jess said...

Hello Sabrina!

Thank you for my card. I cherish our friendship very much (geesh, that sounds so cheesy... let me try again). What I mean to say is that I miss you too, and somehow I had overlooked that fact that you may have been leaving Athens this year and I would see you a lot less. My brain likes to think that people never leave Athens, so it chooses not to seek them out and perpetually thinks that my friends are always available.

Concerning your post:
1.) I find it quite hard to actively wait in this generation where we have the newest technology at our fingertips, giving us the possibility of instant gratification. I am proud that you can actively wait without relying on technology.
2.) "I am better prepared for it this time around." One thought that came to mind when I read this was "How is one prepared while not becoming complacent?" Or is complacency a good thing? If you have any insight on this, I would like to hear it.

Would you like to perhaps eat food with me this weekend or hang out? I'm sure I can scrounge up something to do... :)
Love you,

Sabrina said...

You are welcome:) Everything I wrote was true. Yes, waiting in 2013 is a different beast than even 10 years ago. Sometimes I have to actively unplug for a while. Being purposeful helps and asking God to help me, gives me some accountability.
Hmmm, I don't think complacency is a good thing. I know people who want something so much, but don't do or change anything in order to get it. That is so not my personality, so I don't get it. To me being prepared meant going to God a lot more, and being open to the other life lessons he taught me before the wait began. Such as, walk with him each day, and stop planting my trust and emotions on work, stability,happiness and people. So, I actively asked for help and then got back to doing the things that were placed in my life in the present, while waiting for future things to grow. I'll text you today!