Saturday, June 29, 2013

Friendships Count

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I am thankful to be in Athens.

I had not thought, that simple thought in weeks.

I had thought of moving to the bright lights of Atlanta. I had pondered work, weddings, and life.

But, this past week I made a move across town. And it was not simple, because I have a lot of stuff for a single girl in her 20's. And in spite of the hurdles, I had even more help than I needed for my move!

Both friends from church and school, helped me make the move. And I am just so humbly grateful. I know I could not have done the move alone. And my sister is planning a wedding, and my parents are at an out of town funeral. And it was going to be up to me, to get this move done.

Friends poured into my home and gave their time and strength. It is truly such a God given blessing to have these kind people in my life. Sometimes, I might wonder about life here. But, the answer always come back clear as crystal. Sabrina, you are supposed to be here. Relax.

There is a unique community that I call mine here in this town. And I already knew many things about them, but now I know that these friends from all walks of life are trustworthy. And that is important, when you are living away from your family. May I in some small way, find ways to be there for them, just as they have been there for me.

* I didn't do a huge FB post, but obviously this all means that I am staying in Athens for another year. It will be a year of thinking, working, growing, laughing, and being open to discovering more of why I am here. If you read this often, then you know that my job has its own type of special stress. Be praying. I and my entire school and school community can use any and all prayers for help, guidance, wisdom, and favor.*

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